Gone But Not Forgotten in 2022

We’ve said goodbye to many famous faces, voices & names from radio, movies, television, sports, history, arts and literature so far in 2022. These celebrities and others said their final farewell to us recently.

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Celebrity deaths in 2022 that you may have missed: 

meat loaf, marvin lee aday, born september 27th, september 27 birthday, rock singer, songwriter, hit songs, id do anything for love, bat out of hell, paradise by the dashboard light, actor, rocky horror picture showMeat Loaf (nee Marvin Lee Aday; aka Michael Lee Aday)

Grammy-winning American rock vocalist, singer-songwriter (I’d Do Anything for Love; Bat Out of Hell; Dead Ringer for Love; Paradise by the Dashboard Light; Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad), actor (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) (born Sept. 27, 1947 – died Jan. 20, 2022; age 74). (Meat Loaf 1971: Ronden Talent Mgmt.)

louie anderson, died 2022, january 2022 death, american actor, comedian, stand up comedy, movies, cloak and dagger, quicksilver, ferris buellers day off, coming to america, tv game shows, the new hollywood square, life with louie, family feud host, the louie showLouie Anderson (nee Louis Perry Anderson)

Emmy-winning American comedian, host & actor of TV (Baskets; Life with Louie; Family Feud; The Louie Show) & films (The Wrong Guy), author (Dear Dad: Letters from an Adult Child) (born Mar. 24, 1953 – died Jan. 21, 2022; age 68). Louie Anderson died of cancer. (Louie Anderson 2016: Greg2600)

joanna barnes, died 2022, april 2022 death, american actress, tv shows, the trials of obrien, 21 beacon street, executive suite, movies, auntie mame, the parent trap, goodbye charlie, dont make waves, the war wagon, spartacus, home before darkJoanna Barnes

American actress of TV (The Trials of O’Brien; 21 Beacon Street; Executive Suite; Maverick) & films (Auntie Mame; The Parent Trap; Goodbye Charlie; Don’t Make Waves; The War Wagon; Spartacus; Home Before Dark) (born Nov. 15, 1934 – died Apr. 29, 2022; age 87). (Joanna Barnes 1960: Warner Brothers Studio)

Marilyn Bergman (nee Marilyn Keith)

Grammy, Emmy, & Academy Award-winning Songwriters Hall of Fame American songwriter with husband Keith Bergman (The Way We Were; The Windmills of Your Mind; In the Heat of the Night; I Knew I Loved You; Pieces of Dreams; Papa, Can You Hear Me?; Moonlight) (born Nov. 10, 1928 – died Jan. 8, 2022; age 93).

Peter Bogdanovich (nee Petar Bogdanović)

American actor, screenwriter, producer, & director of TV & films (The Sopranos; The Last Picture Show; Mask; Paper Moon; The Cat’s Meow; What’s Up, Doc?; Daisy Miller; Bugsy) (born July 30, 1939 – died Jan. 6, 2022; age 82). Peter Bogdanovich died of Parkinson’s disease complications.

mike bossy, died 2022, april 2022 death, canadian hockey player, new york islanders, right winger, stanley cup champion, calder trophy, rookie of the year, conn smythe trophy, lady byng trophy, wha, nhl, hockey hall of fame, team canadaMike Bossy (nee Michael Dean Bossy)

Hockey Hall of Fame Canadian pro hockey player, WHA & NHL record-setting right winger (New York Islanders – 4x Stanley Cup champs; Team Canada), 1978 Calder Trophy (Rookie of the Year) (born Jan. 22, 1957 – died Apr. 15, 2022; age 65) (Mike Bossy 1978 New York Islanders [Colorized])

Boris Brott

Canadian recording artist & conductor (National Academy Orchestra of Canada, Los Angeles New West Symphony, McGill Chamber Orchestra, Montreal Philharmonic Youth Orchestra) (born Mar. 14, 1944  – died Apr. 5, 2022; age 78). Boris Brott was hit by a car.(Boris Brott 2007: Tapyram)

tim considine, died 2033, march 2033 death, american actor, tv shows, my three sons, the new adventures of spin and marty, the hardy boys, the mickey mouse club, movies, the shaggy dog, the clown, the daring dobermansTim Considine (nee Timothy Daniel Considine)

American actor of TV (Mike Douglas on My Three Sons; The New Adventures of Spin and Marty; The Hardy Boys; Annette; The Mickey Mouse Club) & films (The Shaggy Dog; The Daring Dobermans; The Clown; Sunrise at Campobello), born Dec. 31, 1940 – died Mar. 3, 2022; age 81). (Tim Considine 1965: ABC TV)

mickey gilley, died 2022, may 2022 death, american songwriter, country music, singer, hit songs, room full of roses, stand by me, lonely nights, i overlooked an orchid, city lights, you dont know me, dont the girls all get prettier at closing timeMickey Gilley

American bar owner (Gilley’s Club), country music singer-songwriter (Room Full of Roses; Stand by Me; Lonely Nights; I Overlooked an Orchid; City Lights; You Don’t Know Me; Don’t the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time) (born Mar. 9, 1936 – died May 7, 2022; age 86). (Mickey Gilley 1986: Playboy Records)

gilbert gottfried, died 2022, april 2022 death, american comedian, stand up comedy, voice actor, movies, problem child, look whos talking too, beverly hills cop ii, tv show, up all night host, meet wally sparks, saturday night live, gilbert gottfrieds amazing colossal podcast,Gilbert Gottfried

American comedian, voice & character actor of stage, movies (Problem Child; Look Who’s Talking 2; Aladdin; Bad Medicine; Beverly Hills Cop II), & TV (Hollywood Squares; Cyberchase; Saturday Night Live; Up All Night) (born Feb. 28, 1955 – died Apr. 12, 2022; age 67). (Gilbert Gottfried 2020: Super Festivals)

howard hesseman, born february 27th, american actor, tv shows, sitcoms, mary hartman mary hartman, soap, the bob newhart show, wkrp in cincinnati, johnny fever, movies, doctor detroit, this is spinal tap, billy jack, shampoo, the other side of midnight, private lessons, flight of the navigator,Howard Hesseman

American actor of TV (WKRP in Cincinnati; Head of the Class; Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman; Soap; The Bob Newhart Show) & films (Doctor Detroit; Private Lessons; Billy Jack; The Other Side of Midnight; Shampoo) (born Feb. 27, 1940 – died Jan. 29, 2022; age 81). (Howard Hesseman 2014: Rob DiCaterino)

dwayne hickman, died 2022, january 2022 deaths, american actor, tv shows, the bob cummings show, the many loves of dobie gillis, classic movies, captain eddie, the secret heart, rally round the flag boys, cat ballou, ski party, the boy with green hair,Dwayne Hickman

American director, actor of TV (Chuck MacDonald on The Bob Cummings Show; Dobie Gillis on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis; The Lone Ranger; Clueless) & films (Rally ‘Round the Flag, Boys!; Cat Ballou; The Secret Heart; Captain Eddie) (born May 18, 1934 – died Jan. 9, 2022; age 87). (Dwayne Hickman 1962)

Jack Higgins (nee Henry Patterson)

British screenwriter, mystery-spy-thriller novelist (Cry of the Hunter; A Prayer for the Dying; The Eagle Has Landed; The Valhalla Exchange; The Eagle Has Flown; Flight of Eagles; Midnight Runner; Angel of Death; Thunder Point; The Wrath of God) (born July 27, 1929 – died Apr. 9, 2022; age 92). (Jack Higgins 1982)

william hurt, born march 20, died march 2022, american actor, movies, altered states, body heat, the big chill, gorky park, kiss of the spider woman, children of a lesser god, broadcast news, the accidental tourist, michael, lost in space, a history of violence, syriana, William Hurt

Oscar-winning American actor (Altered States; The Big Chill; Gorky Park; Kiss of the Spider Woman; Body Heat; Children of a Lesser God; Broadcast News; The Accidental Tourist; Michael) (born Mar. 20, 1950died Mar. 13, 2022; age 81). William Hurt died of prostate cancer. (William Hurt 2005: Tony Shek)

Susan Jacks (nee Susan Pesklevits)

Canadian singer-songwriter solo (I Thought of You Again; Another Woman’s Man), and with The Poppy Family (Which Way You Goin’ Billy?; Where Evil Grows; That’s Where I Went Wrong; Good Friends; You Don’t Know What Love Is) (born Aug. 19, 1948 – died Apr. 25, 2022; age 73). (Susan Jacks 2008 Photo: WBH

naomi judd, died 2022, april 2022 death, country music, american singer, songwriter, the judds, hit songs, mama hes crazy, why not me, give a little love, love is alive, have mercy, cry myself to sleep, turn it looseNaomi Judd (nee Diana Ellen Judd)

Country Music Hall of Fame American singer-songwriter with daughter Wynona Judd, as The Judds (Mama He’s Crazy; Why Not Me; Give A Little Love; Love is Alive; Have Mercy; Cry Myself to Sleep; Turn it Loose; Grandpa) (born Jan. 11, 1946 – died Apr. 30, 2022; age 76). (Naomi Judd 2012: State Farm)

sally kellerman, celebrity, died 2022, american actress, movies, mash, brewster mccloud, the last of the red hot lovers, the player, lost horizon, its my party, the boynton beach club, the boston strangler, welcome to laSally Kellerman

American actress of TV & films (MASH; Brewster McCloud; The Last of the Red Hot Lovers; The Player; Lost Horizon; It’s My Party; Welcome to L.A.; The Boynton Beach Club; The Boston Strangler; The April Fools; The Third Day) (born June 2, 1937 – died Feb. 24, 2022; age 84). (Sally Kellerman 1979: Alan Light)

hardy kruger, died 2022, january 22 death, german actor, movies, the one that got away, the flight of the phoenix, hatari, sundays and cybele, the secret of santa vittoria, the red tent, what the peeper saw, paper tiger, barry lyndon, a bridge too far, the wild geese, Hardy Krüger (nee Franz Eberhard August Krüger)

German film actor (Hatari!; The Flight of the Phoenix; Barry Lyndon; The Secret of Santa Vittoria; A Bridge Too Far; The Wild Geese; The Uninhibited; What the Peeper Saw; The Red Tent; Paper Tiger; Taxi for Tobruk) (born Apr. 12, 1928 – died Jan. 19,  2022; age 93) (Hardy Krüger 1957 The One That Got Away

alan ladd jr, born october 22nd, american movie producer, mgm, fox films, the ladd company, the right stuff, chariots of fire, gone baby gone, braveheart, moonstruck, star wars, alien, the boys from brazil, the man in the iron mask, police academyAlan Ladd Jr. 

American film executive & producer (The Right Stuff; Chariots of Fire; Gone Baby Gone; Braveheart; The Boys From Brazil; Moonstruck; Star Wars; Alien; Young Frankenstein; The Man in the Iron Mask; Police Academy; Blade Runner) (born Oct. 22, 1937 – died Mar. 2, 2022; age 84). (Alan Ladd Jr. 1959)

guy lafleur, died 2022, april 2022 death, canadian hockey player, hockey hall of fame, right winger, montreal canadiens player, stanley cup champion, quebec nordiques, the flower, le demon blond, nhl, art ross, hart memorial, conn smyth Guy Lafleur (“The Flower“; “Le Démon Blond“)

Hockey Hall of Fame Canadian NHL right-winger (Montreal Canadiens 1971-1985, 5 Stanley Cups; Quebec Nordiques), record-setting trophy winner (Conn Smyth; Art Ross; Hart Memorial) (born Sept. 20, 1951 – died Apr. 22, 2022; age 70). (Guy Lafleur 2013: Patrick68)

richard leakey, died 2022, january 2022 death, british kenyan, wildlife conservationist, kenyan wildlife service, paleoanthropologist, skull discovery, homo rudolfensis, homo erectus, national museum of kenya, anthropology, louis leakey son, Richard Leakey

Kenyan wildlife conservationist (Kenyan Wildlife Service; NGO WildlifeDirect; Turkana Basin Institute), paleoanthropologist (Homo rudolfensis & Homo erectus skulls discoverer) & Natl Museum of Kenya Director (born Dec. 19, 1944 – died Jan. 2, 2022; age 77). (Richard Leakey 2010: Ed Schipul)

jimmy lydon, died 2022, march 2022 death, american actor, classic movies, life with father,  the middleton family at the worlds fair, tom browns school days, henry aldrich for president, tv producer, 77 sunset strip, mashJimmy Lydon (nee James J. Lydon)

American actor of TV (77 Sunset Strip; M*A*S*H; Wagon Train; Love That Jill; Cannon) & films (Henry Aldrich for President; Tom Brown’s School Days; Little Men; The Middleton Family at the World’s Fair; The Time of Your Life) (born May 30, 1923 – died Mar. 9, 2022; age 98) (Jimmy Lydon 1947 Life With Father)

yvette mimieux, died 2022, january 22 death, american actress, film star, movies, the time machine, where the boys are, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, light in the piazza, diamond head, toys in the attic,Yvette Mimieux

American actress of movies (Where the Boys Are; The Time Machine; Diamond Head; Three in the Attic; Light in the Piazza; The Neptune Factor; The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; The Black Hole) & TV (Berrenger’s) (born Jan. 8, 1942 – died Jan. 17, 2022; age 80). (Yvette Mimieux 1975 Legend of Valentino)

robert morse, died 2022, april 2022 death, american actor, tony award, emmy award, tv shows, made men, the secret storm, movies, how to succeed in business without really trying, the matchmaker, a guide for the married manRobert Morse

Tony & Emmy Award-winning actor of stage, TV (The Secret Storm; Bert Cooper on Mad Men; That’s Life; City of Angels; American Crime Story), and films (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying; The Matchmaker) (born May 18, 1931 – died Apr. 20, 2022; age 90). (Robert Morse 1967 What’s My Line?)

nehemiah persoff, died 2022, april 2022 deaths, palestinian american actor, 1950s movies, the wild party, street of sinners, some like it hot, green mansions, al capone, fate is the hunter,yentl,  tv shows, high hopes,Nehemiah Persoff

Palestinian-American actor of TV (High Hopes; Hawaii Five-O) & movies (Street of Sinners; Some Like It Hot; Green Mansions; Al Capone; The Comancheros; A Global Affair; Fate is the Hunter; Yentl; Voyage of the Damned) (born Aug. 2, 1919 – died Apr. 5, 2022; age 102). (Nehemiah Persoff 1965 Seaway)

sidney poitier, died january 2022, january 2022 death, bahamian american, black actor, film director, movies, cry the beloved country, blackboard jungle, the defiant ones, porgy and bess, a raisin in the sun, lilies of the field, a patch of blue, to sir with love, in the heat of the night, guess whos coming to dinner, for love of ivySidney Poitier

Oscar-winning Bahamian-American director & actor (Lilies of the Field; To Sir, with Love; In the Heat of the Night; Porgy and Bess; Shoot to Kill; Blackboard Jungle; A Raisin in the Sun; The Jackal; Hanky Panky; Buck and the Preacher) (born Feb. 20, 1927 – died Jan. 6, 2022; age 94). (Sidney Poitier 1968)

ivan reitman, born october 27th, czechoslovakian canadian, filmmaker, comedies, movies, meatballs, stripes, legal eagles, ghostbusters, twins, kindergarten cop, fathers day, six days seven nights, beethoven, old school, eurotrip, up in the air, Ivan Reitman

Czechoslovakian-Canadian filmmaker (Ghostbusters; Legal Eagles; Meatballs; Twins; Stripes; Kindergarten Cop; Animal House; Beethoven; Road Trip; Dave; Hitchcock; Up in the Air; Six Days, Seven Nights; Father’s Day) (born Oct. 27, 1946 – died Feb. 12, 2022; age 75). (Ivan Reitman 2018 Photo: GabboT

mitchell ryan, died 2022, january 2002 death, american actor, tv shows, dark shadows the vampire curse, dharma and greg, general hospital, movies, monte walsh, magnum force, high plains drifter, lethal weapon, electra glife in blue, the friends of eddy coyle, Mitchell Ryan 

American actor of TV (Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse; Dharma & Greg; General Hospital; Santa Barbara; Executive Suite) & films (Monte Walsh; Magnum Force; High Plains Drifter; Lethal Weapon; Electra Glide in Blue) (born Jan. 11, 1934 – died Mar. 4, 2022; age 88). (Mitchell Ryan 1973: NBC)

bobby rydell, died 2022, april 2022 death, 1960s teen idol, american singer, hit songs, wild one, volare, the cha cha cha, actor, tv teen club regular, 1960s movies, film star, bye bye birdie, Bobby Rydell is 79 (nee Robert Louis Ridarelli)

American 60s teen idol, rock & roll singer (Wild One; Volare; Swingin’ School; Forget Him; We Got Love; The Cha-Cha), actor of movies (Bye Bye Birdie) and TV (The Milton Berle Show; TV Teen Club) (born Apr. 26, 1942 – died Apr. 5, 2022; age 79). Bobby Rydell died of pneumonia complications. (Bobby Rydell 1960)

bob saget, died 2022, january 2022 death, american comedian, stand up comedy, actor, tv shows, sitcoms, full house, danny tanner, americas funniest home videos, how i met your mother, narrator, host, surviving suburbia,Bob Saget (nee Robert Lane Saget)

American comedian, screenwriter, host & actor of films & TV (Danny Tanner on Full House & Fuller House; America’s Funniest Home Videos; How I Met Your Mother narrator; Surviving Suburbia; Raising Dad) (born May 17, 1956 – died Jan. 9, 2022; age 65). (Bob Saget 2015: Behind the Velvet Rope TV)

ronnie spector, died 2022, january 2022 death, american singer, girl groups, the ronettes. lead singer, hit songs, be my baby, baby i love you, walking in the rain, the best part of breakin up, born to be together, take me home tonight, rock and roll hall of fame,Ronnie Spector (nee Veronica Yvette Bennett; aks Mrs. Phil Spector)

Grammy and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame American lead singer of The Ronettes (Be My Baby; Baby, I Love You; Walking in the Rain [The Best Part of] Breakin’ Up; Born to Be Together; Sleigh Ride; Do I Love You?; So Young) (born Aug. 10, 1943 – died Jan. 12, 2022; age 78) (Ronnie Spector 1966: James Kriegsmann)

jerry verdorn, born november 23rd, american actor, television shows, soap operas, one life to live, clint buchanan, guiding light, ross marler, made for tv movies, the cradle will fall, daytime emmy awards,Jerry verDorn

Daytime Emmy Award-winning American actor of TV soap operas (Clint Buchanan on One Life to Live, 2005-2013; Ross Marler / Todd MacKenzie / Hoss on Guiding Light, 1979-2005) (born Nov. 23, 1949died May 1, 2022; age 72). Jerry verDorn died of cancer. (Jerry verDorn 1985: King World Productions

fred ward, died 2022, may 2022 death, american actor, movies, the right stuff, remo williams the adventure begins, henry and june, escape from alcatraz, silkwood, tremors, uncommon valor, miami blues, thunderheart, sweet home alabamaFred Ward (nee Freddie Joe Ward)

American actor of movies (The Right Stuff; Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins; Henry and June; Escape From Alcatraz; Silkwood; Tremors; Uncommon Valor; Miami Blues; Thunderheart; Sweet Home Alabama) and TV (ER) (born Dec. 30, 1942 – died May 8, 2022; age 79). (Fred Ward 1979 Escape From Alcatraz Trailer)

kenneth welsh, died 2022, may 2022 death, canadian actor, tv shows, twin peaks, the practice, empire inc, lodge 49, the divide, movies, the house on carroll street, the day after tomorrow, the aviator, absolute power, the freshman, the january man, timecop, the art of the stealKenneth Welsh (aka Ken Welsh)

Canadian actor of TV (Twin Peaks; The Practice; Empire, Inc.) & films (The House on Carroll Street; The Day After Tomorrow; The Aviator; Absolute Power; The Freshman; The January Man; Timecop) (born Mar. 30, 1942 – died May 5, 2022; age 80). (Kenneth Welsh 1986 Empire: Metromedia Producers Corporation)

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