January Birthdays

January 11th Birthdays

If you were born on this day January 11th you share a celebrity birthday with these famous people:

jill churchill birthday, nee janice young brooks, jill churchill photo, american mystery novelist, cozy mystery author, agatha award, macavity award, jane jeffrey mystery series, grime and punishment, a farewell to yarns, a quiche before dying, the class menagerie, a knife to remember, from here to paternity, silence of the hams, war and peas, fear of frying, grace and favor mystery books, anything goes, the the still of the night, someone to watch over me, love for sale, it had to be you, smoke gets in your eyes, romantic novels, in loves own time, forbidden fires, the circling years, season of desire, ozark legacy, septuagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, january 11th birthday, born january 11 1943Jill Churchill (nee Janice Young Brooks)

Agatha & Macavity Award-winning American mystery author (Grime and Punishment, A Farewell to YarnsJane Jeffry series; Anything Goes, Love For SaleGrace and Favor series; Ozark Legacy; The Circling Years; Seaflame), born January 11, 1943. (Jill Churchill Photo: Isaac Alongi / By permission)

tracy caulkins birthday, nee tracy anne stockwell, tracy caulkins 1981, american female swimming champion, international swimming hall of fame, womens swimming world records, 1978 womens 200 m butterfly record, womens 200 meter individual medley records, womens 400 meter individual medley world record, womens 4 by 100 meter freestyle relay world record, 1984 los angeles summer olympics swimmer, 1984 olympics gold medalist, 100 m breaststroke records, married mark stockwell, american australian citizenship, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, january 11th birthday, born january 11 1963Tracy Caulkins (married Mark Stockwell)

International Swimming Hall of Fame American-Australian 3-time 1984 Los Angeles Olympics gold medalist (200 & 400m individual medley; 400m medley relay), with 5 world records, born January 11, 1963. (Tracy Caulkins 1981 Photo: Marcel Antonisse / Dutch National Archives)

mary j blige birthday, born january 11, american singer, songwriter, grammy awards, hit songs, family affair, be without you, no more drama, rainy dayz, not gon cry, might river, actress, films, mudboundMary J. Blige 

Grammy Award-winning American actress of TV (The Umbrella Academy) and films (Mudbound; Rock of Ages; Betty and Coretta), and singer-songwriter (Family Affair; Be Without You; No More Drama; Rainy Dayz; Not Gon’ Cry; Mighty River), born January 11, 1971. (Mary J. Blige 2010 Photo: Angela George)

amanda peet birthday, born january 11th, american actress, tv shows, jack and jill, brockmire, dirty john, films, the whole nine yards, somethings gotta give, syriana, identity, the way way back, syriana, identity thief, Amanda Peet (great-granddaughter of Samuel Roxy Rothafel)

American actress of TV (Jack Barrett on Jack & Jill; Brockmire; The Good Wife; Dirty John) & films (The Whole Nine Yards; Something’s Gotta Give; Syriana; The Way, Way, Back; Identity Thief; Saving Silverman; High Crimes; Gulliver’s Travels), born January 11, 1972. Married David Benioff, (Amanda Peet 2008: Jeff)

happy birthday wishes, birthday card, famous birthdays, january 11th, born on january 11, film stars, classic movies, kathleen byron, black narcissus, rod taylor, darker than ameber(Kathleen Byron 1947 Black Narcissus | Rod Taylor 1970 Darker Than Amber)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on January 11!

Remember These January 11th Famous Birthdays

naomi judd birthday, nee diana ellen judd, naomi judd 2008, american country music singer, songwriter, mother of ashley judd, mother of wynona judd, country music duos, the judds, 1980s country music hit songs, mama hes crazy, why not me, girls night out, love is alive, have mercy, grandpa tell me bout the good ol days, rockin with the rhythm of the rain, cry myself to sleep, dont be cruel, i know where im going, maybe your babys got the blues, turn it loose, give a little love, change of heart, young love strong love, let me tell you about love, one man woman, 1990s country music hit singles, guardian angels, born to be blue, love can build a bridge, one hundred and two, stuck in love, television talk show host, naomis new morning hallmark channel host, author, naomis guide to aging gratefully, good news for boomers, american liver foundation spokesperson, hepatitis c spokesperson, motivational speaker, 1990s tv game shows, hollywood squares panelist, 2000s television series, 2000s reality shows, star search judge, can you duet judge, actress, 1970s movies, more american graffiti, 1990s movies, family tree, 2000s movies, someone like you, an evergreen christmas, septuagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, january 11th birthday, born january 11 1946Naomi Judd (nee Diana Ellen Judd)

Country Music Hall of Fame American singer-songwriter with daughter Wynona Judd, as The Judds (Mama He’s Crazy; Why Not Me; Give A Little Love; Love is Alive; Have Mercy; Cry Myself to Sleep; Turn it Loose; Grandpa), author, and TV personality (born Jan. 11, 1946 – died Apr. 30, 2022; age 76). (Naomi Judd 2008 Photo: Senior Airman Jonathan Steffen / U.S. Air Force)

mitchell ryan, born january 11, american actor, tv shows, dark shadows the vampire curse, dharma and greg, general hospital, movies, monte walsh, magnum force, high plains drifter, lethal weapon, electra glife in blue, the friends of eddy coyle, Mitchell Ryan 

American actor of TV (Burke on Dark Shadows: The Vampire Curse; Edward on Dharma & Greg; General Hospital; Santa Barbara; Chase; Executive Suite) & films (Monte Walsh; Magnum Force; High Plains Drifter; Lethal Weapon; Electra Glide in Blue; The Friends of Eddy Coyle; The Devil’s Own; Grosse Pointe Blank) (born Jan. 11, 1934died Mar. 4, 2022; age 88). (Mitchell Ryan 1973: NBC)

felix silla birthday, born january 11th, italian performer, circus, stuntman, actor, tv shows, the addams family, cousin itt, buck rogers in the 25th century, lidsville, movies, the black bird, little cigars, characterzFelix Silla

Italian circus performer, film stuntman (A Ticklish Affair; Earthquake; Poltergeist), actor of TV (Cousin Itt on The Addams Family; Twiki on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century; Lidsville; H.R. Pufnstuf) and films (The Black Bird; Little Cigars; CHARACTERz; Mastermind; Black Samurai; The Legend of Galgameth) (born Jan. 11, 1937died Apr. 16, 2021; age 84). (Felix Silla 2007: Nihonjoe)

terry goodkind birthday, born january 11th, american author, fantasy novelist, the sword of truth series, wizards first rule, blood of the fold, the pillars of creation, the omen machine, suspense writer, the law of ninesTerry Goodkind

American fantasy series author (The Sword of Truth, etc.; Wizard’s First Rule; Blood of the Fold; The Pillars of Creation; Chainfire; The Omen Machine; Death’s Mistress; The Scribbly Man; Nest) and suspense novelist (The Law of Nines) (born Jan. 11, 1948died Sept. 17, 2020; age 72). Cause of death for Terry Goodkind is unknown. (Terry Goodkind 2005 Photo: Mystar1959)

chester conklin, born january 11, american actor, keystone kops, silent films, tillies punctured romance, the duchess of buffalo, mabel at the wheel, classic movies, modern times, the great dictator, paradise alley, Chester Conklin (no relation to Heinie Conklin)

American film actor (The Battle of Ambrose and Walrus; Tillie’s Punctured Romance; The Duchess of Buffalo; The Big Noise; Stairs of Sand; Souls for Sale; Mabel at the Wheel; Modern Times; Keystone Hotel; The Great Dictator; Paradise Alley; The Perils of Pauline; The Love Trader; The Virginian; Between Showers) (born Jan. 11, 1886 – died Oct. 11, 1971; age 85). (Chester Conklin 1916)

rod taylor birthday, rod taylor 1957, australian actor, 1950s movies, giant, raintree county, ask any girl, 1960s movies, the time machine, seven seas to calais, a gathering of eagles, the vips, the birds, 36 hours, young cassidy, the liquidator, hotel, dark of the sun, the hell with heroes, romantic comedies, the glass bottom boat, sunday in new york, do not distrub, 1960s television series, hong kong glenn evans, 1970s movies, darker than amber, zabriskie point, the train robbers, trader horn, 1970s tv shows, bearcats hank brackett, the oregon trail evan thorpe, 1980s movies, a time to die, on the run, mask of murder, 1980s tv series, masquerade mr lavender, outlaws sheriff jonathan grail, falcon crest frank agretti, 1990s movies, open season, 2000s movies, inglourious basterds, octogenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, january 11th birthday, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, born january 11 1930, died january 7 2015Rod Taylor

Australian actor of TV (Hong Kong; The Oregon Trail; Masquerade; Falcon Crest; Bearcats!; Outlaws) and movies (The Birds; The Glass Bottom Boat; Giant; The Time Machine; Hotel; Sunday in New York; Trader Horn; Dark of the Sun; The Train Robbers; Raintree County) (born Jan. 11, 1930 – died Jan. 7, 2015; age 83). Rod Taylor died of a heart attack. (Rod Taylor 1957 The V.I.P.s Photo

lionel stander birthday, lionel stander 1968, nee lionel jay stander, character actor, 1930s movies, the scoundrel, hooray for love, were in the money, page miss glory, the gay deception, i live my life, if you could only cook, soak the rich, the milky way, the music goes round, mr deeds goes to town, meet nero wolfe, they met in a taxi, more than a secretary, i loved a soldier, a star is born, the league of frightened men, the last gangster, no time to marry, professor beware, the crowd roars, the ice follies of 1939, what a life, 1940s movies, the bride wore crutches, hangmen also die, tahiti honey, guadalcanal diary, the big show off, the kid from brooklyn, in old sacramento, a boy a girl and a dog, specter of the rose, gentleman joe palooka, the sin of harold diddlebock, call northside 777, texas brooklyn and heaven, unfaithfully yours, trouble makers, 1950s movies, two gals and a guy, st benny the dip, 1960s movies, the moving finger, the loved one, promise her anything, cul de sac, seven times seven, a dandy in aspic, beyond the law, gates to paradise, once upon a time in the west, h2s, zenabel, boot hill, 1970s movies, between miracles, the gang that couldnt shoot straight, we are all in temporary liberty, caliber 9, the senator likes women, pulp, treasure island, father jackleg, dirty weekend, the black hand, mark of zorro, the black bird, sex for sales, the cassandra crossing, new york new york, matilda, cyclone, the squeeze, 1941, 1970s television series, hart to hart max, 1980s movies, wicked stepmother, cookie, 1990s movies, joey takes a cab, the last good time, hart to hart tv movies, blacklisted, huac testimony, octogenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, january 11th birthday, born january 11 1908, died november 30 1994, celebrity deathsLionel Stander

Blacklisted American actor of radio, stage, TV (Max on Hart to Hart), and movies (The Moving Finger; Meet Nero Wolfe; Mr. Deeds Goes to Town; Two Gals and a Guy; The Cassandra Crossing; Mark of Zorro; More Than a Secretary; A Star is Born; They Met in a Taxi) (born Jan. 11, 1908 – Nov. 30, 1994; age 86). Lionel Stander died of lung cancer. (Lionel Stander 1968 Gates to Paradiset)  

don red barry birthday, don red barry 1970, nee donald barry de acosts, american character actor, 1930s movies, night waitress, the woman i love, sinners in paradise, saleslady, navy blue and gold, the crowd roars, the duke kof west point, panama patrol, first offenders, calling dr kildare, only angels have wings, sos tidal wave, wyoming outlaw, calling all marines, saga of death valley, days of jesse james, ghost valley raiders, 1940s movies, adventures of red ryder, westerns, western movies, one mans law, the tulsa kid, frontier vengeance, texas terrors, wyoming wildcat, the phantom cowboy, two gun sheriff, desert bandit, kansas cyclone, the apache kid, death valley outlaws, a missouri outlaw, arizona terrors, stagecoach express, jesse james jr, remember pearl harbor, the cyclone kid, the sombrero kid, outlaws of pine rdige, the traitor within, the sundown kid, dead mans gulch, carson city cyclone, days of old cheyenne, black hills express, the west side kid, the man from the rio grande, canyon city, california joe, the purple heart, outlaws of santa fe, my buddy, bells of rosarita, the chicago kid, the last crooked mile, plainsman and the lady, out california way, thats my gal, slippy mcgee, madonna of the desert, lightnin in the forest, train to alcatraz, the dalton gang, ringside, square dance jubilee, tough assignment, red desert, i shot billy the kid, 1950s movies, gunfire, train to tombstone, border rangers, untamed heiress, jesse james women, the twinkle in gods eye, ill cry tomorrow, 7 men from now, gun duel in durango, china doll, born reckless, the last mile, the big operator, 1950s television series, sugarfoot arkansas ferguson, colt 45 stevens, maverick guest star, lawman guest star, surfside 6 lt snedigar, bronco guest star, 77 sunset strip guest star, batman tarantula the grand vizier, the virginian guest star, 1960s movies, walk like a dragon, twilight of honor, law of the lawless, iron angel, war party, fort courageous, convict stage, town tamer, apache uprising, alvarez kelly, red tomahawk, hostile guns, fort utah, bandolero, shalako, the shakiest gun in the west, cockeyed cowboys of calico county, dirty dingus magee, johnny got his gun, one more train to rob, junior bonner, 1970s movies, blazing stewardesses, whiffs, hustle, from noon till three, orca, doctor dracula, seabo, hot lead and cold feet, the swarm, hooper, 1970s tv series, adam 12 guest star, ironside guest star, police woman captain red barnes, little house on the prairie jud larabee, police story guest star, chips guest star, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, january 11th birthday, born january 11 1912, died july 17 1980, celebrity deathsDon “Red” Barry (nee Donald Barry de Acosta; ex of Peggy Stewart)

American actor of movies (The Adventures of Red Ryder; Days of Jesse James; The Crowd Roars; The Tulsa Kid; Wyoming Wildcat; Calling Dr. Kildare; Saga of Death Valley; Calling All Marines) and TV (Surfside 6; Police Woman; Sugarfoot) (born Jan. 11, 1912 – died July 17, 1980; age 68). Don Barry killed himself with a gun. (Don “Red” Barry 1970 The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County)

george zucco birthday, george zucco 1941, born january 11th, english actor, british character actor, 1930s movies, london by night, the adventures of sherlock holmes, 1940s films, dead men walkGeorge Zucco

British movie actor (Dead Men Walk; The Black Raven; London By Night; The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; My Favorite Blonde; Fog Island; Saratoga; Souls at Sea; International Lady; The Bride Wore Red; The Mummy’s Tomb; The Cat and the Canary; Desire Me; Lured) (born Jan. 11, 1886 – died May 27, 1960; age 74). George Zucco died of pneumonia. (George Zucco 1941 Topper Returns)

eva le gallienne, born january 11, english american, theatre manager, director, national repertory, civic repertory theatre, emmy, tony award, lesbian actress, movies, resurrection, the devils disciple, Eva Le Gallienne (daughter of Richard Le Gallienne)

Emmy & Tony-winning English-American stage director & producer (National & Civic Repertory Theatre Company[s]), actress of TV & films (Resurrection; The Devil’s Disciple) (born Jan. 11, 1899 – died June 3, 1991; age 92). Ex-partner of Tallulah Bankhead, Nazimova, Josephine Hutchinson, Mercedes Acosta, etc. (Eva Le Gallienne 1921: Kenneth Alexander / Shadowland)

mort mills birthday, born january 11th, american actor, classic tv shows, daniel boone, man without a gun, funsmoke, the big valley, bonanza, the virginian, mission impossible, wanted dead or alive, the fugitiveMort Mills (nee Mortimer Morris Kaplan)

American film & TV actor (Marshall Frank Tallman on Man Without a Gun; Gunsmoke; The Big Valley; Bonanza; The Virginian; Mission: Impossible; Wanted: Dead or Alive; The Fugitive; Perry Mason; Laramie; Stagecoach West; Ironside; Mannix; Zane Grey Theater) (born Jan. 11, 1919 – died June 5, 1993; age 74). Cause of death for Mort Mills is unknown. (Mort Mills 1967 Daniel Boone)

quentin sondergaard birthday, born january 11th, american actor, classic tv shows, tombstone territory deputy quint, westerns, the virginian, bat masterson, movies, 5 guns to tombstone, Quentin Sondergaard

American actor of TV (The Virginian; Bonanza; Bat Masterson; Gunsmoke; The Wild Wild West; The Californians; Zane Grey Theater; Death Valley Days; My Three Sons; Iron Horse; Adam-12) and films (Five Guns to Tombstone; This Property is Condemned) (born Jan. 11, 1925 – died Feb. 15, 1984; age 59). (Quentin Sondergaard 1960 as Deputy Quint, Tombstone Territory)

kathleen byron birthday, english actress, born january 11th, classic movies, black narcissus, scarlet thread, hour of glory, madness of the heart, tom browns schooldays, young bess, gambler and the ladyKathleen Byron (nee Kathleen Elizabeth Fell; married Alaric Jacob)

English actress of stage, TV (Together; Emmerdale; Heidi), and movies (Scarlet Thread; Hour of Glory; Madness of the Heart; Tom Brown’s Schooldays; Young Bess; Gambler and the Lady; The Inheritance) (born Jan. 11, 1921 – died Jan. 18, 2009; age 88). Kathleen Byron had breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease when she died. (Kathleen Byron 1947 Black Narcissus Trailer)

ellery queen, manfred bennington lee birthday, born january 11th, aka manny lee, screenwriter, mystery novelist, the roman hat mystery, the spanish cape mystery, the scarlet letters, the mandarin mysteryManfred Bennington Lee (nee Emanuel Lepofsky; aka Ellery Queen)

Edgar-winning American screenwriter & mystery novelist with his cousin Daniel Nathan / Frederic Dannay, as Ellery Queen (The Roman Hat Mystery; The Spanish Cape Mystery; The Mandarin Mystery; The Scarlet Letters) (born Jan. 11, 1905 – Apr. 3 1971; age 66). Cause of death for Manfred Bennington Lee is unknown. (Ellery Queen 1936 Photo: Motion Picture Herald)

monte blue birthday, born january 11th, american actor, silent movies, orphans of the storm, peacock alley, the affairs of anatol, wolfs clothing, skin deep, classic films, key largo, desert gold, the thundering herd, the mysterious riderMonte Blue (nee Gerard Montgomery Blue)

American actor of classic & silent films (Orphans of the Storm; Peacock Alley; The Affairs of Anatol; Wolf’s Clothing; Skin Deep; Kiss Me Again; Conquest; Intolerance; The Romance of Tarzan; Too Much Johnson; The Thundering Herd; Come On, Marines!; Desert Gold; The Mysterious Rider; Key Largo) (born Jan. 11, 1887 – died Feb. 18, 1963; age 76). (Monte Blue 1920 Photo: Photoplay)

harry gordon selfridge sr birthday, harry gordon selfridge sr 1910, american businessman, entrepreneur, retail manager, department store partner, marshall field department store 1870s, macys department store 1880s, fouded selfridges department store, selfridges department store london owner, author, the romance of commerce, catchphrase only shopping days until christmas, octogenarian birthdays, septuagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, january 11th birthday, born january 11 1858, died may 8 1947, celebrity deathsHarry Gordon Selfridge Sr.

American retail marketing pioneer “Only xx shopping days until Christmas“, junior partner at Marshall Field / Macy’s Department Store, Chicago (1870s-1903), and founder of Selfridge’s Department Store in London (1909) (born Jan. 11, 1858 – died May 8, 1947; age 89). Harry Gordon Selfridge died of pneumonia. (Harry Gordon Selfridge c. 1910 Photo)

jack hoxie, born january 11, american cowboy, rodeo star, actor, silent movies, lightning bryce, the last frontier, joan the woman, the wild horse stampede, nan of music mountain, the white outlaw, fighting fury, the three godfathers, wild west showJack Hoxie (nee John Hartford Hoxie; aka Hart Hoxie)

American cowboy, rodeo rider, & actor of westerns & silent movies (Lightning Bryce; The Last Frontier; Joan the Woman; The Wild Horse Stampede; Nan of Music Mountain; The White Outlaw; Fighting Fury; The Three Godfathers; Looking for Trouble) (born Jan. 11, 1885 – died Mar. 28, 1965; age 80). Brother of Al Hoxie; ex of Marin Sais. (Jack Hoxie 1924: Freulich / Stars of the Photoplay)

agnes christine johnston birthday, born january 11th, american writer, silent movies, scenario, daddy long lets, children of dust, prudence the pirate, films, andy hardys blonde trouble, the divine lady, lucky devils, stage struck, janie gets married, three wise girlsAgnes Christine Johnston (married Frank Dazey)

American scenarist of silent films (Daddy-Long-Legs; Children of Dust; The Patsy; Prudence, the Pirate) and classic movies (Andy Hardy’s Blonde Trouble; The Divine Lady; Lucky Devils; Headline Shooter; Stage Struck ; Janie Gets Married; Three Wise Girls; When a Man’s a Man; Black Beauty) (born Jan. 11, 1896 – died July 19, 1978; age 82). (Agnes Christine Johnston 1925 Photo: Wid’s)

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