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Top Equipment to Keep Seniors Mobile

For older adults and seniors, moving around eventually becomes more difficult as they age, and even more so if they don’t exercise often or eat a healthy diet. Being mobile is so important because it gives us the freedom to go where we want, and do what we desire. The ability to perform a simple task like walking around becomes harder as we age. The good news is that there are tons of devices and mechanical equipment that help with keeping us mobile.

No matter if you are an older person looking for assistance with mobility, or someone taking care of a senior that is battling to get around, there is something available. Not sure where to start? Check out these mobility assistance devices for seniors.

Quad Cane

Regular canes are popular among seniors who generally battle with balance issues and walking steadily.

elderly man, older adult, senior, quad cane, four prong cane, balance issues, walking steadily, mobility equipment(Elderly Man Walking with a Quad Cane: Zhuo-Cheng-You via Unsplash)

The quad cane, however, is better for older people who need a constant support structure to get from one place to another. Instead of a single stick, the quad cane has four bases with rubberised ends for traction. The device is held with both hands, unlike the single cane which is only used with one arm. This equipment makes it much easier for seniors or those with mobility issues to get around.

Some models also come with a seat attached for times when the person needs to take a break from walking or waiting in a line. You can also find canes with wheels instead of rubber ends for even easier movement.

Lift Assistance

Whether it is going up or down the stairs, or just needing to get out of bed, lifting equipment will make everything much simpler. There are stair lifts for double-storey homes, which are far safer for an elderly person than holding onto the stair railing.

Transfer lifts are quite handy for elderly people and those that take care of them. A transfer lift will physically pick the person up and move them to another place. As long as the lift can fit through the doorways, it can take a person virtually anywhere in the home. All that is needed is to get the person into the lift and the machine takes care of the rest.

Other types of lifting-assisted devices are bath lifts. Placed on the inside of the bath, the lift will rotate and slowly lower the person into the bath. When they are done, the machine safely lifts them and rotates them so that their feet are on the outside of the bath, to avoid additional muscle strain on the body.

Standing Aids

For those with limited mobility, getting around isn’t the only problem. Sometimes just being able to get up and stand in place is a bigger challenge. Standing aids are exactly that: equipment to help a person get up from a seated position and stand upright. These medical devices are especially useful when an elderly person needs to be evaluated by a professional. A standing aid can also assist someone who has had surgery on their legs and is trying to regain vital muscle. There are a variety of standing aids from NHC that support different weights and can rotate up to 180 degrees in any direction.


Not to be confused with the common to for children to ride on, a mobility scooter for a senior is quite different. It is an automatic vehicle powered by a battery that looks similar to an automatic wheelchair. The wheels don’t need to be manually pushed. It can be operated by a small steering stick with just the fingers. This piece of equipment is most suited for those who cannot walk at all. They are also popular for disabled people that have lost the use of their limbs.

Another benefit of most powered scooters is that they have a compartment to carry oxygen bottles, and some also have a basket to carry various items like a shopping bag or two. They are also one of the cheaper electrically powered mobility aids for older people. 

Tried and Trusted Wheelchair

Anything that takes the strain off the legs and lower part of the body is good for an elderly person.

(older adult, senior, elderly woman, wheelchair, mobility devices, staying mobile, age in place, aging at home, technology, getting around, Older Woman In a Wheelchair at Kitchen Countertop: CDC via Unsplash)

As you get older, your body cannot take as much strain. Wheelchairs are probably the most common type of mobility equipment that older or disabled people can use.

Usually, for someone who cannot walk at all, or shouldn’t be on their feet, wheelchairs can either be pushed by someone or powered electronically by a battery. Powered wheelchairs are always the better option because it takes away the need to manually roll the wheels and steer the chair in the right direction. Even for people with other conditions such as multiple sclerosis, a wheelchair can be customised and modified to suit a specific person.

Depending on the level of limited mobility, some of these devices are better suited than others. Getting around and maintaining mobility for an aging person is as easy as deciding which of these pieces of equipment would provide the most assistance in keeping up with their normal routines. Using these types of devices and other new technology can help you to age in place and stay in your home.

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