This Privacy Policy relates to the website:, hereafter referred to as "50+ World"

By using this website, you agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. Whenever you submit information on this site, you agree with the collection, use, and disclosure of personal and  other information, in accordance with the Privacy Policy outlined herein.

Please note that 50+ World makes all efforts to protect and secure your personal information in accordance with the rules and guidelines outlined in the Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which requires that consent be obtained in all instances where personal information is requested.


This website contains feature articles and other information of interest to adults age 50 and over, and seniors, and therefore contains links to other websites of 50+ World's vendors, advertisers, other business partners, and other websites. This Privacy Policy only pertains to 50+ World and we are not responsible for the privacy practices of any other websites. We encourage all of our users to read the privacy policies of all websites they visit outside of 50+ World, for their own protection.

Collection of Information

50+ World collects such personal information as is required for the purposes identified in this Privacy Policy, or as identified at the time that 50+ World collects the information from you. 50+ World exercises precautions to protect user's personal information both online and offline.

50+ World is the sole owner of all personal information collected from users, subscribers and advertisers on this website. No personal information whatsoever from users and subscribers will be given to any advertisers.

You can visit this Site without telling 50+ World who you are and without providing 50+ World with any information about yourself.

50+ World does not knowingly solicit information from children and does not knowingly market its products and services to minors.

Although 50+ World may sometimes offer products or services jointly with 50+ World vendors, advertisers and other business partners, or inform you of products or services that third parties offer and that 50+ World feels may be of interest to you, these third parties never have access to the personal information that is collected from you unless it is made clear at the time that the information is collected (e.g. the sponsor of a contest  administered or co-branded with 50+ World may contact you regarding its products or services, where it is made clear that the sponsor might contact you directly if you enter the contest). If you prefer not to learn about such products or services, and you no longer wish to receive these types of communications from 50+ World, you always have the option to request that 50+ World exclude you from such further communication.

50+ World may, from time to time, ask you to provide general information about yourself to assist in meeting your needs or to better understand the requirements, profiles and experience of Site visitors. This information includes information that is collected if you choose to participate in a survey, if you ask to receive newsletters, or ask to be kept updated about new developments or services offered by 50+ World or its partners, or if you contact 50+ World.

Be aware that when you voluntarily disclose personal information by posting any information on a site, including blogs, chat areas or bulletin boards, such information can be collected and used by others and may result in unsolicited messages from third parties.

If you contact 50+ World, a record may be kept of the correspondence but 50+ World will not make any use of the email address or other contact information, other than to respond to the communication, unless consent has been separately been obtained for this use.

Communication, Use and Disclosure Information By and From 50+ World

Personal information collected by 50+ World is primarily used for the purpose of identifying you as a user of the 50+ World website;  updating you about the site and other products and services of 50+ World and its partners, and developing, marketing, and providing information about products or services; engaging and administering contests and market research surveys for 50+ World; understanding how 50+ World can improve products and services; answering questions and providing answers as well as products and services you have requested; determining what new content, services, or features or other information that 50+ World should provide; and in order to meet legal, security, and processing and regulatory requirements that require the disclosure of  your personal information; and any such other purposes that are disclosed to you at the time we collect your personal information.

Registered subscribers may occasionally receive emails to notify them of service offerings, updates, promotions, and any other information.

50+ World may occasionally provide aggregate (but not personally identifiable information) about 50+ World customers & users, and their preferences including statistical information, to advertisers and business partners.

In providing its services, 50+ World may need to disclose your personal information to affiliates, subsidiaries or successors, service providers, and agents, who perform various functions for 50+ World. 50+ World may also occasionally use third party service providers to process data, such as mailing lists or debit/credit card transactions. Third party service providers are required to comply with privacy laws and principles comparable to 50+ World. Debit/Credit card and other personal information may be transmitted to third party data processing companies or servers located in Canada or the United States and are subject to Canadian and/or United States laws regarding disclosure.

Use of Website User Information (Google Analytics)

50+ World analyzes the *anonymous data collected from website visitors via Google Analytics and Google Analytics Advertising Features in order to understand visitor location, demographics and interests, and in turn, be able to ensure 50+ World website content meets website visitor needs. Data collection includes use of cookies from first and third-party vendors. 50+ World does not facilitate the merging of personally-identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information collected through any Google advertising product or feature unless notice of, and the user's prior affirmative (i.e., opt-in) consent to, that merger.

Users may opt-out of data collection via Google Analytics Advertising Features by through ad settings in their browsers, or by using this tool:

50+ World follows the Google Adwords Policy for Advertising based on Interests and Location, which can be viewed here:

*Anonymous Information may be used to serve you with targeted advertising on the website.

Your Consent

50+ World does not collect, use or disclose your personal information without your consent except where required or permitted by law. 50+ World will not require you to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information as a condition to the supply of any products or services, except to the extent reasonably required to fulfill the purposes identified in this Privacy Statement or otherwise identified at the time that 50+ World collects your personal information.

The way in which 50+ World obtains your consent depends on the circumstances and the type of information collected. Express consent is generally obtained when the personal information is likely to be considered sensitive. Consent may also be implied by the circumstances. For example, when 50+ World receives personal information from you that enables 50+ World to provide you with a requested product or service, your consent to allow 50+ World to deal with that personal information in a reasonable manner would be implied.

If you provide personal information about other individuals, you must first obtain their consent for these purposes prior to your disclosure of the information to 50+ World.

50+ World may collect, use or disclose personal information without your knowledge or consent in the case of an emergency where the life, health or security of an individual is threatened.

50+ World may also disclose personal information without knowledge or consent to a lawyer or other advisor representing 50+ World, to collect a debt, to comply with a subpoena, warrant or other court order or rules, if required for the investigation or enforcement of laws, or as may otherwise be required or authorized by law. Where a request for personal information is made by an organization claiming lawful authority for the request, 50+ World will take reasonable steps to ensure that the requesting party properly identifies its legal authority.

50+ World will generally obtain your consent electronically on the Site. However, it may also be obtained in writing or verbally. In determining the appropriate form of consent, 50+ World will consider the sensitivity of and reasonable expectations regarding the personal information.

You may withdraw your consent to the continued collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by 50+ World at any time by emailing 50PlusWorldNews@Gmail.Com, but such a request would be subject to legal or contractual restrictions. 50+ World would also require reasonable advance notice to effect any requested changes. A request that 50+ World no longer collect or use your personal information may mean that 50+ World will no longer have practical means to provide you with certain services or products. You may lose certain functionality when visiting 50+ World, including functionality that depends on anonymous information such as the placement of cookies.

If you withdraw your consent to the disclosure of personal information that you have previously authorized 50+ World to share with others, you should know that others may already have retained a copy of your personal information in their own systems and databases.

Customer Service

We communicate via email on a timely basis to address any concerns or issues, and to hear advice or suggestions regarding any aspect of 50+ World's website.

Business Transitions or Structure Changes

In the event that 50+ World undergoes any change in business structure such as a merger, acquisition, amalgamation, or the sale of all or part of its assets to a third party, or the unlikely event of bankruptcy, it is highly likely that Advertiser's and Subscribers information will be a part of the assets.

50+ World may disclose your personal information to third parties during the due diligence process preceding such a transaction, provided that the other party is bound by an appropriate confidentiality agreement. Subject to a court order, at the time of such merger, amalgamation, acquisition, sale or bankruptcy, 50+ World would contractually require any resulting entity that obtains your personal information to comply with its obligations regarding your personal information, including the applicable terms and conditions of this Privacy Statement.

Should any such event occur, all Advertisers and Subscribers will be sent a notification email, at which time they may choose to unsubscribe and/or cancel their accounts, or disallow the transfer of their personal information.

Legal Disclaimer

Although 50+ World makes all efforts to preserve User privacy, we may be required to disclose personal information when required by law, wherein we believe that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order, or a legal process applicable to our website.

50+ World is not responsible for any inaccurate information found in third-party content providers, and does not endorse or recommend any business, service provider, advertiser, or other resource listed on the website.

Update, Deactivation & Retention of Personal & Website Information

Should any personal or business information be changed by content providers on the website, 50+ World requires that they notify us by email. Subscribers may cancel their registration at any time by contacting 50+ World directly via email.

If you are unsure whether 50+ World has a record containing your personal information and would like to confirm what personal information 50+ World has, please send your request to 50PlusWorldNews@Gmail.Com. If there is a cost involved, 50+ World will inform you at that time.

50+ World may require additional information from you in order to verify your identity following an access request. Such personal information will only be used for the purpose of identity verification and will itself be subject to protection under the terms of this Privacy Statement.

In some circumstances, 50+ World may not be able to provide access to all of the personal information that 50+ World holds about you. 50+ World may not provide access to information if doing so would likely reveal personal information about a third party, could be expected to threaten the life or security of an individual, reveal confidential commercial information, if the information is protected by a legally recognized privilege, if it was created as part of a settlement or dispute resolution process, or if it was collected in relation to the investigation of a breach of an agreement or a contravention of law. 50+ World will provide reasons to you if it refuses an access request.

50+ World maintains record retention practices and policies which apply to personal information that is no longer necessary or relevant for the identified purposes, or that is no longer required or permitted by law to be retained.

Your consent to 50+ World collection, storage, use or disclosure of your personal information remains valid even after the termination of 50+ World's relationship with you, unless you provide 50+ World with written notice that such consent is withdrawn.

All personal information destroyed or erased from our records is done so securely with due regard to the sensitivity of the information.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy of 50+ World, please do not hesitate to contact us