Gone But Not Forgotten in 2021

We’ve said goodbye to many famous faces, voices & names from radio, movies, television, sports, history, arts and literature so far in 2021. These celebrities and others said their final farewell to us recently.

2021 celebrity deaths, famous died 2021, celebrities who died 2021, famous people deaths 2021, deaths in 2021, cloris leachman, cicely tyson, hank aaron, hal holbrook, larry king, john reilly, mary wilson, christopher plummer(2021 Celebrity Memorial Photo Montage: © A. Hamilton)

Celebrity deaths in 2021 that you may have missed: 

hank aaron died 2021, hank aaron january 2021 death, american baseball player, mlb fielder, major league baseball,  pro baseball player, 1958 golden glove winner 1960, milwaukee braves right fielder, 1957 national league mvp, 1957 world series champion, atlanta braves, milwaukee brewers, Hank Aaron (nee Henry Louis Aaron; “Hammer”)

National Baseball Hall of Fame American MLB right fielder (Milwaukee / Atlanta Braves; Milwaukee Brewers), 25-time MLB All-Star, 1958-1960 Golden Glove winner, 1957 NL MVP & World Series Champ (born Feb. 5, 1934 – died Jan. 22, 2021; age 86). (Hank Aaron 1974 Photo: Texas Rangers)

george armstrong died 2021, george armstrong january 2021 death, canadian hockey player, right winger, toronto maple leafs, 1960s, stanley cup champ, nhl players, hockey hall of fame, toronto marlboros coach, 1973 memorial cup champs 1975George Armstrong (“Big Chief Shoot The Puck”)

Hockey Hall of Fame Canadian, Toronto Maple Leafs NHL team captain & right winger (1949-1971: 4-time 1960s Stanley Cups), Toronto Marlboros Coach (2-time Memorial Cups- 1973 & 1975) (born July 6, 1930 – died Jan. 24, 2021; age 90) (George Armstrong 1970 Photo: Toronto Maple Leafs)

ralph backstrom birthday, born september 18th, canadian hockey player, professional hockey, montreal canadiens, stanley cup champ, calder memorial trophy winner, hockey all star, nhl centre, whaRalph Backstrom

Canadian pro hockey player, WHA & NHL centre (Montreal Canadiens – 1959 Calder Memorial Trophy, 6-Time All-Star, 6 Stanley Cups; Los Angeles Kings; Chicago Black Hawks) (born Sept. 18, 1937 – died Feb. 7, 2021; age 83). Ralph Backstrom died after a long illness. (Ralph Backstrom 1969 Photo)

f lee bailey died 2021, f lee bailey june 2021 death, american criminal defense attorney, celebrity lawyer, oj simpsons lawyer, patty hearst defense attorney, sam sheppard defense lawyer, albert desalvo defender, ernest medina, disbarred lawyersF. Lee Bailey (nee Francis Lee Bailey Jr.)

American criminal defense lawyer for high profile & celebrity clients (O.J. Simpson; Patty Hearst; Sam Sheppard; Albert DeSalvo; Ernest Medina; Carl A. Coppolino), and non-fiction author (For The Defense) (born June 10, 1933 – died June 3, 2021; age 87).  (F. Lee Bailey 2010 Photo: © John Mathew Smith

elgin baylor, died 2021, march 2021 death, african american, basketball player, naismith memorial basketball hall of fame, 1959, nba rookie of the year, 1950s los angeles lakers players 1960s, 1970s nba forwards, minnesota lakers, nba coachElgin Baylor

Basketball Hall of Fame American NBA forward (Minneapolis / Los Angeles Lakers), 1959 NBA Rookie of the Year, 11-time NBA All-Star, and Coach (New Orleans Jazz) (born Sept.16, 1934 – died Mar. 22, 2021; age 86). Elgin Baylor died of natural causes. (Elgin Baylor 1967 Photo: Utah Daily Chronicle)

ned beatty died 2021, ned beatty june 2021 death, american character actor, movies, deliverance, the life and times of judge roy bean, the execution of private slovik, network, silver streak, gray lady down, superman, tv shows, nick szysznyk, homicide life on the street, Ned Beatty

American actor of TV (Homicide: Life on the Street; Szysznyk), & films (Deliverance; Network; Silver Streak; Gray Lady Down; Superman II; The Execution of Private Slovik) (born July 6, 1937 – died June 13, 2021; age 83). Ned Beatty died of natural causes. (Ned Beatty 1999 Photo: Alan Light)

edwin bruce died 2021, edwin bruce january 2021 death, american singer, country music, songwriter, mammas dont let your babies grow pu to be cowboys, actor, radio programs, portia faces life, tv shows, bret maverickEdwin Bruce (aka Ed Bruce)

American singer-songwriter (Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys; See The Big Man Cry), actor of radio (Portia Faces Life; Hilltop House), TV (Bret Maverick), & films (Mi Amigo; The Outfitters) (born Dec. 29, 1939 – died Jan. 8, 2021; age 81). (Edwin Bruce 2014 Photo: 49ers5bowls)

Beverly Clearybeverly cleary, died 2021, march 2021 death, younger, american writer, childrens author, young adult fiction, books, henry huggins, ellen tebbits, beezus and ramona, the mouse and the motorcycle, ramona the pest, runaway ralph, otis spofford, newbery medal (nee Beverly Atlee Bunn)

Newbery Medal-winning American young adult fiction & children’s books author (Henry Huggins; Ellen Tebbits; Beezus and Ramona; The Mouse and the Motorcycle; Ramona the Pest; Runaway Ralph; Otis Spofford) (born April 12, 1916 – died Mar. 25, 2021; age 104). (Beverly Cleary 1954 Photo)

michael collins birthday, michael collins 1969, american astronaut, united states air force, usaf test pilot, gemini 10 astronaut, apollo 11 astronaut, command pilot, national air and space museum director, ltv aerospace vp, retired astronauts, united states air force, octogenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, october 31st birthday, born october 31 1930Michael Collins

International Space Hall of Fame American United States Air Force test pilot, astronaut for Gemini 10 and Apollo 11, LTV Aerospace VP, Director of the National Air and Space Museum (born Oct. 31, 1930 – died Apr. 28, 2021; age 90). Michael Collins died of cancer. (Michael Collins 2009 Photo: Phil Konstantin)

chick corea birthday, born june 12th, american composer, jazz pianist, grammy awards, hit songs, 500 miles high, spain, windows, miles davis band, bandleader, musician, jazz fusion, contemporary classical musicChick Corea (nee Armando Anthony Corea)

Grammy Award-winning American classical & jazz pianist, bandleader, & composer (500 Miles High; Windows; Spain), performer with Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, and the Miles Davis band (born June 12, 1941 – died Feb. 9, 2021; age 79). Chick Corea died of cancer. (Chick Corea 1976 Photo: Polydor Records)

johnny crawford died 2021, johnny crawford april 2021 death, american child actor, 1950s movies, courage of black beauty, tv shows, trackdown eric paine, the rifleman mark mccain, films, indian paint, village of the giants, the restless ones, el dorado,Johnny Crawford (nee John Ernest Crawford)

American singer (Cindy’s Birthday), actor of TV (Mark McCain on The Rifleman; William Tell; Matinee Theatre) & films (Courage of Black Beauty; Indian Paint; Village of the Giants; The Naked Ape; The Restless Ones; El Dorado) (born Mar. 26, 1946 – died April 29, 2021; age 75) (Johnny Crawford 1963 Photo

henry darrow, died 2021, march 2021 death, hispanic american actors, puerto rican character actors, tv shows, the high chaparral, the new dick van dyke show, zorro, don diego de la vega, santa barbara, rafael castillo, movies, the hitcher, harry o lieutenantHenry Darrow (nee Enrique Tomás Delgado Jiménez)

Puerto-Rican actor of films (The Hitcher) & TV (The High Chaparral; Santa Barbara; Zorro; The New Dick Van Dyke Show; General Hospital; One Life to Live; The Bold and the Beautiful; Hawaii Five-O) (born Sept. 15, 1933 – died Mar. 14, 2021; age 87). (Henry Darrow 2009 Photo: Harry Cason)


lee evans died 2021, lee evans may 2021 death, black american athlete, us national track and field hall of fame, sprint world records, olympic sprinter, 1968 mexico city, olympic gold medalist, 400 metre gold medals, 1968 olympics, 1968 olympics gold medal 4 by 400 relay,Lee Evans

U.S. National Track & Field Hall of Fame American sprinter, 2-time gold medalist at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics (400m & 4 x 400m relay), and civil rights activist, (born Feb. 25, 1947 – died May 19, 2021; age 74). Lee Evans died after a stroke. (Lee Evans 2008 Photo: Astrid Barros / MachoCarioca)

olympia dukakis died 2021, olympia dukakis may 2021 death, american actress, academy award, movies, moonstruck, working girl, look whos talking, steel magnolias, tv shows, joan of arc, search for tomorrow, sinatra, Olympia Dukakis

Academy Award-winning American actress of TV (Joan of Arc; Search for Tomorrow; Sinatra) &films (Moonstruck; Working Girl; Look Who’s Talking Too; Steel Magnolias; Away From Her; Picture Perfect) (born June 20, 1931 – died May 1, 2021; age 89). (Olympia Dukakis 2019 Photo: Neil Grabowsky / Montclair Film)

John Gabriel (nee Jack Monkarsh)

American singer-actor of stage, TV (Dr. Seneca Beaulac on Ryans Hope; Teddy Holmes on General Hospital; The Mary Tyler Moore Show; Loving), & films (Sex and the College Girl; Hell’s Bloody Devils; It’s My Turn; The Story of Ruth; Stagecoach; The Hiding Place) (born May 25, 1931 – died June 2021; age 90).

arlene golonka died 2021, arlene golonka may 2021 death, american actress, tv shows, the doctors, the doctors and the nurse, the big valley, the andy griffith show, get smart zelda, mayberry rfd millie swanson summers, movies, the busy body, hang em high, airport 77, the inlaws, Arlene Golonka

American actress of TV (Mayberry R.F.D.; The Doctors; The Doctors and the Nurses) and films (The Busy Body; Hang ‘Em High; Love at First Bite; The In-Laws) (born Jan. 23, 1936 – died May 31, 2021; age 85). Arlene Golonka died of Alzheimer’s disease complications. (Arlene Golonka 1969 Photo: CBS)

charles grodin died 2021, charles grodin may 2021 death, american actor, movies, midnight run, beethoven, rosemarys baby, the heartbreak kid, king kong, heaven can wait, sunburn, the woman in red, the couch trip, you cant hurry love,Charles Grodin

American actor of movies (Heaven Can Wait; The Heartbreak Kid; The Woman in Red; Midnight Run; Beethoven; King Kong) and TV (The Young Marrieds; Madoff) (born Apr. 21, 1935 – died May 18, 2021; age 86). Charles Grodin died of bone marrow cancer. (Charles Grodin 2013 Photo: Adam Schartoff)

marvin hagler, died 2021, march 2021 death, marvelous marvin, african american, professional boxer, 1980s middleweight boxing champion, international boxing hall of fame, world boxing hall of fame, Marvelous Marvin Hagler (nee Marvin Nathaniel Hagler)

American World & International Boxing Hall of Fame 1980-1987 middleweight champ, Fighter of the Decade (Boxing Illustrated) (born May 23, 1954 – died Mar. 13, 2021; age 66). Cause of death for Marvin Hagler is unknown. (Marvin Hagler 1986 Photo: Reagan White House Photographs)  

james hampton died 2021, james hampton april 2021 death, american screenwriter, director, actor, tv shows, f troop troop, the doris day show, evening shade, teen wolf, movies, justin morgan had a horse, the longest yard, the cat from outer space, the china syndrome, James Hampton

American screenwriter, director & actor of TV (Evening Shade; F Troop; The Doris Day Show; Teen Wolf; Justin Morgan Had a Horse), and films (The Longest Yard; The China Syndrome; The Cat from Outer Space) (born July 9, 1936 – died Apr. 7, 2021; age 84). (James Hampton c 1978 Photo: CBS TV)

kathleen heddle died 2021, kathleen heddle january 2021 death, born november 27th, canadian rower, canadian sports hall of fame, olympic medalists, barcelona olympics, coxless pair, coxless eights, double sculls, atlanta olympic games, quadruple scullsKathleen Heddle

Canadian Sports Hall of Fame Olympic rower (1992 Barcelona coxless pair & eights gold; 1996 Atlanta double sculls gold; quadruple sculls bronze), FISA Thomas Keller medalist (born Nov. 27, 1965 – died Jan. 11, 2021; age 55). Kathleen Heddle had cancer before she died. (Rowing Photo: Sean Robertson)

gloria henry died 2021, gloria henry april 2021 death, american actress, tv shows, dennis the menace, alice mitchell, movies, sport of kings, bulldog drummond strikes back, the strawberry roan, triple threat, johnny allegro, miss grant takes richmond, Gloria Henry

American actress of TV (Alice Mitchell on Dennis the Menace) & films (The Strawberry Roan; Sport of Kings; Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back; Triple Threat; Johnny Allegro; Miss Grant Takes Richmond; Kill the Umpire; Rancho Notorious) (born Apr. 2, 1923 – died Apr. 3, 2021; age 98). (Gloria Henry 1959 Photo: CBS)

robert hogan died 2021, robert hogan may 2021 death, american actor, tv shows, the young marrieds, general hospital, days of our lives, peyton place reverend, bright promise, secrets of midland heights, another world, as the world turns, one life to live, soap operas, Robert Hogan

American TV actor (Peyton Place; General Hospital; The Young Marrieds; As the World Turns; Another World; Days of Our Lives; One Life to Live; Bright Promise; Secrets of Midland Heights; Gunsmoke; The F.B.I.) (born Sept. 28, 1933 – died May 27, 2021; age 87). Robert Hogan died of pneumonia. (Robert J. Hogan 1965)

hal holbrook died 2021, hal holbrook january 2021 death, american actor, tv shows, the brighter day, the bold ones the senator, the west wing, north and south, director, designing women, movies, magnum force, all the presidents men, the great white hope, they only kill their masters, midway, capricorn one,Hal Holbrook (nee Harold Rowe Holbrook Jr.)

Emmy and Tony-winning American actor of stage, TV (The Bold Ones: The Senator; Evan Evans on Evening Shade; The Brighter Day), & movies (All The President’s Men; Magnum Force; The Firm; The Star Chamber) (born Feb. 17, 1925 – died Jan. 23, 2021; age 95) (Hal Holbrook 1989 Photo: Alan Light)

larry king died 2021, larry king january 2021 death, american journalist, interviewer, radio show host, radio broadcaster, tv talk shows, larry  king live, politicking with larry king,Larry King (nee Lawrence Harvey Zeiger)

American journalist, actor & host of radio and TV (Larry King Live; Larry King Now; PoliticKING with Larry King; Miami Undercover; Larry King Show) (born Nov. 19, 1933 – died Jan. 23, 2021; age 87). Larry King had COVID-19 before he died. (Larry King 2006 Photo: P.O. 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley)

bruce kirby birthday, nee bruno giovanni quidaciolu, bruce kirby 1973, american character actor, 1960s television series, car 54 where are you officer kissel, the defenders guest star, the patty duke show guest star, the mothers in law bill trumbull, hogans heroes guest star, bonanza guest star, 1970s movies, catch 22, how to frame a figg, j w coop, another nice mess, the marcus nelson murders tv movie, the commitment, fyre, the muppet movie, 1970s tv shows, ironside guest star, the courtship of eddies father guest star, room 222, mccloud guest star, medical center guest star, marcus welby md guest star, kojak sgt al vine, holmes and yo yo captain harry sedford, the rockford files guest star, the eddie capra mysteries guest star, turnabout al brennan, barney miller guest star, vegas joe culley, 1980s television shows, shannon detective george schmidt, lou grant guest star, down and out in beverly hills guest star, hunter chief edward stanmore, punky brewster pete the crank frank, anything but love leo miller, la law da bruce rogoff, 1980s films, sweet dreams, armed and dangerous, stand by me, happy new year, the in crowd, throw momma from the train, lady in white, the big picture, 1990s movies, bad jim, joey takes a cab, perry mason the case of the fatal fashion, another time another place, mr wonderful, rave review, the cottonwood, interlocked thrilled to death, autunno, vinnie and angelas beauty salon and funeral parlor, 1990s tv series, in the heat of the night deputy chief harlan cassidy, reasonable doubts guest star, columbo sgt phil brindle sgt george kramer, murder she wrote guest star, 2000s films, crash, alpha mail, 2 22, father of bruno kirby, father of john kirby, nonagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 24th birthdays, born april 24 1928Bruce Kirby (nee Bruno Giovanni Quidaciolu)

American actor of TV (L. A. Law; Car 54, Where Are You?; Columbo; Marcus Welby, M.D.; Hogan’s Heroes; Ironside; Bonanza; ; Room 222; Barney Miller; McCloud; Holmes and Yoyo; Kojak) & movies (How to Frame a Figg) (born Apr. 24, 1928 – died Jan. 4, 2021; age 92) (Bruce Kirby Photo: Courtesy John Kirby)

tawny kitaen died 2021, tawny kitaen may 2021 death, american actress, whitesnake music videos, tv shows, the new wkrp in cincinnati, mona loveland, capitol meredith ross, santa barbara, movies, bachelor party,Tawny Kitaen (nee Julie E. Kitaen)

American actress of music videos (Whitesnake: Here I Go Again), TV (Mona Loveland on The New WKRP in Cincinnati; Meredith Ross on Capitol; Santa Barbara), & movies (Bachelor Party; White Hot; Three of Hearts) (born Aug. 5, 1961 – died May 7, 2021; age 59) (Tawny Kitaen Photo: Courtesy Tawny Kitaen / Presley Talent

yaphet kotto, died 2021, march 2021 death, black actors, movies, live and let die, blue collar, alien, brubaker, othello, the star chamber, the running man, midnight run, tv shows, homicide life on the street,Yaphet Kotto

American actor of TV (Lt. Al Giardello on Homicide: Life on the Street) & films (Othello; The Running Man; Alien; Midnight Run; The Thomas Crown Affair; Blue Collar; Live and Let Die; Brubaker; The Star Chamber) (born Nov. 15, 1939 – died Mar. 15, 2021; age 81). (Yaphet Kotto 1969 Daniel Boone)

tommy lasorda died 2021, tommy lasorda january 2021 death, american baseball manager, national baseball hall of fame, los angeles dodgers, world series champs, mlb pitcher, brooklyn dodgers, 1950s, 1970s, coachTommy Lasorda (nee Thomas Charles Lasorda)

National Baseball Hall of Fame Major League Baseball manager (Los Angeles Dodgers 1976-1996, 2X World Series Championships), MLB pitcher & coach (born Sept. 22, 1927 – died Jan. 7, 2021; age 93). Tommy Lasorda died of cardiac arrest. (Tommy Lasorda 1981 Photo: Reagan White House)

Cloris Leachmancloris leachman died 2021, cloris leachman january 2021 death, american actress, academy award, movies, the last picture show, young frankenstein, tv shows, lassie ruth martin, sitcoms, the mary tyler moore show, phyllis lindstrom, the facts of life, raising hope, emmy awards

American Emmy & Oscar-winning actress of TV (Lassie; The Mary Tyler Moore Show; Phyllis, The Facts of Life; Raising Hope; Mr. Novak), movies (The Last Picture Show; Young Frankenstein; Spanglish; Prancer) (born Apr. 30, 1926 – died Jan. 27, 2021; age 94. (Cloris Leachman 1960 Thriller)

norman lloyd died 2021, norman lloyd may 2021 death, american director, producer, actor, classic movies, spellbound, saboteur, dead poets society, limelight, a place for herores, tv shows, st elsewhere, dr daniel auschlander, alfred hitchcock presents,Norman Lloyd (nee Norman Perlmutter)

American director, producer & actor of TV (Dr. Daniel Auschlander on St. Elsewhere; Seven Days; Alfred Hitchock Presents; The Alfred Hitchcock Hour) & films (Spellbound; Saboteur; Dead Poets Society; Limelight; A Place For Heroes) (born Nov. 8, 1914 – died May 11, 2021; age 106). (Norman Lloyd 1942 Photo)

john lutz birthday, john lutz 2010s, american mystery writer, mystery thriller novelist, author, single white female, buyer beware, alo nudger mystery series, tropical heat, fred carver myster series, darker than night, frank quinn mysteries, final seconds, lazarus man, the havana game, the honorable traitors, septuagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, september 11th birthdays, born september 11 1939John Lutz

Edgar Award-winning American mystery author (Single White Female; Buyer Beware / Alo Nudger; Tropical Heat / Fred Carver; Darker Than Night / Frank Quinn) (born Sept.11, 1939 – died Jan. 9, 2021; age 81). Cause of death for John Lutz is unknown. (John Lutz Photo: Phil Shoulberg Photography LLC)

gavin macleod died 2021, gavin macleod may 2021 death, american actor, movies, operation petticoat, pork chop hill, kellys heroes, tv shows, the mary tyler moore show, mchales navy, murray slaughter, the love boat, captain merrill stubing, 

Gavin MacLeod (nee Allan George See)

American actor of films (Kelly’s Heroes; Pork Chop Hill; Operation Petticoat) & TV (Happy on McHale’s Navy; Murray Slaughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show; Captain Steubing on The Love Boat) (born Feb. 28, 1931 – died May 29, 2021; age 90). (Gavin MacLeod 2015 Photo: Gary Greenbaum/Wikipedia)

margaret maron birthday, born august 25th, american writer, mystery novelist, crime fiction, author, judge deborah knott books, bootleggers daughter, southern discomfort, sigrid harald character, one coffee with, Margaret Maron

Agatha Award-winning American author of Judge Deborah Knott & Sigrid Harald books (Bootlegger’s Daughter; Southern Discomfort; Shooting at Loons) (born Aug. 25, 1938 – died Feb. 23, 2021; age 82). Margaret Maron died of stroke complications. (Margaret Maron 2007 Photo: Margaret Maron)

gerry marsden died 2021, gerry marsden january 2021 death, english singer, british, merseybeat, gerry and the pacemakers, hit songs, ferry cross the mersey, dont let the sun catch you crying, youll never walk alone, ill be there, i like it, how do you do it,Gerry Marsden (nee Gerard Marsden)

Gerry and the Pacemakers & solo British singer-songwriter (Ferry Cross the Mersey; Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying; You’ll Never Walk Alone; I’ll Be There) (born Sept. 24, 1942 – died Jan. 3, 2021; age 78). Gerry Marsden died of a blood infection in his heart. (Gerry Marsden 1964 Photo: Paul Schumach)

Barry Mason (nee John Barry Mason)

English songwriter solo & with Les Reed for Engelbert Humperdinck, Petula Clark, Tom Jones, Rod Stewart, Elvis Presley, Perry Como, Connie Francis, Barbara Streisand, and others (The Last Waltz; Delilah; Love Grows [Where My Rosemary Goes]; A Man Without Love) (born July 12, 1935 – died Apr. 16, 2021; age 85).

helen mccrory died 2021, helen mccrory april 2021 death, english actress, british tv shows, anna karenina, penny dreadful, fearless, the last king, peaky blinders, movies, skyfall, harry potter movies, hugo, becoming jane, the queenHelen McCrory

English actress of TV (Peaky Blinders; Anna Karenina; Penny Dreadful) & films (Skyfall; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; Hugo; Becoming Jane; The Count of Monte Cristo) (born Aug. 17, 1968 – died Apr. 16, 2021; age 52). Helen McCrory died of cancer. (Helen McCrory 2015 Photo: Siebbi)

biff mcguire birthday, died 2021, 2021 death, american actor,  movies, the werewolf of washington, serpico, midway, tv shows, herb shriner time regular, soap operas, the secret storm bruce edwards,  the thomas crown affair, the heart is a lonely hunter, gibbsville how the west was won, all my children harry flax,  tv soaps, search for tomorrow, santa barbaraBiff McGuire (nee William Joseph McGuire Jr.)

American actor of TV (All My Children; Search for Tomorrow; The Secret Storm; Santa Barbara; Barnaby Jones) & films (Serpico; The Thomas Crown Affair; Midway; Hollywood Seagull; The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) (born Oct. 25, 1926 – died Apr. 2021; age 94). (Biff McGuire 1973 The Werewolf of Washington)

les mckeown died 2021, les mckeown april 2021 death, english songwriter, british singer, bay city rollers, hit song, saturday night, i only want to be with you, bye bye baby, give a little love, remember sha la la la, money honey, you made me believe in magic, love me like i love you, Les McKeown (nee Leslie Richard McKeown)

English Bay City Rollers lead singer (Saturday Night; I Only Want to Be With You; Bye, Bye, Baby; Give a Little Love; Remember (Sha-La-La-La);  Money Honey; Yesterday’s Hero; Love Me Like I Love You) (born Nov. 12, 1955 – died Apr. 20, 2021; age 65). (Les McKeown 2010 Photo: Roland Rosenbauer)

larry mcmurtry, died 2021, march 2021 death, american writer, texas novelist, author, academy awards, movie screenwriter, book store, lonesome dove, brokeback mountain, novelist, pulitzer prize, terms of endearment, the evening star, the last picture show, texasvilleLarry McMurtry

Academy Award-winning American screenwriter (Brokeback Mountain; The Evening Star) & Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist (Lonesome Dove; The Last Picture Show; Terms of Endearment) (born June 3, 1936 – died Mar. 25, 2021; age 84). (Larry McMurtry’s Booked Up Book Store 2005 Photo: Surgeonsmate

prince philip died, prince philip 2021 death, april 2021 dead, philip mountbatten, prince philip of greece and denmark, duke of edinburgh, prince of the united kingdom, married princess elizabeth, queen elizabeth ii consort, british royalty, Prince Philip [Mountbatten] (nee Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark)

Naturalised British citizen as Philip Mountbatten, Prince of the United Kingdom, consort of Queen Elizabeth II, patron or board member of 800+ organizations, and avid sportsman (born June 10, 1921died Apr. 9, 2021; age 99). (Prince Philip 1992 Photo: Allan warren)

christopher plummer died 2021, christopher plummer february 2021 death, canadian actor, academy award, movies, remember, the sound of music, beginners, the pyx, triple cross, battle of britain, eyewitness, national treasure, stage struckChristopher Plummer (nee Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer)

Emmy, Tony, & Oscar-winning Canadian actor of stage, TV & films (Beginners; The Sound of Music; Remember; Triple Cross; National Treasure; Battle of Britain; Stage Struck) (born Dec. 13, 1929 – died Feb. 5, 2021; age 91). Christopher Plummer died after a fall. (Christopher Plummer 1973 The Pyx)

Anthony Powell

Tony & Academy Award-winning English costume designer for stage (The School for Scandal; Sunset Boulevard) and films (Travels with My Aunt; Death on the Nile; Tess; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; Pirates; Hook; 102 Dalmatians; Miss Potter) (born June 2, 1935 – died Apr. 16, 2021; age 85). Cause of death for Anthony Powell is unknown.

john reilly birthday, john reilly 1978, american actor, 1970s movies, the great waldo pepper, the main event, 1970s television series, 1970s tv soap operas, as the world turns dr danny stewart, gunsmoke guest star, how the west was won jeremiah taylor, the bionic woman guest star, 1980s films, gorp, deal of the century, doin time, touch and go, 1980s tv shows, heres boomer guest star, hart to hart guest star, silver spools bob danish, dallas roy ralston, newhart guest star, dynasty jj, paper dolls jake larner, 1990s movies, cityscrapes los angeles, spilt milk, fallout, 1990s television shows, empty nest adam blakely, iron man guest star, beverly hills 90210 bill taylor, mortal kombat conquest baron reyland, arliss mike armstrong, 1990s daytime television serials, sunset beach del douglas, 2000s tv series, 2000s tv soaps, days of our lives marquis of la cienega, passions alistair crane, general hospital night shift sean donely, 2010s television series, the bay mortimer, general hospital sean donely, octogenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, november 11th birthdays, born november 11 1936 John Reilly

American actor of TV (Sean Donely on General Hospital; Dr. Danny Stewart on As the World Turns; Passions; Sunset Beach; Beverly Hills, 90210) & movies (The Great Waldo Pepper) (born Nov. 11, 1936 – died Jan. 9, 2021; age 86). Cause of death for John Reilly is unknown. (John Reilly 1978 Lassie: A New Beginning)  

peter mark richman died 2021, peter mark richman january 2021 death, american actor, tv shows, cains hundred, longstreet, santa barbara, dynasty, the fbi, movies, friendly persuasion, the strange one, the black orchid, the murder men, agent for harm, Peter Mark Richman (nee Marvin Jack Richman; aka Mark Richman)

American actor of TV (Cain’s Hundred; Longstreet; Santa Barbara; Dynasty; The F.B.I.; Beverly Hills, 90210; Police Story; The Virginian) & movies (The Black Orchid; The Murder Men; Friendly Persuasion; The Strange One) (born Apr. 16, 1927 – died Jan. 14, 2021; age 93). (Peter Mark Richman 1957: Photoplay)

tanya roberts died 2021, tanya roberts january 2021 death, american model, 1982 playboy cover, actress, movies, the beastmaster, a view to a kill, tv shows, charlies angels, that 70s show,  Tanya Roberts (nee Victoria Leigh Blum)

American model and actress of TV (Julie Rogers on Charlie’s Angels; Midge Pinciotti on That 70’s Show) and movies (The Beastmaster; Sheena; A View to a Kill; Inner Sanctum) (born Oct. 15, 1955 – died Jan. 3, 2021; age 65). Cause of death for Tanya Roberts is unknown. (Tanya Roberts 1983 Photo: CBS)

jimmie f rodgers died 2021, jimmie f rodgers january 2021 death, american singer, pop music, hit songs, honeycomb, kisses sweeter than wine, oh oh im falling in love again, secretly, are you really mine, 1960s movies, the little shepherd of kingdom come, back door to hell,Jimmie Rodgers (nee James Frederick Rodgers)

American singer (Honeycomb; Kisses Sweeter Than Wine; Secretly; Mule Skinner Blues; It’s Over), host & actor of TV (The Folk World of Jimmie Rodgers) and movies (Back Door to Hell) (born Sept. 18, 1933 – died Jan. 18, 2021; age 87). (Jimmie F. Rodgers 1961 The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come)

richard rush died 2021, richard rush april 2021 death,  american screenwriter, movie producer, film director, movies, the stunt man, air america, freebie and the bean, color of night, getting straight, too soon to love, of love an desire,Richard Rush

American film producer, screenwriter, & director (The Stunt Man; Freebie and the Bean; Getting Straight; Too Soon to Love; Of Love and Desire; Hells Angels on Wheels) (born Apr. 15, 1929 – died Apr. 8, 2021; age 91). Richard Rush died after a long illness.  (Richard Rush 1979: The Bobbie Wygant Archives)

felix silla died 2021, felix silla april 2021 death, italian performer, circus, stuntman, actor, tv shows, the addams family, cousin itt, buck rogers in the 25th century, lidsville, movies, the black bird, little cigars, characterzFelix Silla

Italian circus performer, film stuntman (A Ticklish Affair; Earthquake; Poltergeist), actor of TV (Cousin Itt on The Addams Family; Buck Rogers in the 25th Century; Lidsville; H.R. Pufnstuf) and films (The Black Bird; Little Cigars; CHARACTERz; Mastermind) (born Jan. 11, 1937 – died Apr. 16, 2021; age 84). (Felix Silla 2006 Photo: Kammmm)

phil spector died 2021, phil spector january 2021 death, american record producer, wall of sound, the ronettes, songwriter, hit songs, to know him is to love him, my sweet lor, youve lost that lovin feelingPhil Spector (nee Harvey Phillip Spector)

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame American songwriter & producer (To Know Him is to Love Him; You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling; My Sweet Lord) (born Dec. 26, 1939 – died Jan. 16, 2021; age 81). Phil Specter died of COVID-19 complications. (Phil Spector 2000 Photo: Kingkongphoto &

leon spinks died 2021, leon spinks february 2021 death, african american boxer, heavyweight champ, 1978, defeated muhammad ali, 1976 montreal olympic games, 1976 olympic light heavyweight, boxing gold medalist, amateur boxer, professional boxer, Leon Spinks

1976 Montreal Olympic Games light heavyweight American gold medalist, 1978 World Heavyweight Champ (defeated Muhammad Ali) (born July 11, 1953 – died Feb. 5, 2021; age 67). Leon Spinks had prostate cancer before he died. (Leon Spinks 1995 Photo: Johnmaxmena at English Wikipedia)

b j thomas, american singer, hit songs, hooked on a feeling, raindrops keep fallin on my head, another somebody done somebody wrong song, i just cant help believing, rock and roll lullabyB. J. Thomas(nee Billy Joe Thomas)

American Grammy Hall of Fame singer (Hooked on a Feeling; Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head; Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song; I Just Can’t Help Believing) (born Aug. 7, 1942 – died May 29, 2021; age 78). B. J. Thomas died of lung cancer. (B J Thomas Photo: 2911 US – B J Thomas)

cicely tyson died 2021, cicely tyson january 2021 death, african american actress, black actress, emmy awards, tony awards, carib gold, tv shows, east side west side, king, the autobiography of miss jane pittman, movies, sounder, a man called adamCicely Tyson

Tony & Emmy Award-winning American actress of TV (The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman; Roots; East Side, West Side) & movies (Sounder; Bustin’ Loose; A Man Called Adam; The Heart is a Lonely Hunter; The Blue Bird) (born Dec. 19, 1924 – died Jan. 28, 2021; age 96) (Cicely Tyson 1956 Carib Gold)

bobby unser died 2021, bobby unser may 2021 death, american race car driver, indianapolis 500 winner, indy 500 champion, international motorsports hall of fame, nationsl sprint car hall of fameBobby Unser (nee Robert William Unser)

National Sprint Car & International Motorsports Hall of Fame record-setting American race car driver, 3-time Indianapolis 500 winner (1958, 1975, 1981), 2-time USAC National Champion (1968 & 1974), and TV auto racing commentator (born Feb. 20, 1934 – died May 2, 2021; age 87). (Bobby Unser 2013 Photo: Doctorindy)

clarence williams iii died 2021, clarence williams iii june 2021 death, african american actor, movies, tales from the hood, purple rain, the generals daughter, tv shows, mod squad, linc hayes, twin peaks, nasty boys, 52 pick up, Clarence Williams III

American actor of TV (Linc Hayes on Mod Squad; Philby on Mystery Woman TV movies; Judging Amy), and films (Tales From the Hood; Purple Rain; 52 Pick-Up; The General’s Daughter) (born Aug. 21, 1939 – died June 4, 2021; age 81). Clarence Williams died of colon cancer. (Clarence Williams III 1971 Photo: ABC TV)

mary wilson died 2021, mary wilson february 2021 death, african american singer, 1960s, the supremes, rock and roll hall of fame, hit songs, come see about me, where did our love go, baby love, you cant hurry love, stop in the name of love, back in my arms again,Mary Wilson

American singer with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group the Supremes (The Happening; Back in My Arms Again; Where Did Our Love Go; Baby Love; You Can’t Hurry Love), and author (Dreamgirl; Supreme Faith) (born Mar. 6, 1944 – died Feb. 8, 2021; age 76). (Mary Wilson 1965  Photo: Jac. de Nijs)

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