April Birthdays

April 10th Birthdays

If you were born on April 10th you share a celebrity birthday with these famous people:

paul theroux birthday, paul theroux 2008, american writer, travel author, the great railway bazaar, the old patagonian express, riding the iron rooster, dark star safari, fiction novelist, the mosquito coast, waldo, jungle lovers, chicago loop, my secret history, septuagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 10th birthday, born april 10 1941Paul Theroux

American travel, fiction & memoir writer (The Great Railway Bazaar; The Old Patagonian Express; Riding the Iron Rooster; Dark Star Safari; The Mosquito Coast; Waldo; Jungle Lovers; Chicago Loop; My Secret History; The Great Railway Bazaar), born April 10, 1941. (Paul Theroux 2008 Photo: Brandon)

ken griffey sr birthday, nee george kenneth griffey sr, ken griffey sr 1984, american baseball player, professional baseball player, major league baseball player, mlb outfielder, cincinnati reds, new york yankees, atlanta braves, seattle mariners, father of ken griffey jr, 1970s mlb all star player, 1975 world series championships 1976, cincinnati reds hall of fame, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 10th birthday, born april 10 1950Ken Griffey Sr. (nee George Kenneth Griffey Sr.)

American professional baseball player, MLB outfielder (Cincinnati Reds – 2X World Series Champions 1975 & 1976; New York Yankees; Atlanta Braves; Seattle Mariners), 3-time MLB All-Star (1976, 1977, 1980), father of Ken Griffey Jr., born April 10, 1950. (Ken Griffey Sr. 1984 Photo: New York Yankees)

peter macnicol birthday, peter macnicol 1986, american actor, 1980s movies, dragonslayer, sophies choice, heat, american blue note, ghostbusters ii, 1990s films, hard promises, housesitter, addams family values, radioland murders, dracula dead and loving it, mojave moon, bean, baby geniuses, 1990s television series, the powers that be bradley grist, chicago hope alan birch, ally mcbeal john cage, 2000s tv shows, 24 tom lennox, numb3rs dr larry fleinhardt, 2000s movies, breakin all the rules, 2010s television shows, greys anatomy dr robert stark, young justice professor ivo, necessary roughness dr albert gunner, csi cyber simon sifter, agents of shield professor elliot randolph, veep jeff kane, 2010s films, battleship, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 10th birthday, born april 10 1954Peter MacNicol

Emmy-winning American actor of TV (John Cage on Ally McBeal; Dr. Larry Fleinhardt on Numb3rs; Chicago Hope; The Powers That Be; 24; Veep) & films (Sophie’s Choice; Dragonslayer; Ghostbuster II; HouseSitter; Dracula: Dead and Loving It), born April 10, 1954. (Peter MacNicol 1986 Dragonslayer Photo: CBS)

brian setzer birthday, nee brian robert setzer, brian setzer 1989, american rock musician, guitarist, r and b music, songwriter, singer, 1980s rockabilly music, 1980s rock bands, the stray cats, 1980s hit rock sonts, rock this town, stray cat strut, shes sexy and 17, im a rocker, 1990s swing band music, 1990s big bands, brian setzer orchestra, jump blues songs, 1990s hit songs, the dirty boogie, jump jive an wail, sleep walk, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 10th birthday, born april 10 1959Brian Setzer

Grammy Award-winning American rockabilly, jump blues, R&B, and swing musician, guitarist, songwriter, singer & founder of the Stray Cats (Rock This Town; Stray Cat Strut; [She’s] Sexy + 17), and Brian Setzer Orchestra (Jump, Jive an’ Wail), born April 10, 1959. (Brian Setzer 1989 Photo: Jamie

babyface birthday, nee kenneth brian edmonds, kenneth edmonds birthday, babyface 2013, african american singer,1990s hit songs, when can i see you, this is for the lover in you, every time i close my eyes, r and b music, record producer, songwriter, whitney houston producer, im your baby tonight, boyz ii men producer, ill make love to you, madonna producer, take a bow, ariana grande producer, baby i, grammy awards, married tracey edmonds 1992, divorced tracey edmonds 2005, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 10th birthday, born april 10 1959Babyface (nee Kenneth Brian Edmonds; ex of Tracy Edmonds)

Grammy Award-winning American R&B singer (When Can I See You; Everytime I Close My Eyes), musician, songwriter and record producer (Whitney Houston – I’m Your Baby Tonight; Boyz II Men – I’ll Make Love to You; Ariana Grande – Baby I), born April 10, 1959. (Babyface 2013 Photo: Angela George)

birthday wishes, happy birthday, greeting card, born april 10th, famous birthdays, film stars, actors, omar sharif, chuck connors, classic movies, doctor zhivago, old yeller, funny girl, flipper, lawrence of arabia, tv shows, the rifleman, arrest and trial(Omar Sharif: Muhammad Mansour | Chuck Connors 1963 Arrest and Trial: ABC)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on April 10th!

Remember These April 10th Famous Birthdays

john madden birthday, born april 10th, american football coach, nfl head coach, afl coach fo the year, oakland raiders, super bowl, nfl commentator, cbs, fox, nfl monday night football, madden nfl video games, a football life documentary, John Madden

Pro Football Hall of Fame American NFL coach (Oakland Raiders), 1969 AFL Coach of the Year; Madden NFL video game expert, TV analyst (The NFL on CBS; NFL Monday Night Football; NBC Sunday Night Football), & advertising spokesman (born Apr. 10, 1936 died Dec. 28, 2021; age 85). Cause of death for John Madden is unknown. (John Madden 1969 APWirePhoto)

max von sydow birthday, nee carl adolf von sydow, max von sydow 1978, swedish french actor, 1940s movies, only a mother, 1950s films, miss julie, the seventh seal, wild strawberries, the magician, the virgin spring, 1960s movies, through a glass darkly, wonderful adventures of nils, the mistress, winter light, the greatest story ever told, the reward, hawaii, the quiller memorandum, here is your life, hour of the wolf, black plam tress, shame, made in sweden, the passion of anna, 1970s films, the kremlin letter, the night visitor, the emigrants, the touch, the apple war, embassy, the new land, the exorcist, steppenwolf, egg egg a hardboiled story, three days of the condor, the ultimate warrior, dogs heart, illustrious corpses, the far side of paradise, the desert of the tartars, voyage of the damned, exorcist ii the heretic, march or die, brass target, hurricane, footloose, 1980s movies, death watch, flash gordon, victory, conan the barbarian, the flight of the eagle, hit man, strange brew, never say never again, dreamscape, dune, code name emerald, the repenter, hannah and her sisters, duet for one, the second victory, pelle the conqueror, 1980s television mini series, the last place on earth, quo vadis the apostle peter, christopher columbus king john of portugal, 1990s films, the bachelor, father, awakenings, a kiss before dying, until the end of the world, the best intentions, the touch, time is money, judge dredd, hamsun, jerusalem, truck stop, what dreams may come, snow falling on cedars, 2000s movies, sleepless, the gaul, intacto, minority report, heidi, the final inquiry, the diving bell and the butterfly, rush hour 3, emotional arithmetic, solomon kane, oscar and the lady in pink, shutter island, robin hood, 2000s tv miniseries, the tudors cardinal von waldburg, 2010s films, extremely loud and incredibly close, branded, the letters, star wars the force awakens, the first the last, 2010s television shows, game of thrones three eyed raven, octogenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 10th birthday, born april 10 1929Max von Sydow (nee Carl Adolf von Sydow)

Swedish-French actor of TV (Game of Thrones; The Tudors) and movies (Remember; Three Days of the Condor; Voyage of the Damned; The Exorcist; The Greatest Story Ever Told; Hawaii; Seventh Seal; Dune; Never Say Never Again; Shutter Island; Heidi) (born Apr.10, 1929 – died Mar. 8, 2020; age 90). Cause of death for Max von Sydow is unknown. (Max von Sydow 1978 Photo: CBS)

chuck connors birthday, nee kevin joseph aloysius connors, chuck connors 1962, mlb baseball player, 1950s chicago cubs player, nba basketball player, boston celtics 1940s player, actor, 1950s movies, pat and mike, trouble along the way, south sea woman, dragonfly squadron, the human jungle, naked alibi, target zero, three stripes in the sun, good morning miss dove, walk the dark street, hot rod girl, hold back the night, tomahawk trail, designing woman, death in small doses, the hired gun, old yeller, the lady takes a flyer, the big country, 1950s television series, tales of wells fargo guest star, the rifleman lucas mccain, 1960s films, geronimo, flipper, move over darling, synanon, ride beyond vengeance, kill them all and come back alone, captain nemo and the underwater city, 1960s tv shows, arrest and trial john egan, branded jason mccord, cowboy in africa jim sinclair, 1970s movies, the devils backbone, embassy, the proud and damned, pancho villa, the police connection, soylent green, 99 and 44 100 percent dead, tourist trap, day of the assassin, 1970s television shows, police story sergeant, roots tom moore, 1980s films, bordello, hit man, airplane ii the sequel, there was a little girl, the vals, balboa, afghanistan pourquoi, hells heroes, sakura killers, summer camp nightmare, maniac killer, terror squad, taxi killer, trained to kill, skinheads, 1980s tv series, 1980s soap operas, the yellow rose jeb hollister, werewolf captain janos skorzeny, murder she wrote guest star, 1990s movies, last flight to hell, face the edge, salmonberries, three days to a kill, a man who fell from the sky, septuagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 10th birthday, born april 10 1921, died november 10 1992, celebrity deathsChuck Connors (nee Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors; ex of Kamala Devi)

American NBA (Boston Celtics) & MLB (Chicago Cubs) player, actor of TV (Lucas McCain on The Rifleman; Arrest and Trial; Branded; Cowboy in Africa; The Yellow Rose) & movies (Old Yeller; Flipper; Geronimo; Move Over, Darling) (born Apr. 10, 1921 – died Nov. 10, 1992; age 71). Chuck Connors died of pneumonia & lung cancer. (Chuck Connors 1962: Rogers & Cowan)  

omar sharif birthday, nee michel dimitri chalhoub, omar sharif 1960s, egyptian actor, 1950s movies, struggle in the valley, devil of the sahara, our best days, the lebanese mission, dark waters, sleepless, land of peace, goha, the fault of my love, hidden shore, struggle on the nile, scandal in zamalek, rendezvous with a stranger, lady of the castle, for the sake of a woman, 1960s films, we the students, the beginning and the end, agony of love, i love my master, there is a man in our house, my only love, the river of love, lawrence of arabia, the fall of the roman empire, behold a pale horse, the yellow rolls royce, genghis khan, marco the magnificent, doctor zhivago, the mamelukes, the poppy is also a flower, the night of the generals, more than a miracle, funny girl, mayerling, mackennas gold, the appointment, che, 1970s movies, the last valley, the horsemen, the burglars, the mysterious island, the tamarind seed, juggernaut, funny lady, crime and passion, ashanti, bloodline, 1980s films, she security hazards expert, the baltimore bullet, oh heavenly dog, green ice, ayoub, top secret, keys to freedom, the puppeteer, 1980s television mini series, the far pavilions koda dad, peter the great prince feodor romodanovsky, anastasia the mystery of anna tv movie, 1990s movies, the rainbow thief, war in the land of egypt, mother, beyond justice, mrs arris goes to parris tv film, laughter games seriousness and love, heaven before i die, the 13th warrior, 1990s tv shows, the law of the desert emir beni zair, 2000s films, censor, the parole officer, monsieur ibrahim, hidalgo, fire at my heart, one night with the king, i forgot to tell you, 2000s television shows, the last templar konstantine, 2010s movies, a castle in italy, rock the casbah, octogenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 10th birthday, born april 10 1932, died july 10 2015, celebrity deathsOmar Sharif (nee Michel Dimitri Chalhoub)

Egyptian actor of movies (Doctor Zhivago; Funny Girl; Lawrence of Arabia; The Yellow Rolls Royce; Funny Lady; Che!; Behold a Pale Horse; Bloodline; The Tamarind Seed; The Night of the Generals; Juggernaut; Hidalgo) and TV (The Far Pavilions; Anastasia) (born Apr. 10, 1932 – died July 10, 2015; age 83). Omar Sharif died of a heart attack. (Omar Sharif 1960s Photo: Pixabay)

harry morgan birthday, nee harry bratsberg, harry morgan 1958, american character actor, 1940s radio series, mystery in the air radio show host, 1940s movies, to the shores of tripoli, the loves of edgar allan poe, the omaha trail, orchestra wives, crash dive, the ox bow incidident, happy land, the eve of st mark, roger touhy gangster, wing and a prayer, gentle annie, a bell for adano, sate fair, from this day forward, johnny comes flying home, dragonwyck, it shouldnt happen to a dog, the gangster, the big clock, all my sons, race street, the saxon charm, moonrise, yellow sky, down to the sea in ships, madame bovary, red light, strange bargain, holiday affair, 1950s movies, outside the wall, the amazing mr malone, appointment with danger, the showdown, dark city, belle le grand, when i grow up, the highwayman, the well, the blue veil, boots malone, scandal sheet, bend of the river, my six convicts, high noon, apache war smoke, toughest man in arizona, stop youre killing me, thunder bay, arena, champ for a day, torch song, the glenn miller story, the forty niners, prisoner of war, about mrs leslie, the far country, strategic air command, not as a stranger, the bottom of the bottle, backlash, star in the dust, the teahouse of the august moon, under fire, it started with a kiss, 1950s television series, the lone wolf guest star, december bride pete porter, 1960s films, the mountain road, inherit the wind, cimarron, how the west was won, john goldfarb please come home, frankie and johnny, what id dyou do in the war daddy, the flim flam man, support your local sheriff, viva max, 1960s tv shows, pete and gladys pete porter, the richard boone show senator clements, kentucky jones seldom jackson, dr kildare francis x healy, dragnet 1967 officer bill gannon, 1970s movies, the barefoot executive, support your local gunfighter, scndalous john, snowball express, charley and the angel, the apple dumpling gang, the shootist, the cat from outer space, the apple dumpling gang rides again, 1970s television shows, hec ramsey doc amos b coogan, gunsmoke jed hockett, backstairs at the white house president harry s truman, mash colonel sherman t potter, 1980s tv sitcoms, after mash dr sherman t potter, the love boat guest star, blackes magic leonard blacke, you cant take it with you martin vanderhof, 1980s films, dragnet 1987, 1990s tv series, 3rd rock from the sun professor suter, 1990s movies, family plan, nonagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 10th birthday, born april 10 1915, died december 7 2011, celebrity deathsHarry Morgan (nee Harry Bratsberg; married Barbara Bushman Quine)

American actor of TV (Col. Potter on M*A*S*H; Pete Porter on December Bride; Dragnet 1967; Pete and Gladys; The Richard Boone Show) and movies (Frankie and Johnny; The Glenn Miller Story; The Mountain Road; Holiday Affair; High Noon) (born Apr. 10, 1915 – died Dec. 7, 2011; age 96). Harry Morgan had pneumonia before he died. (Harry Morgan 1958 December Bride Photo)

don meredith birthday, nee joseph don meredith, nickname dandy don, don meredith 1976, american professional football player, nfl quarterback, 1960s dallas cowboys quarterback, abcs monday night football, 1970s television football commentator, the nfl on nbc, college football hall of fame, actor, 1970s television series, police story bert jameson, 1970s tv movies, 1980s made for tv films, 2000s movies, three days of rain, married susan lessons dullea 197s, septuagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 10th birthday, born april 10 1938, died december 5 2010, celebrity deathsDon Meredith (nee Joseph Don Meredith; “Dandy Don“)

American professional football player, 1960s NFL quarterback (Dallas Cowboys), ABC TV color commentator (NFL Monday Night Football; The NFL on NBC), and actor of movies & TV (Police Story; McCloud; Police Woman) (born Apr. 10, 1938 – died Dec. 5, 2010; age 72). Don Meredith died of a brain hemorrhage. (Don Meredith 1976 Police Story Photo: Columbia Pictures TV

bobby smith birthday, nee robert smith, aka bobbie smith, bobby smith 1965, african american singer, the spinners lead vocalist, american r and b singer, 1960s vocal groups, 1960s hit songs, thats what girls are made for, ill always love you, 1970s hit singles, then came you, ill be around, could it be im falling in love, one of a kind love affair, they just cant stop it the games people play, the rubberband man, working my way back to you, 1980s hit songs, cupid, septuagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, april 10th birthday, born april 10 1936, died march 16 2013, celebrity deathsBobby Smith (nee Robert Smith; aka Bobbie Smith)

American R&B lead singer of The Spinners (Then Came You; Could It Be I’m Falling in Love; I’ll Be Around; Games People Play; That’s What Girls Are Made For; Truly Yours; I’ll Always Love You; One of a Kind [Love Affair]) (born Apr. 10, 1936 – died Mar. 16, 2013; age 76). Bobby Smith died of influenza and pneumonia. (Bobby Smith The Spinners 1965 Photo: Motown / Billboard)

penny vincenzi, born april 10th, english writer, novelist, author, wicked pleasures, an outrageous affair, forbidden places, almost a crime, no angel, something dangerous, into temptation, sheer abandon, an absolute scandal, a perfect heritage, a question of trust,Penny Vincenzi (nee Penelope Hannaford)

English novelist (Old Sins; Wicked Pleasures; An Outrageous Affair; Forbidden Places; The Dilemma; Almost a Crime; No Angel; Something Dangerous; Into Temptation; Sheer Abandon; An Absolute Scandal; A Question of Trust; The Best of Times; A Perfect Heritage) (born Apr. 10, 1939 – died Feb. 25, 2018; age 78). (Penny Vincenzi Photo: © TrevorLeighton.com / Used by Permission)

lee bergere birthday, born april 10th, american actor, classic tv shows, michael shayne, hot l baltimore, the doris day show, hogans heroes, mission impossible, mannix, perry mason, Lee Bergere

American actor of TV (Joseph Anders on Dynasty; Perry Mason; Falcon Crest; Mannix; Soap; Mission: Impossible; North and South, Book I; The Doris Day Show; Hot l Baltimore; Hogan’s Heroes; Decoy) and movies (Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice) (born Apr. 10, 1918 – died Jan. 31, 2007; age 88). Cause of death for Lee Bergere is unknown. (Lee Bergere 1960 Michael Shayne)

lee farr birthday, born april 10th, american actor, classic tv shows, the veil, the detectives jim conway, perry mason, the invaders, bonanza, lassie, 12 oclock high, movies, gunfighters of abilene, thundering jetsLee Farr (nee Leon Farb; ex of Felicia Farr)

American actor of TV (Lt. Jim Conway on The Detectives; Perry Mason; The Invaders; Bonanza; Lassie; 12 O’Clock High; The Rifleman; Trackdown; Mission: Impossible; The Rookies; Emergency!; The Rockford Files) and movies (Gunfighters of Abilene; Thundering Jets; Lone Texan) (born Apr. 10, 1927 – died Mar. 23, 2017; age 89). Lee Farr died of cancer. (Lee Farr 1958 the Veil)

hari rhodes birthday, born april 10th, african american actor, classic tv shows, the westerner, daktari mike makula, the bold ones, movies, detroit 9000, conquest of the planet of the apesHari Rhodes (nee Harry Rhodes)

American actor of TV (Mike Makula on Daktari; The Bold Ones; The Protectors; Most Wanted; The Streets of San Francisco; Ben Casey; Police Story; Cannon; Quincy M.E.; The F.B.I.) and movies (Detroit 9000; Conquest of the Planet of the Apes; Drums of Africa) (born Apr. 10, 1932 – died Jan. 15, 1992; age 59). Hari Rhodes died of a heart attack. (Hari Rhodes 1960 The Westerner)

tim mccoy birthday, born april 10th, american actor, western film stars, classic movies, the thundering herd, the westerner, marshal tim mccall, riders of the west, lightnin bill carsonTim McCoy (nee Timothy John Fitzgerald McCoy; aka Colonel T.J. McCoy)

American rancher, stage performer & film star (Morgan’s Last Raid; The Thundering Herd; The Fighting Marshal; The Westerner), Marshal Tim McCall in 1940s westerns (Riders of the West), and Captain/ ‘Lightning’ Bill Carson in 1930s films (Trigger Fingers) (born Apr. 10, 1891 – died Jan. 29, 1978; age 86). Married Inga Arvad. (Tim McCoy 1934 Columbia Pictures / Dixie Cup)

victor lombardo birthday, canadian musician, saxaphonist, royal canadians orchestra, hit songs, there ought to be a moonlight savings time, auld lang syne, enjoy yourself its later than you think, boo hooVictor Lombardo

Canadian saxophonist, musician with brother Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians Orchestra (Auld Lang Syne; [There Ought To Be A] Moonlight Saving Time; Enjoy Yourself [Its Later Than You Think]; The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven; Snuggles on Your Shoulder; Boo Hoo; This Time It’s Love) (born Apr. 10, 1911 – died Jan. 22, 1994; age 82). (Victor Lombardo 1957 Photo: MCA)

george arliss, born april 10th, english actor, academy award, best actor, classic movies, disraeli, the green goddess, alexander hamilton, the millionaire, cardinal richelieu, the iron duke, the house of rothschild, voltaire, a successful calamity, the devilGeorge Arliss (nee Augustus George Andrews)

Academy Award-winning English writer & actor of classic & silent films (Disraeli; The Green Goddess; Alexander Hamilton; The Millionaire; Doctor Syn; Transatlantic Tunnel; Cardinal Richelieu; The Iron Duke; The Last Gentleman; The House of Rothschild; Voltaire; The Devil) (born Apr. 10, 1868 – died Feb. 5, 1946; age 77). Married Florence Montgomery. (George Arliss 1922)

joseph pulitzer, born april 10, april 10th birthday, hungarian american, newspaper publisher, st louis post dispatch, new york world, us house of representatives, politician, philanthropist, pulitzer prize, columbia university endowmentJoseph Pulitzer (nee Pulitzer József)

Hungarian-American Civil War Union Army veteran, newspaper publisher (St. Louis Post-Dispatch; New York World), politician (U.S. House of Representatives), and philanthropist (Pulitzer Prize); he was poor & spoke no English when he emigrated to the US in 1864; he died a multi-millionaire (born Apr. 10, 1847 – died Oct. 29, 1911; age 64). (Joseph Pulitzer c. 900)

nick stuart, born april 10, april 10th birthday, actor, movies, chasing through europe, joy street, girls gone wild, the river pirate, sundown trail, the mystery train, the man with the band from movieland, bandleader, hollywood bath and tennis club, talent agentNick Stuart (nee Niculae Pratza; “The Man With the Band From Movieland“)

Austro-Hungarian-American film actor (Chasing Through Europe; Joy Street; Girls Gone Wild; The River Pirate; Sundown Trail; The Mystery Train; King of the Congo; Swing High; Rio Grande Romance; Sheer Luck), bandleader, talent agent, Hollywood Bath and Tennis Club founder (born Apr. 10, 1904 – died Apr. 7, 1973; age 68). Ex of Sue Carol. (Nick Stuart 1928: Cine-Mundial)

tully marshall, born april 10, april 10th birthday, american character actor, silent films, classic movies, afraid to talk, the cat and the canary, the big trail, ball of fire, scarface, mr boggs steps out, red dust, common clay, murder on the blackboard, oliver twistTully Marshall (nee William Phillips; married Marion Fairfax)

American character actor of stage & movies (Afraid to Talk; The Cat and the Canary; The Big Trail; Ball of Fire; Scarface; Mr. Boggs Steps Out; Red Dust; Common Clay; Murder on the Blackboard; Blue Montana Skies; Oliver Twist; Virtuous Husband; The Merry Widow; Alias Jimmy Valentine) (born Apr. 10, 1864 – died Mar. 10, 1943; age 78). (Tully Marshall 1921: Wid’s Year Book)

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