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Mother's Day Love & Animal Moms

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms, Grandmothers, and motherly types here on earth that make our lives so much better – and for those “Moms” not with with us here on earth, but whose memory brings a smile to our lips and a tear to our eyes.

There is a universal quality of motherhood that the best moms have in abundance – whether they walk on two legs or four, whether they fly in the air or swim in the water – as these animal moms show us: LOVE

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(Mother & Baby Giraffes / Giraffe Cow & Calf Photo: Brian McMahon)

mother bear, baby bear cub, happy mothers day, animal moms, best animal mothers

(Mama Bear and Baby Bear Cub, Mother Mount Waddington, British Columbia Photo: Thomas Lipke)

mother dog, puppy, animal mothers, happy mothers day, lhasa apso dogs, shih tsu puppies

(Mother Dog & Baby Pup Photo: Sergio Salamanca)

mother alpaca, baby alpaca, llamas, happy mothers day, animal mothers, animal moms, baby animals(Mother & Baby Alpacas / Alpaca Hembra & Cria, Fowberry Alpacas, York, U.K. Photo: Jen MacHarg)

mother kangaroo, baby roo, wild animal mothers, happy mothers day, animal moms

(Mother & Baby Kangaroo / Kangaroo Doe & Joey, Rothbury, Australia Photo: Holger Link)

mother deer, baby deer, fawn, happy mothers day, wild animal mothers

(Mother Deer & Baby / Doe & Fawn Photo: Hrishi Gulhane)

mother elephant, baby elephant, wild animal mothers, happy mothers day, animal babies

(Mother Elephant & Baby Elephant / Mother Elephant & Calf Photo: Casey Allen)

mother buffalo, baby water buffalo, wild animal mothers, happy mothers day, animal babies

(Buffalo Mother & Baby Calf Photo: Hardieshu Hardi)

mother monkey, monkey babies, happy mothers day, wild animal mothers, animal babies,

(Mother & Baby Monkeys / Mother Monkey & Infants Photo: Al Jeffery)

mother sheep, ewe, baby sheep, lamb, happy mothers day, animal mothers, animal babies, cliffs of moher, liscannor ireland

(Mother Sheep / Ewe & Lamb, Cliffs of Moher, Liscannor, Ireland Photo: Megan Johnston)

mother horse, mare, foal, baby horse, happy mothers day, mother animals, animal babies

(Mother Horse & Baby / Mare & Foal Photo: Soledad Lorieto)

mother lion, lion cubs, baby lions, happy mothers day, lioness, wild animal mothers, animal babies, naboisha conservancy, kenya africa

(Mother Lion & Baby / Lioness & Lion Cub, Naboisho Conservancy, Kenya Photo: Ryan Harvey)

mother goose, goslings, baby geese, happy mothers day, bird mothers, wild birds

(Mother Goose & Baby Gosling, Toledo Botanical Garden Board Inc., Toledo U.S. Photo: Gary Bendig)

mother zebra, baby zebra,

(Zebra Mare & Foal Photo: Lady Bugz)

Happy Mother’s Day

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