October Birthdays

October 17th Birthdays

If you were born on October 17th, you share a birthday with these famous people:

marsha hunt 100, nee marcia hunt, marsha hunt 1948, american actress, retired actress, blacklisted actress, 1930s movie star, 1930s movies, the virginia judge, desert gold, gentle julia, the arizona raiders, hollywood boulevard, easy to take, the accusing finger, college holiday, murder goes to college, annapolis salute, thunder trail, b,orn to the west, come on leathernecks, long shot, star reporter, the hardys ride high, winter carnival, these glamour girls, joe and ethel turp call on the president, 1940s movies, irene, pride and prejudice, ellery queen master detective, flight command, the trial of mary dugan, cheers for miss bishop, the penalty, ill wait for you, blossoms in the dust, unholy partners, joe smith american, kid glove killer, the affairs of martha, panama hattie, seven sweethearts, the human comedy, pilot number 5, thousands cheer, cry havoc, lost angel, none shall escape, bride by mistake, music for millions, the valley of decision, a letter for evie, carnegie hall, smash up the story of a woman, the inside story, raw deal, take one false step, mary ryan detective, 1950s movies, actors and sin, the happy time, diplomatic passport, no place to hide, back from the dead, bombers b52, blue denim, 1950s television series, pecks bad girl jennifer peck, 1960s movies, the plunderers, johnny got his gun, centenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1917Marsha Hunt is 100 (nee Marcia Hunt)

New centenarian American, blacklisted actress of TV (Peck's Bad Girl), and movies (Gentle Julia; College Holiday; Long Shot; Flight Command; Kid Glove Killer; The Human Comedy; Pilot #5; Raw Deal), born October 17, 1917. (Marsha Hunt 1948 Raw Deal Screenshot)

julie adams 91, nee betty may adams, julie adams 1962, american actress, retired actress, 1940s movies, the dalton gang, 1950s movies, hostile country, marshal of heldorado, croked river, colorado ranger, west of the brazos, fast on the draw, bright vistory, hollywood story, finders keepers, bend of the river, the treasure of lost canyon, horizons west, the lawless breed, the mississippi gambler, the man from the alamo, wings of the hawk, the stand at apache river, creature from the black lagoon, francis joins the WACS, six bridges to cross, the looters, one desire, the private war of major benson, away all boats, four girls in town, slaughter on 10th avenue, slim carter, tarawa beachhead, the gunfight at dodge city, 1960s movies, raymie, the underwater city, tickle me, 1960s television series, 1960s tv soap operas, general hospital denise wilton, 77 sunset strip guest star, perry mason guest star, 1970s movies, the last movie, mcq, the wild mccullochs, psychic killer, the killer inside me, goodbye franklin high, the fifth floor, 1970s tv shows, the jimmy stewarts how martha howard, 1980s television shows, code red ann rorchek, 1980s movies, champions, black roses, 1990s movies, catchfire, 1990s tv series, murder she wrote eve simpson, nonagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1926Julie Adams is 91 (nee Betty May Adams)

American actress of TV (Murder, She Wrote; General Hospital; The Jimmy Stewart Show; Code Red) & movies (Horizons WestThe Lawless Breed; Creature from the Black Lagoon) born October 17, 1926. (Julie Adams 1962 The Andy Griffith Show Photo: CBS Television | Wikimedia Commons / PD)

robert f lyons 78, robert f lyons 1974, american actor, 1960s movies, pendulum, 1970s movies, getting straight, shoot out, the todd killings, black oak conspiracy, 1970s tv shows, medical centre david crayton, 1980s movies, gangster wars, death wish ii, 10 to midnight, avenging angel, cease fire, murphys law, platoon leader, american eagle, prime suspect, 1990s movies, the dragon gate, ripper man, exit in red, the omega code, 1990s television series, roswell hank whitmore, 1990s tv soap operas, days of our lives dr lester arnold, 2000s movies, pray for morning, cut off, confession, peach plum pear, the burning dead, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1939Robert F. Lyons is 78

American septuagenarian senior citizen, character actor on TV (Roswell; Days of Our Lives) and in movies (The Todd Killings; Platoon Leader; Shoot Out; Cease Fire; Murphy's Law; Death Wish II), born October 17, 1939. (Robert F. Lyons 1974 Movin' On Screenshot)

gary puckett 75, gary puckett 2000s, american musician, 1960s singer, 1960s pop rock bands, gary pucket and the union gap, 1960s hit pop songs, young girl, woman woman, lady willpower, over you, this girl is a woman now, dont give in to him, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1942Gary Puckett is 75

American musician and singer, founding member of Gary Puckett & the Union Gap (Young Girl; Woman Woman; Lady Willpower; Over You; This Girl is a Woman Now; Don't Give In to Him), and septuagenarian senior citizen born October 17, 1942. (Gary Puckett 2000s Photo: protestphotos1 | Flickr SRR)

michael mckean 70, michael mckean 2016, american musician, singer, songwriter, actor, 1970s television series, cracking up, laverne and shirley leonard lenny kosnowski, happy days, 1970s movies, 1941, 1980s movies, used cars, young doctors in love, this is spinal tap, daryl, clue, light of day, planes trains and automobiles, short circuit 2, earth girls are easy, portrait of a white marriage, the big picture, hider in the house, 1990s movies, flashback, book of love, true identity, memoirs of an invisible man, man trouble, airheads, coneheads, radioland murders, the brady bunch movie, across the moon, the pompatus of love, jack, that darn cat, still breathing, nothing to lose, no strings attached, true crime, teaching mrs tingle, mystery alaska, 1990s tv shows, grand tom smithson, sessions dan carver, secret service guy frank mcclellan, dream on gibby fiske, saturday night live, tracey takes on barrington barry letissier, 2000s movies, best in show, beautiful, little nicky, my first mister, never again, a mighty wind, the producers, relative strangers, for your consideration, joshua, the grand, whatever works, pure country 2 the gift, the words, 2000s television shows, the xfiles morris fletcher, oswald maestro bingo bunny voice, primetime glick adrien van voorhees, glastonbury 2009 david st hubbins, channel 4 news, better call saul chuck mcgill, voice actor, 101 dalmations the series jasper badun, jungle cubs cecil, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1947Michael McKean is 70

New septuagenarian senior and American musician, songwriter, comedian, & actor on TV (Laverne & Shirley; Saturday Night Live; Dream On), & movies (A Mighty Wind; True Crime; Used Cars), born October 17, 1947. (Michael McKean 2016 Photo: Behind the Velvet Rope TV  | Vimeo / Attribution)

george wendt 69, george wendt 1989, american comedian, actor, 1980s movies, my bodyguard, jekyl and hyde together again, dreamscape, thief of hearts, no small affair, fletch, house, gung ho, plain clothes, never say die, 1980s television series, making the grade gus bertoia, 1990s movies, masters of menace, guilty by suspicion, forever young, space truckers, the love master, spice world, anarchy tv, ruperts land, outside providence, 1980s tv shows, 1980s tv sitcoms, cheers norm peterson, 1990s television shows, the george wendt show, 2000s tv series, madigan men carl, sabrina the teenage witch mike shelby, saturday night live, modern men tug clarke, slipped buzzy, 2000s movies, garage a rock saga, lakeboat, the prime gig, wild about harry, king of the ants, my dinner with jimi, kids in america, the life coach, la blues, saturday morning, unnatural causes, bryan loves you, opposite day, wake up america, mommy i didnt do it, sandy wexler, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1948George Wendt is 69

American character actor on TV (Cheers; The George Wendt Show) and film (Gung Ho; No Small Affair; House; Guilty by Suspicion; Forever Young; Plain Clothes; Thief of Hearts; Fletch), and septuagenarian born October 17, 1948. (George Wendt 1989 Photo: Alan Light | Flickr SRR)  

bill hudson 68, nee william hudson, bill hudson 1975, american comedian, married goldie hawn, divorced goldie hawn, father of oliver hudson, kate hudsons father, oldest hudson brother, mark hudsons brother, brett hudsons brother, married cindy williams, divorced cindy williams, actor, 1970s movies, zero to sixty, 1980s movies, hysterical, big shots, 1970s television variety series, the hudson brothers razzle dazzle show, 1970s game shows, the hollywood squares, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1949Bill Hudson is 68 (nee William Hudson)

American singer, oldest of The Hudson Brothers, comedian and actor in movies (Big Shots; Zero to Sixty; Hysterical) & on TV (The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show; The Hollywood Squares), and senior citizen born October 17, 1949. (Bill Hudson 1975 Photo: CBS TV | Wikimedia PD)

seniors birthday, happy birthday, senior citizens, centenarian, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial, birthday card, birthdays on this day, cities, city scene, night sky, lightning, nature, scenery, buildings, architecture(Photo: Thaddaeus Lim)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on October 17th, 2017!

And remembering

margot kidder 69, nee margaret ruth kidder, margot kidder 1969, canadian actress, canadian american, married john heard, divorced john heard, 1960s movies, gaily gaily, 1970s movies, quackser fortune has a cousin in the bronx, sisters, a quiet day in belfast, the gravy train, black christmas, the great waldo pepper, the reincarnation of peter proud, 92 in the shade, shoot the sun d own, superman, the amityville horror, 1970s television series, nichols ruth the barmaid, 1980s movies, willie and phil, superman ii, heartaches, some kind of hero, miss right, trenchcoat, superman iii, little treasure, keeping track, iv the quest for peace, mob story, 1980s tv shows, shell game dinah jennie jerome, 1990s movies, white room, 1990s voice actress, captain planet and the planeteers gaia voice, phantom 2040 rebecca madison voice, 1990s television shows, boston comon cookie de varen, 2000s movies, crime and punishment, universal signs, halloween ii, 3 of a kind, the big fat stone, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1948Margot Kidder (nee Margaret Ruth Kidder)

Canadian-American Emmy Award-winning actress of stage, TV (Boston Common), movies (The Great Waldo Pepper; Black Christmas; The Amityville Horror; Crime and Punishment; Superman films) (born Oct. 17, 1948. - died May 13, 2018; age 69.) Cause of death for Margot Kidder is unknown. (Margot Kidder 1969 Photo: United Artists)

rita hayworth 1946, nee margarita carmen cansino, american singer, dancer, actress, 1930s movies, under the pampas moon, charlie chan in egypt, dantes inferno, paddy oday, human cargo, meet nero wolfe, rebellion, old louisiana, hit the saddle, trouble in texas, criminals of the air, girls can play, the game that kills, paid to dance, the shadow, special inspector, who killed gail preston, convicted, juvenile court, the renegade ranger, homicide bureau, the lone wolf spy hunt, only angels have wings, 1940s pin up model, wwii pin up girl, 1940s movies star, 1940s movies, music in my heart, blondie on a budget, susan and god, the lady in question, angels over broadway, the strawberry blonde, affectionately yours, blood and sand, youll never get rich, my gal sal, tales of manhattan, you were never lovelier, cover girl, tonight and every night, gilda, down to earth, the lady from shanghai, the loves of carmen, 1950s movies, affair in trinidad, salome, miss sadie thompson, fire down below, pal joey, separate tables, they came to cordura, the story on page one, 1960s movies, the happy thieves, circus world, the money trap, the poppy is also a flower, the rover, the bastard, 1970s movies, the naked zoo, road to salina, the wrath of god, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1918, died may 14 1987, celebrity deathsRita Hayworth (nee Margarita Carmen Cansino)

American singer, dancer & actress in movies (Gilda, Cover Girl; My Gal Sal; Pal Joey; Separate Tables; Miss Sadie Thompson; The Loves of Carmen; The Lady from Shanghai; Down to Earth; Susan and God) (born Oct. 17, 1918 - died May 14, 1987; age 68). Cause of death for  is unknown. (Rita Hayworth 1946 Gilda Trailer Screenshot

irene ryan 1944, nee jesse irene noblett, american character actress, 1940s movies, sarong girl, melody parade, the sultans daughter, o my darling clementine, hot rhythm, san diegi i love you, thats the spirit, the beautiful cheat, that night with you, the diary of a chambermaid, little iodine, the woman on the beach, heading for heaven, texas brooklyn and heaven, my dear secretary, an old fashioned girl, theres a girl in my heart, 1950s movies, half angel, meet me after the show, bonzo goes to college, the wac from walla walla, blackbeart the pirate, ricochet romance, spring reunion, rockabilly baby, 1960s movies, desire in the dust, 1960s television series, 1960s tv sitcoms, the beverly hillbillies granny, daisy moses, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1902, died april 26 1973, celebrity deathsIrene Ryan (nee Jesse Irene Noblett)

American character actress on vaudeville stages, radio, Broadway (Pippin), TV (Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies) and in movies (San Diego I Love You; Sarong Girl; Melody Parade; The Beautiful Cheat) (born Oct. 17, 1902 - died Apr. 26, 1973; age 70). Irene Ryan had a malignant brain tumor and a stroke before she died. (Irene Ryan 1944 San Diego I Love You Screenshot)

beverly garland 1961, nee beverly lucy fessenden, married richard garland, divorced richard garland, owner the beverly garland holiday inn, mother of carrington garland, 1940s movies, doa, 1950s television series, mama rosa, 1950s movies, problem girls, the neanderthal man, bitter creek, the rocket man, the miami story, the desperado, killer leopard, two guns and a badge, new orleans uncensored, sudden danger, the steel jungle, swamp women, gunslinger, it conquered the world, curucu beast of the amazon, the gogetter, naked paradise, not of this earth, badlands of montana, chicago confidential, the joker is wild, the saga of hemp brown, the alligator people, 1950s television series, decoy casey jones, 1960s movies, stark fear, twice told tales, salome 73, the mad room, 1960s tv shows, the bing crosby show ellie collins, walt disneys wonderful world of color, 1970s television shows, my three sons barbara harper douglas, mary hartman mary hartman cookie larue, 1970s movies, where the red fern grows, airport 1975, sixth and main, rooler boogie, 1980s movies, its my turn, 1980s tv series, romance theatre kitty, insight, scarecrow and mrs king dorothy dotty west, 1990s movies, death falls, 1990s tv series, lois and clark the new adventures of superman ellen lane, port charles estelle reese, 7th heaven ginger jackson, octogenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17, died , celebrity deathsBeverly Garland (nee Beverly Lucy Fessenden)

American businesswoman, hotel owner, and actress on TV (My Three Sons, Scarecrow and Mrs. King; Decoy; The Bing Crosby Show) & in movies (D.O.A.; Gunslinger;  Where the Red Fern Grows; Airport 1975) (born Oct. 17, 1926 - died Dec. 5, 2008; age 82). Cause of death for Beverly Garland is unknown. (Beverly Garland 1961 Zane Grey Theater Screenshot)

tom poston 1965, nee thomas gordon poston, american comic actor, 1950s television series, hawkins falls a television novel toby winfield, the steve allen plymouth show, 1950s movies, city that never sleeps, 1960s movis, zotz, the old dark house, soldier in the rain, 1970s movies, cold turkey, the happy hooker, 1970s television shows, 1970s tv sitcoms, on the rocks mr sullivan, the bob newhart show cliff murdock, weve got each other damon jerome, mork and mindy mr bickley, fresno doc parseghian, newhart george utley, 1980s movies, up the academy, carbon copy, 1990s tv series, good grief ringo prowley, bob jerry fleisher, coach dr art hibke, grace under fire floyd norton, 1990s movies, krippendorfs tribe, the story of us, 2000s movies, the princess diaries 2 royal engagement, christmas with the kranks farther zabriskie, 2000s television shows, committed clown, game show panelist, super password, to tell the truth, ive got a secret, whats my line, the match game, octogenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1921, died april 30 2007, celebrity deathsTom Poston

American Emy Award-winning comic actor, panelist & host on TV (Newhart; Mork & Mindy; Grace Under Fire; Super Password; To Tell the Truth) & movies (Zotz!; The Old Dark House; Soldier in the Rain) (born Oct. 17, 1921 - died Apr. 30, 2007; age 85). Tom Poston died of respiratory failure. (Tom Poston 1965 Photo: Bruno of Hollywood | Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

arthur miller, nee arthur asher miller, american playwright, pulitzer prize for drama award, death of a salesman, the crucible, after the fall, incident at vichy, the price, up from paradise, the american clock, the last yankee, movie screenwriter, the misfits, lets make love, all my sons, married marilyn monroe, divorced marilyn monroe, huac testimony, octogenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1915, died february 10 2005, celebrity deathsArthur Miller

American Pulitzer Prize for Drama award-winning playwright (Death of a Salesman; The Crucible; After the Fall; All My Sons) and screenwriter (The Misfits; Let's Make Love) (born Oct. 17, 1915 - died Feb. 10, 2005; age 89). Arthur Miller died of congestive heart failure & bladder cancer. (Arthur Miller Photo: U.S. State Department | Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)

evel knievel, nee robert craig knievel jr, aka bob knievel, motor cycle hall of fame, snake river canyon motorcycle jump, steam powered rocket motorcycle, motorcycle jumps, motorcycle stuntman, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 1 1938, died november 30 2007, celebrity deathsEvel Knievel (nee Robert Craig Knievel Jr.)

American Motorcycle Hall of Fame stuntman, specialist in motorcycle jumps and known for attempting to jump across Snake River Canyon in a steam-powered rocket motorcycle (born Oct. 17, 1938 - died Nov. 30, 2007; age 69). Evel Knievel died of pulmonary disease. (Evel Knievel Photo:  by permission of Kelly Knievel / EvelKnievel.com)

john marley 1970, nee mortimer marley, american actor, 1950s movies, the mob, my six convicts, the joe louis story, the square jungle, time table, i want to live, 1960s movies, a child is waiting, the wheeler dealers, america america, cat ballou, the lollipop cover, in enemy country, faces, 1960s television series, hawk sam crown, 1970s movies, a man called sledge, love story, clay pigeon, the dead are alive, the godfather, jory, blade, dead of night, framed, wc fields and me, vengeance, the car, the private files of j edgar hoover, the greatest, it lives again, hooper, 1970s tv shows, mini series, the godfather saga, 1980s movies, tribute, threshold, the amateur, mother lode, utilities, on the edge, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1907, died may 22 1984, celebrity deathsJohn Marley (nee Mortimer Marlieb)

American actor on stage, TV (Hawk; The Godfather Saga) and in movies (The Joe Louis Story; The Godfather; Love Story; The Car; The Glitter Dome; Cat Ballou; Blade; Hooper) (born Oct. 17, 1907 - died May 22, 1984; age 76). John Marley died after open heart surgery. (John Marley 1970 Dan August Screenshot)  

louise dresser 1925, n ee louise josephine kerlin, american actress, 1920s movies, silent movies, the glory of clementina, burning sands, enter madame, the fog, prodigal daughters, salomy jane, ruggles of red gap, woman-proof, to the ladies, the next corner, what shall i do, the city that never sleleps, cheap kisses, enticement, percy, the goose wooman, the eagle, fifth avenue, the blind goddess, padlocked, broken hearts of hollywood, gigolo, everybodys acting, the third degree, white flannels, mr wu, a ship comes in, the garden of eden, mother knows best, the air circus, not quite decent, madonna of avenue a, 1930s movies, mammy, the three sisters, this mad world, lightnin, caught, stepping sisters, state fair, song of the eagle, doctor bull, cradle song, david harum, the scarlet empress, the world moves on, servants entrance, a girl of the limberlost, the county chairman, maid of salem, octogenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1878, died april 24 1965, celebrity deathsLouise Dresser (nee Louise Josephine Kerlin)

American character actress in vaudeville & movies (Prodigal Daughters; Ruggles of Red Gap; The City That Never Sleeps; The Eagle; Madonna of Avenue A; The Scarlet Empress; David Harum) (born Oct. 17, 1878 - died Apr. 24, 1965; age 86). Louise Dresser died after an intestinal operation. (Louise Dresser 1925 The Eagle Photo: United Artists | Wikimedia PD)

jean arthur 1930s, nee gladys georgianna greene, american actress, 1920s movies, silent movies, cameo kirby, fast and fearless, biff bang buddy, bringin home the bacon, thundering romance, travelin fast, the drug store cowboy, the fighting smile, tearin loose, a man of nerve, the hurricane horseman, thundering through, under fire, the roaring rider, born to battle, the fighting cheat, double daring, lightning bill, twisted triggers, the cowboy cop, the college boob, the block signal, husband hunters, the broken gate, horse shows, the poor nut, the masked menace, flying luck, wallflowers, easy come easy go, warming up, brotherly love, sings of the fathers, the canary murder case, stairs of sand, the mysterious dr fu manchu, the greene murder case, the saturday night kid, half way to heaven, 1930s movie star, 1930s movies, street of chance, young eagles, paramount on parade, the return of dr fu manchu, danger lights, the silver horde, the gang buster, the virtuous husband, the lawyers secret, exbad boy, the past of mary holmes, get that venus, whirlpool, most precious thing in life, the defense rests, mr deeds goes to town, adventure in manhattan, the plainsman, more than a secretary, easy living, you cant take it with you, only angels have wings, mr smith goes to washington, too many husbands, arizona, the devil and mis jones, the talk of the town, the more the merrier, a lady takes a chance, the impatient years, a foreign affair, shane, 1960s television series, the jean arthur show patricia marshall, nonagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1900, died june 19 1991, celebrity deathsJean Arthur (nee Gladys Georgianna Greene)

American actress in movies (Thundering Romance; The Canary Murder Case; The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu; Mr. Deeds Goes to Town; The Plainsman; Mr. Smith Goes to Washington; The Talk of the Town; Shane) (born Oct. 17, 1900 - died June 19, 1991; age 90). Jean Arthur died of heart failure. (Jean Arthur c 1930s Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)

jimmy breslin 2008, nee james earle breslin, 1986 pulitzer prize for commentary, newspaper journalist, columnist, new york daily news, newsday, investigative reporter, newspaper columnist, author, cant anybody here play this game, the gang that couldnt shoot straight, damon runyon a life, octogenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 17th birthday, born october 17 1928, died march 19 2017, celebrity deathsJimmy Breslin (nee James Earle Breslin)

American 1986 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary newspaper journalist, investigative reporter and columnist (New York Daily News; Newsday) and author (The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight) (born Oct. 17, 1928 - died Mar. 19, 2017; age 88). Cause of death for Jimmy Breslin was pneumonia. (Jimmy Breslin 2008 Photo: David Shankbone | Wikimedia CC 3.0)

Anita Hamilton

Baby boomer Anita Hamilton has always been interested in the "real people" stories behind the characters that create and inhabit the world of music, books, movies, television shows, current events, history, etc. A lifelong love of research (ok, nosiness) and writing, combined with a loving and supportive family and 3 mini-dachshund minions, keeps her busy.


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