October Birthdays

October 1st Birthdays

If you were born on October 1st, you share a birthday with these famous people:

julie andrews 82, julie andrews 1974, nee julia wells, english singer, the hills are alive with the sound of music, supercalafragalisticexpialadocious, do re me, british american actress, broadway stage, 1950s musicals, camelot, the boy friend, cinderella, my fair lady, 1950s television special, rodgers and hammerstein cinderalla, 1960s comedy movies, movie musicals, mary poppins, the americanization of emily, the sound of music, torn curtain, hawaii, thoroughly modern millie, star, 1970s movies, darling lili, the tamarind seed, 10, 1980s movies, little miss marker, sob, victor victoria, th eman who loved women, thats live, duet for one, 1990s television series, julie, 1990s movies, a find romance, 2000s movies, relative values, the princess diaries, queen clarisse renaldi, the princess diaries 2 royal engagement, unconditional love, tooth fairy, voice actress, 2000s animated movies, shrek movies queen voice, 2000s tv shows, julies greenroom ms julie, married tony walton, divorced tony walton, married blake edwards, academy award, grammy awards, emmy awards, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 1st birthday, born october 1 1935Julie Andrews is 82 (nee Julia Wells)

Octogenarian English senior citizen, Grammy, Emmy & Academy Award-winning singer-actress of stage, TV & film (The Sound of Music; Mary Poppins; Hawaii; Thoroughly Modern Millie; Victor/Victoria; Hawaii), born October 1, 1935. (Julie Andrews 1974 Photo: Cathlec  | Wikimedia Commons / PD)

stella stevens 79, nee estelle eggleston, stella stevens 1960, american model, playboy model, 1960 playmate of the month, actress, 1950s movies, say one fore me, lil abner, 1960s movies, man trap, too late blues, girls girls girls, elvis presley movies, the courtship of eddies father, the nutty professor, advance to the rear, synanon, the secret of my success, the silencers, rage, how to save a marriage and ruin your life, sol madrid, where angels go trouble follows, the mad room, 1960s television series, ben casey jane hancock, 1970s movies, the ballad of cable hogue, a town called hell, stand up and be counted, slaughter, the poseidon adventure, arnold, las vegas lady, nickelodeon, the manitou, mister deathman, the french atlantic affair louise crawford, 1980s television shows, flamingo road lute mae sanders, newhart erica chase, 1980s movies, ladies night, wacko, chained heat, the longshot, monster in the closet, 1990s movies, down the drain, the terror within ii, last call, mom, the nutt house, exiled in america, south beach, little devils the birth, eye of the stranger, hard drive, molly and gina, illicit dreams, bikini hotel, 1990s tv series, 1990s tv soap operas, santa barbara phyllis blake, general hospital jake, 2000s television shows, strip mall doreen krudup, 2000s movies, the long ride home, blessed, glass trap, hell to pay, popstar, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 1st birthday, born october 1 1936Stella Stevens is 79 (nee Estelle Eggleston)

American Playboy model, actress on TV (Flamingo Road; Santa Barbara; General Hospital), movies (The Nutty Professor; Girls! Girls! Girls!; The Courtship of Eddie's Father; The Poseidon Adventure), and septuagenarian born October 1, 1936. (Stella Stevens 1960 Bonanza Screenshot)

rod carew 72, rod carew 1975, zonian, panamanian american, national baseball hall of fame, major league baseball player, mlb first baseman, american league, 1967 rookie of the year, 1977 al mvp, minnesota twins baseball player, california angels first base player, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 1st birthday, born october 1 1975Rod Carew is 72

Panamanian-American septuagenarian senior citizen, retired National Baseball Hall of Fame MLB first baseman, AL 1967 Rookie of the Year & 1977 AL MVP (Minnesota Twins; California Angels), born October 1, 1945. (Rod Carew 1975 Photo: RickiDikeman | Wikimedia CC 1.0 / Public Domain)

stephen collins 70, stephen collins 2014, american musician, actor, 1970s movies, all the presidents men, between the lines, fedora, the promise, star trek the motion picture, 1970s television mini series, the rhinemann exchange david spaulding, 1980s movies, moving couples, brewsters millions, choke canyon, jumpin jack flash, the big picture, 1980s tv shows, tales of the gold monkey jake cutter, chiefs billy lee, the two mrs grenvilles billy grenville jr, tattingers nick tattinger, 1990s movies, stella, my new gun, the first wives club, drive me crazy, 1990s television shows, working it out david stuart, a woman named jackie john fitzgerald kennedy, scarlett ashley wilkes, sisters dr gabriel sorenson, 7th heaven reverend eric camden, 2000s tv series, private practice the captain montgomery, no ordinary family dr dayton king, falling skies president hathaway, devious maids phillipe delatour, revolution dr gene porter, 2000s movies, the commission, blood diamond, because i said so, the three stooges, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 1st birthday, born october 1 1947Stephen Collins is 70

American musician, actor on TV (7th Heaven; Revolution; No Ordinary Family; Sisters; Tattinger's), movies (Jumpin' Jack Flash; All the President's Men; Star Trek: The Motion Picture), and new septuagenarian senior born October 1, 1947. (Stephen Collins 2014 Photo: Gage Skidmore | Flickr SRR)

randy quaid 67, randy quaid 2008, american actor, 1970s movies, the last picture show, whats up doc, lolly madonna xxx, paper moon, the last detail, the apprenticeship of duddy kravitz, breakout, the missouri breaks, bound for glory, three warriors, the choirboys, midnight express, 1980s movies, foxes, the long riders, heartbeeps, national lampoons vacation, the wild life, the sluggers wife, fool for love, the wraith, sweet country, no mans land, moving, caddyshack ii, parents, out cold, bloodhounds of broadway, martians go home, national lampoons christmas vacation, 1990s movies, days of thunder, quick change, cold dog soup, texasville, freaked, the paper, bye bye love, last dance, independence day, kingpin, vegas vacation, hard rain, bug buster, punks, the debtors, 1990s television series, davis rules dwight davis, streets of lardeo john wesley hardin, 2000s movies, the adventures of rocky and bullwinkle, not another teen movie, the adventures of pluto nash, milwaukee minnesota, black cadillac, kart racer, carolina, grind, back by midnight, brokeback mountain, the ice harvest, treasure island kids the battle of treasure island, goyas ghosts, real time, balls out gary the tennis coach, 2000s tv shows, the brotherhood of poland new hampshire, chief hank shaw, 4ive days to midnight irwin sikorski, texas ranch house narrator, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 1st birthday, born october 1 1950Randy Quaid is 67

Senior citizen and American actor in movies (Independence Day; National Lampoon's Vacation; Hard Rain; Brokeback Mountain; Parents; Kingpin; Bye Bye Love; The Slugger's Wife; The Paper) & TV (Davis Rules), born October 1, 1950. (Randy Quaid 2008 Photo: James Jeffrey | Flickr SRR

seniors birthday, happy birthday, senior citizens, centenarian, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial, birthday card, birthdays on this day, baby lion, blue sky, animals, nature, scenery(Photo: Ihtesham Ismail)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on October 1st, 2017!

And remembering

walter matthau 1959, american actor, comedic actor, 1950s television series, guest star, 1950s movies, the kentuckian, the indian fighter, bigger than life, a face in the crowd, slaughter on 10th avenue, king creole, voice in the mirror, ride a crooked trail, onionhead, gangster story, 1960s movies, strangers when we meet, lonely are the brav e, whos got the action, island of love, charade, ensign pulver, fail safe, mirage, the fortune cookie, a guide for the married man, the odd couple, the secret life of an american wife, candy, hello dolly, cactus flower, 1970s movies, 1970s comedies, a new leaf, plaza suite, kotch, pete n tillie, charley varrick, the laughing policeman, the front page, the sunshine boys, the bad news bears, house calls, caseys shadow, california suite, 1960s tv shows, tallahassee 7000, 1980s movies, little miss marker, hopscotch, first monday in october, buddy buddy, i ought to be in pictures, the survivors, movers and shakers, pirates, the couch trip, 1990s movies, jfk, dennis the menace, grumpy old men, iq, the grass harp, grumpier old men, im not rappaport, out to sea, the odd couople ii, 2000s movies, hanging up, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 1st birthday, born october 1 1920, died july 1 2000, celebrity deathsWalter Matthau

Tony & Academy Award-winning American actor on stage, TV (Tallahassee 7000) & film (The Odd Couple; The Front Page; Grumpy Old Men; Charade; Cactus Flower; Hello, Dolly!; A New Leaf; The Bad News Bears) (born Oct. 1, 1920 - died July 1, 2000; age 79). Cause of death for Walter Matthau was heart disease. (Walter Matthau 1959 Gangster Story Screenshot)

richard harris 1970, nee richard st john harris, irish singer, 1960s hit songs, macarthur park, irish actor, broadway plays, 1950s movies, shake hands with the devil, alive and kicking, the wreck of the mary deare, 1960s movies, the night fighters, jungle fighters, the guns of navarone, mutiny on the bounty, this sporting life, red desert, major dundee, the heroes of telemark, the bible in the beginning, hawaii, camelot, caprice, 1970s movies, the molly maguires, a man called horse, cromwell, the hero, man in the wilderness, the deadly trackers, juggernaut, echoes of a summer, robin and marian, the return of a man called horse, the cassandra crossing, gullivers travels, the wild geese, orca, 1980s movies, tarzan the ape man, your ticket is no longer valid, highpoint, triumphs of a man called horse, martins day, strike commando 2, mack the knife, 1990s movies, king of the wind, the field, patriot games, unforgiven, silent tongue, wrestling ernest hemingway, savage hearts, cry the beloved country, trojan eddie, smillas sense of snow, this is the sea, the barber of siberia, to walk with lions, grizzly falls, 2000s movies, gladiator, my kingdom, harry potter and the sorcerers stone, the pearl, the count of monte cristo, harry potter and the chamber of secrets, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 1st birthday, born october 1 1930, died october 25 2002, celebrity deathsRichard Harris (nee Richard St. John Harris)

Irish singer-actor (Camelot; This Sporting Life; Hawaii; Caprice; The Cassandra Crossing, The Heroes of Telemark; Cromwell; A Man Called Horse; Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone) (born Oct. 1, 1930 - died Oct. 25, 2002; age 72). Richard Harris had pneumonia and Hodgkin's Disease before he died. (Richard Harris 1970 The Molly MaGuires Trailer Screenshot)

george peppard 1961, american actor, 1950s movies, pork chop hill, 1960s movies, home from the hill, the subterraneans, breakfast at tiffanys, how the west was won, the victors, the carpetbaggers, the blue max, the third day, tobruk, rough night in jericho, 1970s movies, the executioner, one more train to rob, the groundstar conspiracy, newmans law, damnation alley, from hell to victory, 1970s television series, 1970s tv shows, thomas banacek, doctors hospital, dr jake goodwin, 19890s movies, your ticket is no longer valid, 1980s television shows, the a team, john hannibal smithGeorge Peppard

American actor on TV (Banacek; The A-Team) and in movies (Breakfast at Tiffany’s; The Carpetbaggers; How the West Was Won; The Blue Max; The Groundstar Conspiracy) (born Oct. 1, 1928 – died May 8, 1994; age 65). George Peppard had lung cancer and died of pneumonia. (George Peppard Screenshot: Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1961 Movie Trailer | Wikimedia PD)

Ttom bosley 1965, american entertainer, singer, actor, thats hollywood documentary narrator, general mills radio adventure theater host, childrens radio series, 1960s movies, love with the proper stranger, the world of henry orient, divorce american style, the secret war of harry frigg, bang bang kid, yours mine and ours, 1960s television series, the debbie reynolds show bob landers, 1970s movies, to find a man, mixed comopany, gus, 1970s tv shows, happy days howard cunningham, joanie loves chachi, the sandy duncan show bert quinn, 1970s tv series, animated series voice actor, wait til your father gets home, harry boyle voice, 1980s movies, million dollar mystery, wicked stepmother, 1980s tv series, murder she wrote, sheriff amos tupper, father dowling mysteries, father frank dowling, 2000s movies, confession, popstar, geppettos secret, mothers and daughters, the back up plan, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 1st birthday, born october 1 1927, died october 19 2010, celebrity deathsom Bosley

Tony Award-winning American entertainer & actor on stage (Fiorello!), movies & TV (Howard Cunningham on Happy Days; Father Dowling Mysteries; Murder, She Wroteborn Oct. 1, 1927 - died Oct. 19, 2010; age 83). Tom Bosley had lung cancer and died of staph infection complications. (Tom Bosley 1965 Profiles in Courage Photo: NBC TV | Wikimedia PD)

1940s movies, the undercover man, battleground, 1950s movies, the outriders, please believe me, the asphalt jungle, the next voice you hear, mrs omalley and mr malone, its a big country an american anthology, shadow in the sky, because youre mine, above and beyond, the girl who had everything, kiss me kate, all the brothers were valiant, the great diamond robbery, the command, them, battle cry, the mcconnell story, oklahoma, the last frontier, the eddy duchin story, crime in the streets, 1950s television guest star, the young dont cry, the deep six, the restless years, face of fire, 1960s movies, who was that lady, black like me, walt disneys wonderful world of color, the tenderfoot captain ewell, planet of the apes, madigan, guns of the magnificent seven, the split, 1960s television series, the law and mr jones, abraham lincoln jones, my friend tony, professor john woodruff, 1970s movies, tora tora tora, chatos land, the harrad experiment, high crime, where the red fern grows, last moments, give em hell harry, the serpents egg, bully an adventure with teddy roosevelt, the first deadly sin, nuts, 1980s tv shows, the white shadow jake reeves, celebrity miniseries clifford casey, 1990s movies, the shawshank redemption, the relic, 2000s movies, heres to life, the majestic, 2000s television shows, mister sterling, retired governor william sterling sr, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 1st birthday, born october 1 1921, died february 6 2009, celebrity deathsJames Whitmore (nee James Allen Whitmore Jr.)

Grammy, Emmy, and Tony Award-winning American actor on TV (The Law and Mr. Jones) & movies (Where the Red Fern Grows; Because You're Mine; Guns of the Magnificent Seven; The Majestic) (born Oct. 1, 1921 - died Feb. 6, 2009; age 87). Cause of death for James Whitmore was lung cancer. (James Whitmore 1955 Crossroads Photo: Campbell-Ewald Company | Wikimedia PD)

vladimir horowitz 1930s, russian american composer, classical pianist, recording artist, liszts hungarian rhapsodies, mozart piano concerto no 23, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 1st birthday, born october 1 1903, died november 5 1989, celebrity deathsVladimir Horowitz

Russian-American composer, Grammy Hall of Fame classical pianist and recording artist (Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsodies; Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 23) (born Oct. 1, 1903 - died Nov. 5, 1989; age 86). Cause of death for Vladimir Horowitz was a heart attack. (Vladimir Horowitz c. 1930s Photo: Bain News Service / Library of Congress | Wikimedia Commons / NKCR)

Anita Hamilton

Baby boomer Anita Hamilton has always been interested in the "real people" stories behind the characters that create and inhabit the world of music, books, movies, television shows, current events, history, etc. A lifelong love of research (ok, nosiness) and writing, combined with a loving and supportive family and 3 mini-dachshund minions, keeps her busy.


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