Conan's Senior Tech Lessons

The always funny folks at Team Coco share some comedy gems for folks who are wondering about the mysteries of texting, using Twitter and social media, and online dating. 

Conan Senior Tech Lesson #1: How to Master Texting

“Bob” delivers a lesson on senior texting on smartphones.

Conan Senior Tech Lesson #2: Mastering “Twitter” & Social Media

Bob shares his “dark tips” on how to tweet, beginning with “how to alarm your loved ones.”

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Conan Senior Tech Lesson #3: Google Plus

 Google Plus no longer exists (it was too difficult to use, even for the tech-savvy), but this funny video for seniors from Team Coco on the mysteries of using Google Plus, and “how not to” communicate and stay in touch with your grandchildren, still does.

Conan Senior Tech Lesson #5: Online Dating

Another “how not to” from Bob and Team Coco, for seniors interested in online dating. From age-inappropriate dating profiles and catfishing, he demonstrates why online dating should be approached cautiously.

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This article was first published in 2015 with the title Conan’s Senior Tech Lession #1: How to Master Texting. It has been updated with additional content. Thanks to Team Coco!

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