TV Trivia: The Twilight Zone

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Q: What was the name of The Twilight Zone's series creator and principal script writer?

Q: 4 directors (Steven Spielberg, John Landis, Joe Dante, and George Miller) each directed segments for the 1983 feature film based on The Twilight Zone. What happened on the set of the Landis-directed segment that caused Landis to be charged with involuntary manslaughter?


The original and popular The Twilight Zone sci-fi television series debuted in 1959 (until 1964), and inspired 2 later television show revivals (1985-1989; 2002-2003), a feature film (1983), a radio series, a made for television movie, stage productions, and comic books as well as board, video and pinball games. Each television episode opened and closed with a narrator, and had a twist ending.

 A: Rod Serling (b. December 25, 1924 – d. June 28, 1975) was a WWII hero, awarded the Purple Heart, The Bronze Star & The Philippine Liberation medals for his combat experiences in the Philippines. Post-war, in 1946 he began college (courtesy of the G.I. Bill and disability payments due to his war injuries), and got involved in theatre and radio, writing and directing programs. By 1950 he was a professional writer, submitting scripts to radio and then television stations.

 A: Tragically, veteran Hollywood actor Vic Morrow was decapitated by a falling helicopter while shooting a VietNam air raid scene; two child actors were also killed in the accident. Pyrotechnic fireballs engulfed the helicopter and forced the actual VietNam veteran piloting it, to bring the helicopter down into a river where the actors were wading. The helicopter skidded and crushed 6 year old Renee Chen, then fell over and the main blade sliced through Morrow and 7 hear old Myca Dinh Le. Landis and his co-defendants were not convicted of any serious charges and Landis went on to direct other feature films and television episodes.

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