Gone But Not Forgotten in 2018

We said goodbye to many familiar faces, voices & names from radio, movies, television, sports, and literature. These celebrities and others said their final farewell to us in 2018. 

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Celebrity deaths in 2018 that you may have missed:

Burt Reynoldsburt reynolds 2018 death, nee burton leon reynolds jr, burt reynolds 1972, american actor, 1950s television series, flight guest star, riverboat ben frazer, playhouse 90 guest star, 1960s tv shows, the blue angels guest star, the aquanauts guest star, everglades guest star, flipper al bardeman, 12 oclock high tech sgt vern chapman, hawk series detective lt john hawk, tv westerns, gunsmoke quint asper, the fbi guest star, 1960s movies, 100 rifles, angel baby, armored command, operation cia, navajo joe, sam whiskey, impasse, shark, 1970s films, skullduggery, fuzz, deliverance, smokey and the bandit, shamus, everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask, the man who loved cat dancing, white lightning, the longest yard, at long last love, w w and the dixie dancekings, lucky lady, hustle, silent movie, gator, nicelodeon, semi tough, the end, hooper, starting over, 1970s television shows, cop television series, detective lt dan august, 1980s movies, rough cut, smokey and the bandit ii, the cannonball run, paternity, sharkys machine, the best little whorehouse in texas, best friends, stroker ace, smokey and the bandit part 3, the man who loved women, cannonball run ii, city heat, stick, dan august made for tv movies, heat, malone, rent a cop, switching channels, physical evidence, breaking in, 1990s films, modern love, the player, cop and a half, the maddening, citizen ruth, striptease, frankensetin and me, mad dog time, meet wally sparks, bean, boogie nights, big city blues, pups, stringer, mystery alaska, 1990s tv series, evening shade wood newton, evening shade tv producer, b l stryker, out of this world voice of troy garland, 2000s movies, waterproof, the crew, the last producer, driven, tempted, hotel, the hollywood sign, snapshots, time of the wolf, without a paddle, the longest yard 2005, the dukes of hazzard, cloud 9 end game, forget about it, grilled, broken bridges, in the name of the king a dungeon siege tale, deal, a bunch of amateurs, 2000s television series documentaries, history vs hollywood narrator, ed russ burton, my name is earl chubby, 2010s films, not another not another movie, pocket listing, hollow creek, elbow grease, apple of my eye, the last movie star, miami love affair, henri, shadow fighter, 2010s tv shows, hitting the breaks ron wilcox, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died september 6 2018, 2018 celebrity deaths (nee Burton Leon Reynolds Jr.)

American producer, director, and actor of TV (Evening Shade; Gunsmoke; Dan August; Riverboat; Hawk) and movies (Smokey and the Bandit; Deliverance; The Longest Yard; Boogie Nights) (born Feb. 11, 1936 – died Sept. 6, 2018; age 82). Burt Reynolds died of a heart attack. (Burt Reynolds 1972 Photo: ABC TV

stephen hawking 2018 death, nee stephen william hawking, stephen hawking 1980s, english theortical physicist, cosmologist, scientific author, a brief history of time, lucasion professor of mathematics university of cambridge, director of research centre for theoretical cosmology, hawking radiation black holes, quantum mechanics many worlds interpretation, theories, hawking radiation, penrose hawking theorems, bekenstein hawking formula, hawking energy, gibbons hawking ansatz, gibbons hawking effect, gibbons hawking space, gibbons hawking york boundary term, thorne hawking preskill bet, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died march 14 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsStephen Hawking

English cosmologist, theoretical physicist (general relativity; quantum gravity), author (A Brief History of Time), and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics (born Jan. 8, 1942 – died Mar. 14, 2018; age 76). Cause of death for Stephen Hawking is unknown. (Stephen Hawking 1980s Photo: NASA)

penny marshall 2018 death, nee carole penny marshall, penny marshall 1976, american actress, 1960s movies, the savage seven, how sweet it is, 1970s movies, the grasshopper, how come nobodys on our side, 1970s television series, 1970s tv sitcoms, the odd couple myrna, paul sand in friends and lovers janice dreyfuss, mary tyler moore paula kovacs, happy days, laverne defazio, 1980s tv series, 1980s television comedies, laverne and shirley, laverne and shirley in the army voice actress, 1980s movies, movers and shakers, 1990s movies, the hard way, 2000s movies, everybody wants to be italian, alice upside down, blonde ambition, new years eve, 2000s television shows, murder police sylvia goldenberg voice, movie producer, movie director, big director, awakenings, a league of their own, renaissance man, cinderella man, bewitched, director jumpin jack flash, the preachers wife director, riding in cards with boys, septuagenarian senior citizen deaths, died december 17 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsPenny Marshall (nee Carole Penny Marshall)

American movie producer & director (Big; Awakenings; A League of Their Own), actress of TV (Laverne & Shirley; The Odd Couple) and films (The Hard Way) (born Oct. 15, 1943 – died Dec. 17, 2018; age 75). Penny Marshall died of diabetes complications. (Penny Marshall 1976 Laverne & Shirley Photo: ABC

Martin Landaumartin landau 2018 death, nee martin james landau, martin landau 1968, american actor, academy award, 1950s movies, pork chop hill, north by northwest, 1960s movies, the gazebo, cleopatra, stagecoach to dancers rock, the hallelujah trail, the greatest story ever told, nevada smith, 1960s television series, 1960s tv shows, mission impossible rollin hand, mission impossible man of 1000 faces, checkmate guest star, the untouchables guest star, the tall man, the outer limits, the twilight zone, mr novak, gunsmoke, 1970s movies, a town called hell, black gunn, strange shadows in an empty room, they call me mr tibbs, 1970s television shows, space 1999, commander john koenig, sci fi tv shows, 1980s movies, tucker the man and his dream, crimes and misdemeanors, 1990s movies, ed wood, no place to hide, sliver, eye of the stranger, the x files, rounders, Edtv, sleepy hollow, 2000s movies, the majestic, hollywood homicide, remember, 2000s tv series, the evidence, dr sol goldman, entourage bob ryan, without a trace frank malone, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died july 15 2017, 2018 celebrity deaths

Oscar-winning American actor of TV (Mission: Impossible; Space: 1999) & movies (North by Northwest; The Majestic; Crimes and Misdemeanors: Ed Wood; Remember) (born June 20, 1928 – died July 15, 2018; age 89). Martin Landau died of atherosclerotic vascular disease. (Martin Landau 1968 Photo)

dorothy malone 2018 death, nee mary dorothy maloney, american actress, 1940s movie extra, 1940s movies, too young to know, janie gets married, night and day, the big sleep, to the victor, two guys from texas, one sunday afternoon, flaxy martin, south of st louis, colorado territory, 1950s movies, written on the wind, artists and models, dean martin and jerry lewis movies, scared stiff, the nevadan, convicted, the killer that stalked new york, mrs omalley and mr malone, saddle legion, the bushwhackers, torpedo alley, law and order, jack slade, loophole, the lone gun, pushover, security risk, private hell 36, young at heart, battle cry, the fast and the furious, five guns west, tall man riding, sincerely yours, tension at table rock, pillars of the sky, man of a thousand faces, tip on a dead jockey, quantez, the tarnished angels, too much too soon, warlock, 1960s movies, the last voyage, the last sunset, beach party, carnal circuit, 1960s television series, 1960s tv soap operas, peyton place, constance mackenzie carson, 1970s movies, the man who would not die, abduction, winter kills, good luck miss wyckoff, the day time ended, 1970s tv mini series, rich man poor man irene goodwin, 1970s tv movies, murder in peyton place, 1980s movies, the being, rest in pieces, 1980s tv films, peyton place the next generation, 1990s movies, basic instinct, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died january 19 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsDorothy Malone (nee Mary Dorothy Maloney)

Oscar-winning American actress of TV (Peyton Place) & movies (Written on the Wind; Artists and Models; The Big Sleep; Young at Heart; Tension at Table Rock) (born Jan. 29, 1924 – died Jan. 19, 2018; age 93) Cause of death for Dorothy Malone is unknown. (Dorothy Malone 1956 Photo: Universal)

bill daily 2018 death, nee william edward daily jr, bill daily 1969, american actor, 1960s television series, 1960s tv sitcoms, i dream of jeannie major roger healey, captain roger healey on i dream of jeannie, the farmers daughter guest star, 1970s tv shows, the bob newhart show howard borden, love american style guest star, flying high bob griffen, ships balford, the love boat guest star, 1970s movies, the barefoot executive, 1980s television sitcoms, aloha paradise curtis shea, starting from scratch dr james shepherd, alf dr lawrence larry dykstra, 1990s films, alligator ii the mutations, 1990s tv series, bob vic victor, caroline in the city charlies father, 2000s movies, horrorween, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died september 4 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsBill Daily (nee William Edward Daily Jr.)

American comedian, actor of TV (I Dream of Jeannie; The Bob Newhart Show; Starting From Scratch; Aloha Paradise; Alf), movies (The Barefoot Executive) (born Aug. 30, 1927 – died Sept. 4, 2018; age 91). Cause of death for Bill Daily is unknown. (Bill Daily 1969 I Dream of Jeannie Photo: NBC TV)

margot kidder 2018 death, nee margaret ruth kidder, margot kidder 1969, canadian actress, canadian american actresses, 1960s movies, gaily gaily, 1970s movies, quackser fortune has a cousin in the bronx, sisters, a quiet day in belfast, the gravy train, black christmas, the great waldo pepper, the reincarnation of peter proud, 92 in the shade, shoot the sun d own, superman, the amityville horror, 1970s television series, nichols ruth the barmaid, 1980s movies, willie and phil, superman ii, heartaches, some kind of hero, miss right, trenchcoat, superman iii, little treasure, keeping track, iv the quest for peace, mob story, 1980s tv shows, shell game dinah jennie jerome, 1990s movies, white room, 1990s voice actress, captain planet and the planeteers gaia voice, phantom 2040 rebecca madison voice, 1990s television shows, boston comon cookie de varen, 2000s movies, crime and punishment, universal signs, halloween ii, 3 of a kind, the big fat stone, senior citizen deaths, died may 13 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsMargot Kidder (nee Margaret Ruth Kidder)

Canadian-American Emmy-winning actress of TV (Boston Common) & movies (The Great Waldo Pepper; Black Christmas; Crime and Punishment; Superman) (born Oct. 17, 1948 – died May 13, 2018; age 69.) Margot Kidder died of a drug & alcohol overdose. (Margot Kidder 1969 Photo: United Artists

john gavin 2018 death, john gavin 1960, nee juan vincent apablasa jr, aka john anthony golenor, american actor, 1950s movies, raw edge, behind the high wall, four girls in town, quantez, a time to love and a time to die, imitation of life, 1960s movies, a breath of scandal, back street, psycho, thoroughly modern millie, romanoff and juliet, midnight lace, spartacus, tammy tell me true, pedro parama, oss 117 murder for sale, the madwoman of chaillot, 1960s television series, destry harrison destry, convoy commander dan talbot, 1970s films, pussycat pussycat i love you, keep it in the family, la casa de las sombras, jennifer, the new adventures of heidi tv movie, 1980s movies, sophia loren her own story tv films, korean war intelligence officer, 1980s american ambassador to mexico, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died february 9 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsJohn Gavin is 87 (nee Juan Vincent Apablasa Jr.; aka John Anthony Golenor)

American actor of TV (Destry) and movies (Psycho; Tammy Tell Me True; Thoroughly Modern Millie; Midnight Lace; Imitation of Life; Romanoff and Juliet; A Breath of Scandal) (born Apr. 8, 1931 – died Feb. 9, 2018; age 86). John Gavin died of pneumonia complications. (John Gavin 1960 Spartacus Trailer)

roy clark 2018 death, nee roy linwood clark, roy clark 1970s, american country music singer, 1960s country music hit songs, the tips of my fingers, yesterday when i was young, 1970s country music hit singles, i never picked cotton, thank god and greyhound, come live with me, somewhere between love and tomorrow, honeymoon feelin' the great divice, heart to heart, if i had it to do all over again, september song, country music hall of fame, actor, 1960s television series, the beverly hillbillies cousin roy, swingin country tv show host, late night talk shows, the tonight show starring johnny carson guest host, hee haw host, 1970s movies, matilda, 1980s films, uphill all the way, freeway, 1990s movies, gordy, 2000s films, pale pinto gold, musician, banjoist, guitarist, founder roy clark celebrity theatre, grand ole opry member, author my life in spite of myself autobiography, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died november 15 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsRoy Clark

Country Music Hall of Fame American singer (Yesterday, When I Was Young; Come Live With Me; I Never Picked Cotton), TV host & actor (Hee Haw; The Beverly Hillbillies) (born April 15, 1933 – died Nov. 15, 2018; age 85). Roy Clark died of pneumonia complications. (Roy Clark Photo: Carl Lender)

Charlotte Raecharlotte rae 2018 death, nee charlotte rae lubotsky, charlotte rae 1988, american character actress, broadway stage actress, broadway plays, lil abner, 1950s television series, the phil silvers show guest star, car 54 where are you sylvia schnauser, 1960s movies, hello down there, 1970s films, jenny, bananas, the hot rock, sidewinder 1, rabbit test, hair, 1970s tv shows, sesame street molly the mail lady, the paul lynde show aunt charlotte, hot l baltimore mrs bellotti, the rich little show, hello larry edna garrett, diffrent strokes edna garrett, 1980s tv series, the facts of life edna garrett, the love boat guest star, ,1990s television shows, thunder in paradise lola, the itsy bitsy spider adrienne voice artist, sisters mrs gump, 101 dalmations the series voice of nanny, 1990s movies, nowhere, 2000s films, you dont mess with the zohan, thomas kinkades christmas cottage, 2000s television series, er roxanne gaines, 2010s films, love sick love, ricki and the flash, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died august 5 2018, 2018 celebrity deaths is 92 (nee Charlotte Rae Lubotsky)

American actress of stage (L’il Abner), TV (The Facts of Life; Diff’rent Strokes; Car 54, Where Are You?), and movies (Hello Down There; Ricki and the Flash) (born Apr. 22, 1926 – died Aug. 5, 2018; age 92). Charlotte Rae had cancer and heart problems before she died. (Charlotte Rae 1988 Photo: Alan Light)

clint walker 2018 death, clint walker 1956 photo, 1950s movies, the travellers, 1950s television series, 1950s westerns, 1950s tv shows, cheyenne tv show, cheyenne bodie, 1960s movies, gold of the seven saints, send me no flowers, none but the brave, the night of the grizzly, the dirty dozen, the great bank robbery, more dead than alive, 1970s television shows, kodiak, cal kodiak mckay, the white buffalo, nonagenarian senior citizen death, died may 21 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsClint Walker is 90 (nee Norman Walker)

American actor of TV (Cheyenne; Kodiak) and movies (Gold of the Seven Saints; Send Me No Flowers; The Night of the Grizzly; The Dirty Dozen; The Great Bank Robbery) (born May 30, 1927 – died May 21, 2018; age 90). Clint Walker died of congestive heart failure. (Clint Walker 1956 Photo: Macfadden Publications

marty balin 2018 death, nee martyn jerel buchwald, marty balin 1976, american musician, guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter, lead singer, 1960s rock bands, psychadelic rock bands, founder jefferson airplane, jefferson starship, 1960s hit rock songs, comin back kto me, today, volunteers, plastic fantastic lover, 3 5th of a mile in 10 seconds, 1970s hit rock singles, caroline, miracles, with your love, count on me, runaway, rock opera producer, rock justice, 1980s rock hit songs, hearts, atlanta lady something about your love, celebrity portrait painter, septuagenarian senior citizen deaths, died september 27 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsMarty Balin (nee Martyn Jerel Buchwald)

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame American singer-songwriter with Jefferson Airplane & Jefferson Starship (Hearts; Count on Me; Runaway; Miracles; With Your Love (born Jan. 30, 1942 – died Sept. 27, 2018; age 76). Marty Balin’s cause of death is unknown. (Marty Balin 1976 Photo: Grunt-RCA Records)

robert mandan 2018 death, robert mandan 1977, american character actor, 1950s television series, armstrong circle theatre guest star, 1950s tv soap operas, from these roots david allen, 1960s tv shows, jackie gleason american scene magazine guest star, 1960s daytime television serials, the edge of night nathan axelrox, the doctors mike hennessey, search for tomorrow sam reynolds, 1970s movies, the carey treatment, hickey and boggs, macarthur, 1970s television shows, ohara us treasury guest star, mission impossible guest star, mannix guest star, circle of fear guest star, cannon guest star, caribe ed rawlings, maude guest star, marcus welby md guest star, police story guest star, kingston confidential guest star, barnaby jones guest star, chips guest star, soap chester tate, 1980s tv series, fantasy island guest star, private benjamin colonel lawrence fielding, 1980s tv sitcoms, threes company james bradford, threes a crowd james bradford, the facts of life dr bruce gaines, the love boat guest star, 1980s films, the best little whorehouse in texas, 1990s movies, the nutt house, the matchmaker, 1990s television series, 1990s tv soaps, santa barbara maxwell hammer, whos the boss reed hamilton, intruders dr stanley epstein, sherman oaks guest star, days of our lives steven jonesy jones, 2000s films, teddy bears picnic, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died april 29 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsRobert Mandan

American actor of TV (Soap; Three’s a Crowd; Three’s Company; Sam Reynolds on Search for Tomorrow; The Edge of Night; Santa Barbara; Private Benjamin; The Doctors; Cannon) (born Feb. 2, 1932 – died Apr. 29, 2018; age 86). Robert Mandan died of cancer. (Robert Mandan 1977 Photo: ABC TV)

neil simon 2018 death, nee marvin neil simon, neil simon 1982, american author, playwright, 1960s broadway plays, come blow your horn, tony awards, barefoot in the park play, the odd couple play, sweet charity play, the star spangled girl musical play, 1940s television series screenwriter, cavalcade of stars writer, the garry moore show writer, 1950s tv shows writer, your show of shows screenwriter, caesars hour writer, the phil silvers show writer, 1950s tv movies screenplays, babes in toyland screenplay, 1960s films screenwriter, after the fox, barefoot in the park movie, the odd couple film, sweet charity, 1970s movies, the out of towners screenplay, plaza suite screenlay, last of the red hot lovers screenplay, the heartbreak kid, the sunshine boys, the prisoner of second avenue, murder by death, the goodbye girl, the cheap detective, california suite, chapter two, 1980s film screenplays, seems like old times, i ought to be in pictures, max dugan returns, the lonely guy, the sluggers wife, brighton beach memoirs, biloxi blues, 1990s movie screenplays, the marrying man, broadway bound, lost in yonkers, the odd couple ii, 1991 pulitzer prize for drama, emmy awards, married marsha mason 1973, divorced marsha mason 1983, married diane lander 1987, divorced diane lander 1988, married diane lander 1990, divorced diane lander 1998, married elaine joyce 1999, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died august 26 2018, 2018 celebrity deaths,Neil Simon (nee Marvin Neil Simon)

Emmy, Tony, & Pulitzer Prize-winning American playwright (Come Blow Your Horn) and screenwriter (Your Show of Shows; The Phil Silvers Show; Barefoot in the Park; The Odd Couple) (born July 4, 1927 – died Aug. 26, 2018; age 91). Neil Simon died of pneumona complications. (Neil Simon 1982 Photo: AP)

tab hunter 2018 death, nee arthur andrew kelm, tab hunter 1957, american singer, 1950s hit singles, young love, ninety nine ways, 1950s movie star, actor, ill be with you in apple blossom time, 1950s movies, the lawless, gun belt, the steel lady, island of desire, return to treasure island, track of the cat, battle cry, the sea chase, the burning hills, the girl he left behind, lafayette escadrille, gunmans walk, damn yankees, that kind of woman, they came to cordura, 1960s television series, the tab hunter show paul morgan, 1960s movies, the pleasure of his company, the golden arrow, operation bikini, ride the wild surf, man with two faces, city in the sea, the loved one, birds do it, hostile guns, vengeance is my forgiveness, the last chance, bridge over the elbe, 1970s movies, the life and times of judge roy bean, timber tramps, won ton ton the dog who saved hollywood, 1980s movies, grease 2, lust in the dust, autobiography, author, tab hunter confidential the making of a movie star, octogenarian birthdays, senior citizen deaths, died july 8 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsTab Hunter (nee Arthur Andrew Kelm)

American singer (Young Love), actor of TV (The Tab Hunter Show) and movies (Island of Desire; Return to Treasure Island; Battle Cry; Damn Yankees) (born July 11, 1931- died July 8, 2018; age 86). Tab Hunter died of DVT complications that led to cardiac arrest. (Tab Hunter 1957 What’s My Line?

sondra locke 2018 death, nee sandra louise smith, aka sondra anderson, sondra locke 1988, american actress, 1960s movies, the heart is a lonely hunter, 1970s films, willard, cover me babe, a reflection of fear, the second coming of suzanne, the outlaw josey wales, death game, the shadow of chikara, the gauntlet, every which way but loose, 1980s movies, bronco billy, any which way you can, sudden impact, ratboy director, 2000s films, clean and narrow, 2010s movies, ray meets helen, autobiography, the good the bad and the very ugly, septuagenarian senior citizen deaths, died november 3 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsSondra Locke (nee Sandra Louise Smith)

American TV & movie actress (Cannon; The Heart is a Lonely Hunter; Willard; The Outlaw Josey Wales; The Gauntlet; Every Which Way But Loose; Sudden Impact) (born May 28, 1944 – died Nov. 3, 2018; age 74). Sondra Locke died of bone and breast cancer. (Sondra Locke 1988 Photo: Georges Biard)

peter donat 2018 death, nee pierre collingwood donat, peter donat 1965, canadian character actor, canadian american actor, 1950s television series, 1950s tv soap operas, the brighter day steven markley, 1950s movies, lost lagoon, 1960s tv shows, playdate guest star, festival guest star, mannix guest star, 1970s films, my old mans place, the godfather part ii, russian roulette, the hindenburg, billy  jack goes to washington, mirrors, fist, a different story, the china syndrome, 1970s tv mini series, captains and the kings clair montrose, rich man poor man book ii arthur raymond, 1980s television shows, dallas dr miles pearson, flamingo road elmo tyson, primetime soaps, murder she wrote guest star, 1980s movies, highpoint, ladies and gentlemen the fabulous stains, massive retaliation, the bay boy, honeymoon, unfinished business, tucker the man and his dream, skin deep, the war of the roses, 1990s films, the babe, school ties, the game, red corner, 1990s tv series, time trax mordecai sahmbi, the x files william mulder, 2000s movies, the deep end, never die twice, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died september 10 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsPeter Donat (nee Pierre Collingwood Donat)

Canadian-American actor of TV (Flamingo Road; The Brighter Day; The X-Files) and movies (The Bay Boy; The China Syndrome; The Babe; The Godfather: Part II; The Hindenburg) (born Jan. 20, 1928 – died Sept. 10, 2018; age 90). Peter Donat died of diabetes complications. (Peter Donat 1954 Seaway)

roger bannister 2018 death, english middle distance runner, 1952 helsinki olympics, first to break 4 minute mile barrier, medical doctor, neurologist, medical researcher, autonomic nervous system research, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died march 3 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsRoger Bannister (aka Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister)

English neurologist, medical researcher, Olympic middle-distance athlete, and the first human to run the mile in under 4 minutes (1954) (born Mar. 23, 1929 – died Mar. 3, 2018; age 88). Roger Bannister had Parkinson’s Disease before he died. (Roger Bannister 1957 Photo: AP Wirephoto)

bradford dillman 2018 death, bradford dillman younger, bradford dillman 1966, american actor, 1950s television series, kraft theatre guest star, 1950s movies, a certain smile, in love and war, compulsion, 1960s television shows, dr kildare reverend andrew webb, the big valley guest star, judd for the defense bruzzy burke, 1960s films, crack in the mirror, circle of deception, sanctuary, francis of assisi, a rage to live, the plainsman, jigsaw, the bridge at remagen, 1970s movies, suppose they gave a war and nobody came, brother john, the mephisto waltz, escape from the planet of the apes, the resurrection of zachary wheeler, the way we were, chosen survivors, the iceman cometh, gold, bug, mastermind, the enforcer, one away, the lincoln conspiracy, the amsterdam kill, the swarm, piranha, love and bullets, guyana cult of the damned, 1970s tv shows, ironside guest star, the fbi guest star, mission impossible guest star, medical center guest star, cannon guest star, thriller guest star, mystery of the week guest star, barnaby jones guest star, 1980s films, running scared, sudden impact, treasure of the amazon, man outside, lords of the deep, heroes stand alone, 1980s television shows, kings crossing paul hollister, falcon crest darryl clayton, dynasty hal lombard, hotel guest star, murder she wrote guest star, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died january 16 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsBradford Dillman

American actor of movies (Compulsion; Crack in the Mirror; The Enforcer; The Way We Were) and TV (Dr. Kildare; The F.B.I.; Barnaby Jones; Falcon Crest) (born Apr. 14, 1930 – died Jan. 16, 2018; age 87). Bradford Dillman died of pneumonia complications. (Bradford Dillman 1966 Photo: ABC TV

stan mikita 2018 death, nee stanislav gvoth, stan mikita 1960s, slovak republic professional hockey player, slovakian canadian pro hockey player, nhl centre, hockey hall of fame, chicago black hawks centre, 1967 hart memorial trophy winner 1868, nhl mvp, chicago black hawks players, 1960s art trophy, nhl leading scorer 1960s, 1967 lady byng memorial trophy 1968, 1961 stanley cup championship, 1976 lester patrick trophy, 1972 team canada summit series player, american hearing impaired hockey association cofounder, retired nhl hockey player, septuagenarian senior citizen deaths, died august 7 2018, celebrity deaths 2018Stan Mikita (nee Stanislav Gvoth)

Hockey Hall of Fame Slovakian-Canadian NHL centre (Chicago Black Hawks), 2-time Hart Memorial Trophy MVP, 4-time Art Ross winner (born May 20, 1940 – died Aug. 7, 2018; age 78). Stan Mikita had dementia with Lewy bodies when he died. (Stan Mikita 1960s Photo: Ralston-Purina Company)

tim oconnor 2018 death, nee timothy joseph oconnor, tim oconnor 1968, american director, actor, 1950s tv series, sunday showcase guest actor, the dupont show of the month guest star, play of the week guest star, 1960s television series, armstrong circle theatre guest star, the doctors and the nurses guest star, the defenders da james evans, camera three cardinal hamilcar, the outer limits guest star, the fugitive guest star, insight guest star, gunsmoke guest star, 1960s tv soap operas, peyton place elliot carson, 1970s movies, black jack, the groundstar conspiracy, across 110th street, buck rogers in the 25th century film, ssssss, 1970s tv shows, hawaii five o guest star, cannon guest star, maude dr herbert lester, columbo guest star, the streets of san francisco lt roy devitt sfpd, barnaby jones, the fbi guest star, medical center guest star, police story guest star, police woman guest star, wonder woman guest star, mash guest star, 1970s television movies, murder in peyton place, peyton place the next generation, buck rogers in the 25th centurey tv show dr elias huer, 1980s television shows, dynasty thomas crayford, 1990s tv series, doogie howser md don obrien, 1990s daytime television serials, general hospital jack boland, 1990s movies, the naked gun 2 and a half the smell of fear, 2010s films, dreams awake, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died april 5 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsTim O’Connor (nee Timothy Joseph O’Connor)

American director & actor of movies and TV (Peyton Place; Peyton Place: The Next Generation; Buck Rogers in the 25th Century; The Defenders; Dynasty; General Hospital; The F.B.I.) (born July 3, 1927 – died Apr. 5, 2018; age 90). Tim O’Connor died of cancer. (Tim O’Connor 1968 Peyton Place)

david ogden stiers 2018 death, nee david allen ogden stiers, david ogden stiers 1984, american character actor, 1970s television series, doc stanley moss, mash major charles winchester, tv sitcoms, 1980s tv shows, north and south congressman sam greene, north and south book ii, 1970s movies, oh god, the cheap detective, magic, 1980s movies, harrys war, the man with one red shoe, better of dead, creator, 1980s made for tv movies, perry mason tv films, da michael reston, perry mason the case of the notorious nun, perry mason the case of the shooting star, perry mason the case of the lost love, perry mason the case of the sinister spirit, perry mason the case of the murdered madam, perry mason the case of the scandalous scoundrel, perry mason the case of the avenging ace, perry mason the case of the lady in the lake, the accidental tourist, 1990s movies, doc hollywood, shadows and fog, taking liberty, bad company, mighty aphrodite, jungle 2 jungle, krippendorfs tribe, voice actor, animated movies actor, beauty and the beast voice of cogsworth, pocahontas voice of governor ratcliffe, the hunchback of notre dame voice of archdeacon, lilo and stich voice of jumba, 1990s tv shows, two guys a girl and a pizza place mr bauer, 2000s  tv series, bull gardner blackstone, love and money nicholas conklin, teachers pet mr jolly, american experience documentary narrator, the dead zone reverend eugene gene purdy, stargate atlantis oberoth, 2000s movies, the curse of the jade scorpion, the majestic, symphony conductor, musician, voice actors, septuagenarian senior citizen death, died march 3 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsDavid Ogden Stiers

American actor of TV (M*A*S*H; The Dead Zone; North and South; Perry Mason films) and movies (Lilo & Stitch; Harry’s War; Magic; The Accidental Tourist; The Majestic) (born Oct. 31, 1942 – Mar. 3, 2018; age 75). David Ogden Stiers died of bladder cancer. (David Ogden Stiers 1984 Anatomy of an Illness)

robin leach 2018 death, nee robin douglas leach, robin leach 2007, english writer, newspaper writer, new york daily news, magazine articles, people writer, ladies home journal, newspaper editor, the star, television reporter, interviewer, tv host, lifestyles of the rich and famous, cnn reporter, entertainment tonight, good morning australia, las vegas sun writer, champagne wishes and caviar dreams phrase, septuagenarian senior citizen deaths, died august 24 2018, celebrity deaths 2018Robin Leach

English editor & writer (New York Daily News; People; The Star), TV reporter, interviewer and host (Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous; Entertainment Tonight) (born Aug. 29, 1941 – died Aug. 24, 2018; age 76). Robin Leach died of stroke complications. (Robin Leach 2007 Photo: Rebbie Bibbs)

nanette fabray 2018 death, nee ruby bernadette nanette theresa fabares, nanette fabray 1970, deaf, heard of hearing, hearing aids, singer, dancer, actress, 1930s movies, the private lives of elizabeth and essex, a child is born, 1950s movies, the band wagon, 1960s television series, westinghouse playhouse nanette mcgovern, 1960s movies, the happy ending, cockeyed cowboys of calico county, harper valley pta, 1980s movies, amy,personal exemptions, 1980s tv shows, 1980s tv sitcoms, one day at a time, grandma katherine romano, 1990s movies, teresas tattoo, aunt of shelley fabares, emmy awards, tony awards, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died february 22 2018, celebrity deaths 2018

Nanette Fabray (nee Ruby Bernadette Nanette Theresa Fabares)

Emmy & Tony Award-winning American singer, dancer & actress of TV (One Day at a Time; The Hollywood Squares) and movies (The Band Wagon) (born Oct. 27, 1920 – died Feb. 22, 2018; age 97). Nanette Fabray died of natural causes. (Nanette Fabray 1970 Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County

dennis edwards 2018 death, american singer, r and b singer, soul singer, 1960s vocal groups, the temptations, replaced david ruffin in the temptations, 1960s hit songs, cloud nine, runaway child running wild, dont let the joneses get you down, i cant get next to you, 1970s hit singles, psychadelic shack, ball of confusion thats what the world is today, its summer, superstar remember how you got where you are, take a look around, mother nature, papa was a rollin stone, masterpiece, let your hair down, shakey ground, glasshouse, happy people, keep holdin on, up the creek without a paddle, who are you and what are you doing the rest of your life, rock and roll hall of fame, solo artist, 1980s hit songs, dont look any further, coolin out, power, standing on the top pt 1, love on my mind tonight, i wonder who shes seeing now, look what you started, septuagenarian senior citizen deaths, died february 1 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsDennis Edwards

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Grammy Award-winning American singer of The Temptations (I Can’t Get Next To You; Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone; Cloud Nine) (born Feb. 3, 1943 – died Feb. 1, 2018; age 74). Dennis Edwards had meningitis before he died. (Dennis Edwards 1968 Photo: Bernie Ilson, Inc.)

ken berry 2018 death, nee kenneth ronald berry, ken berry 1961, american actor, singer, dancer, commercial model, kinney shoes model, spokesman, recording artist, ken berry RFD, actor, 1960s television series, the ann sothern show woody, ensign otoole lieutenant melton, dr kildare dr john kapish, f troop captain wilton parmenter, the andy griffith show sam jones, mayberry rfd sam jones, the dick vn dyke show tony daniels, no time for sergeants joe dalrymple, 12 oclock high guest star, 1960s movies, hello down there, 1970s tv shows, the ken berry wow show host, love american style guest star, fantasy island guest star, 1970s movies, herbie rides again, guardian of the wilderness, the cat from outer space, 1980s tv series, 1980s tv sitcoms, mamas family vinton harper, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died december 1 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsKen Berry (nee Kenneth Ronald Berry)

American actor of TV (Mama’s Family; Mayberry R.F.D.; The Andy Griffith Show.; F Troop; Dr. Kildare; The Ken Berry ‘Wow’ Show; Fantasy Island) and movies (Herbie Rides Again) (born Nov. 3, 1933 – died Dec. 1, 2018; age 85). Cause of death for Ken Berry is unknown. (Ken Berry 1961 The Ann Sothern Show)

anthony bourdain 2018 death, nee anthony michael bourdain, nickname tony bourdain, anthony bourdain 2014, american gourmet chef, executive chef, culinary writer, food critic, travel writer, emmy awards, peabody awards, author, kitchen confidential adventures in the culinary underbelly, a cooks tour in serach of the perfect meal, typhoid mary an urban historical, anthony bourdains les halles cookbook, the nasty bits, no reservations around the world on an empty stomach, medium raw a bloody valentine to the world of food and the people who cook, appetites a cookbook, fiction novelist, bone in the throat, gone bamboo, bobby gold, get jiro dc comics, get jiro blood and sushi dc comics, tv producer, cooking shows, 2000s television series host, a cooks tour host, whats your trip host, top chef judge, anthony bourdain no reservations host, 2010s tv shows, mankind the story of all of us check and writer, the layover host, the taste host, the mind of a chef narrator, anthony bourdain parts unknown host, 2001 food writer of the year, 60 plus deaths, died june 8 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsAnthony Bourdain (“Tony“)

Emmy Award-winning American gourmet chef, author (A Cook’s Tour), and TV host (Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations; Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown; Top Chef) (born June 25, 1956 – died June 8, 2018; age 61). Anthony Bourdain hung himself. (Anthony Bourdain 2014 Photo:Peabody Awards)

harry anderson 2018 death, harry anderson 1988, american magician, screenwriter, actor, 1980s movies, it, 1980s tv sitcoms, night court judge harry t stone, cheers harry gittes guest star, 1990s television mini series, it richie tozier, 1990s tv movies, harvey elwood p dowd, 1990s tv shows, daves world dave barry, 2000s movies, a matter of faith, senior citizen deaths, died april 16 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsHarry Anderson

American magician, screenwriter, and actor of TV (Night Court; Dave’s World; It; Cheers; Harvey; Saturday Night Live) and movies (The Escape Artist; A Matter of Faith) (born Oct. 14, 1952 – died Apr. 16, 2018; age 65.) Cause of death for Harry Anderson is unknown. (Harry Anderson 1988 Photo: Alan Light)

susan anspach 2018 death, nee susan florence anspach, susan anspach 1973, american actress, broadway stage plays, 1970s movies, the landlord, five easy pieces, play it again sam, blume in love, the big fix, running, 1980s movies, the devil and max devlin, gas, montenegro, misunderstood, blue monkey, heaven and earth, the legend of wolf lodge, killer instinct, blood red, back to back, 1980s television series, the yellow rose, space elinor grant, the slap maxwell story, 2000s movies, wild about harry, inversion, septuagenarian senior citizen deaths, died april 2 1018, 2018 celebrity deaths, Susan Anspach is 75

American actress of TV (The Yellow Rose; The Slap Maxwell Story; The Patty Duke Show; The Doctors and the Nurses), movies (Play it Again, Sam; Five Easy Pieces; Running) (born Nov. 23, 1942 – died Apr. 2, 2018; age 75). Susan Anspach died of heart failure. (Susan Anspach 1973 Blume in Love)

daniel pilon 2018 death, nee laurent daniel pilon, daniel pilon 1984, french canadian actor, 1960s movies, play dirty, the milky way, 1970s films, red the half breed, sex in the snow, malpertuis, satans sabbath, brannigan, starship invasions, 1970s television series, the albertans hans keller, 1980s movies, love scenes, malarek, 1980s tv shows, romance theatre love in the city of kings, dallas renaldo marchetta, 1980s daytime television serials, ryans hope max dubujak, guiding light alan spaulding, 1990s films, north of chiang mai, habitat, suspicious minds, the assignment, the sleep room, going to kansas city, the ultimate weapon, musketeers forever, in her defense, the witness, 1990s tv soap operas, days of our lives gavin newirth, 1990s television shows, urban angel moorcraft, scoop maruice dion, sweeating bullets guest star, the maharajas daughter hamilton, sirens mr alan mcconnell, the wind at my back hugo gerrard, postergeist the legacy winston rayne, 2000s movies, the list, michel vaillant, shoot em up, story of jen, looking for anne, deception, 2000s tv series, wild roses john cameron, 2010s films, trader games, septuagenarian senior citizen deaths, died june 26 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsDaniel Pilon (nee Laurent Daniel Pilon)

French Canadian actor of TV (Ryan’s Hope; Dallas; Days of Our Lives; Scoop; Urban Angel; Guiding Light; Romance Theatre) and movies (In Her Defense; Brannigan; Malarek) (born Nov. 13, 1940 – died June 26, 2018; age 77). Daniel Pilon died of cancer. (Daniel Pilon 1984 Ryan’s Hope Photo: ABC)

susan brown 2018 death, susan brown 1975, american actress, 1950s television series, 1950s tv soap operas, from these roots liz fraser allen, 1960s tv shows, alfred hitchcock presents guest star, dr kildare guest star, valentines day guest star, the name of the game guest star, death valley days, 1960s daytime tv serials, the edge of night nancy pollock karr, bright promise martha ferguson, the young marrieds ann reynolds, 1960s movies, the stripper, 1970s television shows, 1970s tv soaps, return to peyton place constance mackenzie carson, 1970s films, the klansman, 1980s tv series, mariah maggie malone, 1980s daytime television shows, as the world turns adelaide fitzgibbon, santa barbara dorothy lane, general hospital dr gail adamson baldwin, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died august 21 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsSusan Brown

American actress of TV (General Hospital; Port Charles; The Young Marrieds; Bright Promise; Return to Peyton Place; Santa Barbara; From These Roots) (born May 4, 1932 – died Aug. 21, 2018; age 86). Susan Brown died of unknown causes. (Susan Brown 1975 Photo)

milos forman 2018 death nee jan tomas forman, milos forman 2009, czechoslovakian american professor, actor, valmont screenwriter, screenplays, academy awards, movie director, 1960s films, black peter, the loves of a blonde, the firemens ball, 1970s movies, taking off, one flew over the cuckoos nest, hair, 1980s films, ragtime, amadeus, valmont director, 1990s movies, the people vs larry flynt, man on the moon, 2000s films, goyas ghosts, a walk worthwhile, movie actor, heartburn, new years day, keeping the faith, beloved, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died april 13 2018, celebrity deaths 2018Miloš Forman is 86 (nee Jan Tomáš Forman)

Academy Award-winning Czechoslovakian-American director (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Hair, Amadeus), screenwriter (Valmont), actor (Beloved; Heartburn) (born Feb. 18, 1932 – Apr. 13, 2018; age 86). Cause of death for Miloš Forman is unknown. (Miloš Forman 2009 Photo: Petr Novák, Wikipedia)

vic damone 2018 death, vic damone 1961, american songwriter, singer, crooner, big band music, 1940s hit singles, i have but one heart, you do, my fair lady, its magic, youre breaking my heart, my bolero, 1950s hit songs, tzena tzena tzena, my heart cries for you, my truly truly fair, here in my heart, april in portugal, ebb tide, on the street where you live, radio shows, arthur godfreys talent scouts, actor, 1940s television series, the morey amsterdam show, nightclub singer, 1950s tv shows, the arthur murray party, the vic damone show host, 1950s movies, rich young and pretty, frogwoman, the strip, athena, deep in my heart, kismet, hit the deck, 1960s television shows, the lively ones host, the dean martin summer show starring your host vic damone, the mike douglas show cohost, hollywood squares celebrity panelist, 1960s films, hell to eternity, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died february 11 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsVic Damone (nee Vito Rocco Farinola)

American songwriter, singer (You’re Breaking My Heart; My Heart Cries For You), actor of TV (The Vic Damone Show) and movies (Deep in My Heart; Kismet; Hell to Eternity) (born June 12, 1928 – died Feb. 11, 2018; age 89). Vic Damone died of respiratory illness complications. (Vic Damone 1961 Photo: NBC)

hubert de givenchy 2018 death, nee hubert james marcel taffin de givenchy, aka count de givenchy; french fashion designer, house of givenchy founder, french fashion house, audrey hepburn fashion designer, jacqueline bouvier kennedy clothes designer, elsa schiaparelli fashion designer, celebrity fashion designer, greta garbo fashions, lauren bacall clothes designer, designer for grace kelly , womens wear, menswear designer, continental mark givenchy edition ford, nonagenarian senior citizen birthdays, died march 10 2018Hubert de Givenchy (aka Count Hubert James Marcel Taffin de Givenchy)

House of Givenchy French celebrity fashion designer & perfumier (Audrey Hepburn; Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy; Lauren Bacall) (born Feb. 21, 1927 – died Mar. 10, 2018; age 91). Cause of death for Hubert de Givenchy is unknown. (Hubert de Givenchy 2014 Photo: Castrum avisani

Barbara Harrisbarbara harris 2018 death, barbara harris 1965, retired american actress, 1960s movies, a thousand clowns, plaza suite, oh dad poor dad mammas hung you in the closet and im feelin so sad, 1970s movies, who is harry kellerman and why is he saying those terrible things about me, the war between men and women, mixed company, the manchu eagle murder caper mystery, nashville, family plot, freaky friday, movie movie, the north avenue irregulars, the seduction of joe tynan, 1980s movies, second hand hearts, peggy sue got married, dirty rotten scoundrels, 1990s movies, grosse pointe blank, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died august 21 2018, 2018 celebrity deaths

Tony Award-winning American actress of stage and movies (Plaza Suite; Nashville; Family Plot; Freaky Friday; The North Avenue Irregulars; The Seduction of Joe Tynan) (born July 25, 1935 – died Aug. 21, 2018; age 83). Barbara Harris died of lung cancer. (Barbara Harris 1965 A Thousand Clowns)

william goldman 2018 death, william goldman 1975, american novelist, edgar awards, harper, magic, the temple of gold, soldier in the rain, no way to treat a lady, the thing of it is, the silent gondoliers, the color of light,  academy awards, screenwriter, butch cassidy and the sundance kid, all the presidents men, marathon man, the stepford wives, the princess bride,  the great waldo pepper, a bridge too far, misery, a few good men, memoirs of an invisible man, year of the comet, chaplin, the chamber screenplay, the ghost and the darkness screenplay, absolute power screenwriter, the generals daughter screenplay, hearts in atlantis adaptation, autobiography, which lie did i tell, brother james goldman, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died november 16 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsWilliam Goldman

American screenwriter (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; All the President’s Men; The Princess Bride; Marathon Man) (born Aug. 12, 1931 – died Nov. 16, 2018; age 87). William Goldman died of colon cancer and pneumonia complications. (William Goldman 1975 Photo: Bert Verhoeff / Nationaal Archief)

tom wolfe 2018 death, nee thomas kennerly wolfe jr, tom wolfe 1988, american journalist, new journalism literary movement, newspaper reporter, author, the electric kool aid acid test, radical chic and mau mauing the flak cathers, the kandy kolored tangerine flake streamline baby, non fiction writer, the right stuff, the painted word, from bauhaus to our house, the purple decades, hooking up, the kingdom of speech, novelist, the bonfire of the vanities, a man in full, i am charlotte simmons, back to blood, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died may 14 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsTom Wolfe (nee Thomas Kennerly Wolfe Jr.)

American journalist (The Washington Post; New York Herald Tribune) and author (The Right Stuff; The Bonfire of the Vanities; Back to Blood; A Man in Full) (born Mar. 12, 1931 – died May 14, 2018; age 88). Tom Wolfe had an infection before he died. (Tom Wolfe 1988 Photo: MoSchle)

jerry van dyke 2018 death, nee jerry mccord van dyke, jerry van dyke 1963, nee jerry mccord van dyke, american comedian, musician, character actor, 1960s television series, recurring actor, the dick van dyke show, stacey petrie, my mother the car, dave crabtree, accidental family, jerry webster, 1970s tv shows, headmaster, jerry brownell, 13 queens boulevard, steven winters, 1980s tv mini series, fresno tucker agajanian, 1980s television shows, 1980s sitcom coach, assistant coach luther horatio van dam,  1990s tv shows, teen angel, grandpa jerry beauchamp, you wish, grandpa max, 2000s tv series, yes dear, big jimmy hughes, the middle tag spence, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died january 5 2018, celebrity deaths 2018Jerry Van Dyke

American musician, actor of TV (Coach; My Mother the Car) and movies (The Courtship of Eddie’s Father; Palm Springs Weekend; McLintock!; Love and Kisses) (born July 27, 1931 – died Jan. 5, 2018; age 86). Jerry Van Dyke died of heart failure. (Jerry Van Dyke 1963 McLintock!)

ricky jay 2018 death, nee richard jay potash, ricky jay 2008, american magician, magic consultant, magic writer, screenwriter, character actor, 1980s movies, house of games, things change, learned pigs and fireproof women, 1990s films, homicide, ricky jay and his 52 assistants, the spanish prisoner, boogie nights, hacks, tomorrow never dies, mystery men, magnolia, 1990s television series, the secret cabaret, 2000s movies, state and main, heartbreakers, heist, incident at loch ness, last days, the prestige, the great buck howard, redbelt, intense, 2000s tv shows, deadwood eddie sawyer, kidnapped roger prince, the unit agent kern, flashforward guest star, 2015 movie, the automatic hate, septuagenarian senior citizen deaths, died november 24 2018, celebrity deaths 2018Ricky Jay (nee Richard Jay Potash)

American magician, writer & actor of TV (Deadwood; The Unit) and movies (House of Games; Things Change; Homicide; Boogie Nights; Tomorrow Never Dies; The Prestige) (born June 26, 1946 – died Nov. 24, 2018; age 72). Cause of death for Ricky Jay is unknown. (Ricky Jay 2008 Photo: David Shankbone)

georgann johnson 2018 death, georgann johnson 1960, retired, american actress, 1950s television series, the larry storch show, mister peepers marge bellows weskit, danger guest star, campbell summer soundstage guest star, studio one in hollyowod guest star, armstrong circle theatre guest star, star stage guest star, kraft theatre guest star, alfred hitchcock presents guest star, 1950s movies, short cut to hell, 1960s tv shows, 1960s tv soap operas, the doctors edith cobb, the doctors and the nurses carrie hayes, dr kildare guest star, the fugitive guest star, 1960s films, midnight cowboy, 1970s television shows, 1970s daytime television serials, another world ellen bishop grant, somerset ellen grant, as the world turns jane spencer, 1970s movies, from the mixed up files of mrs basil e frankweiler, the front, 1980s tv series, 1980s tv soaps, all my children eugenia robards, our family honor katherine mckay, the colbys dr waverly, its a living phyllis frankel, wiseguy senator janet getzloff, archie bunkers place alice snowden, hart to hart guest star, 1980s films, health, looker, shoot the moon, the sluggers wife, murphys romance, quicksilver, blind date, 1990s movies, father hood, seven girlfriends, 1990s television series, the trials of rosie oneill mother charlotte oneill,  dr quinn medicine woman elizabeth quinn, 2000s tv shows, crossing jordan jordans grandmother, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died june 4 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsGeorgann Johnson (nee Georgia Ann Johnson)

American actress of TV (Another World; Somerset; All My Children; Mister Peepers; Wiseguy; The Doctors) and movies (Murphy’s Romance) (born Aug. 15, 1926 – died June 4, 2018; age 91). Cause of death for Georgann Johnson is unknown. (Georgann Johnson 1960 One Step Beyond

charles aznavour 2018 death, nee shahnour vaghinag aznavourian, french singer, armenian singer, french armenian songwriter, multilingual singer, songwriters hall of fame, movie actor, 1960s movies, taxi for tobruk, the fabiani affair, three fables of love, why paris, destination rome, the virgins, rat trap, high infidelity, dear caroline,  and then there were none, the tin drum ararat, 1970s films, the adventurers, the lions share, ten little indians, the tin drum, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died october 1 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsCharles Aznavour is 94 (nee Shahnour Vaghinag Aznavourian)

French-Armenian singer, songwriter, and actor (And Then There Were None; Destination Rome) (born May 22, 1924 – died Oct. 1, 2018; age 94). Charles Aznavour ‘s cause of death is unknown. (Charles Aznavour 1961 Photo: Joop van Bilsen / Dutch National Archives)

bernardo bertolucci 2018 death, italian movie director, screenwriter, 1960s movies, the grim reaper, before the revolution, how to win a billion and get away with it, partner, love and anger, 1970s films, the conformist, the spiders stratagem, last tango in paris, 1900, 1980s movies, tragedy of a ridiculous man, the last emperor, 1990s films, the sheltering sky, stealing beauty, little buddha,  the dreamers, beseiged, 2000s movies, the triumph of love, me and you, septuagenarian enior citizen deaths, died november 26 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsBernardo Bertolucci

Oscar-winning Italian screenwriter & director (Last Tango in Paris; The Sheltering Sky; The Last Emperor; Stealing Beauty; Little Buddha; The Dreamers; The Triumph of Love; Besieged) (born Mar. 16, 1941 – died Nov. 26, 2018; age 77). Bernardo Bertolucci died of lung cancer. (Bernardo Bertolucci Photo)

philip bosco 2018 death, philip bosco 1966, nee philip michael bosco, american character actor, tony awards, 1990 lend me a tenor, daytime emmy award, american theater hall of fame, 1950s television series, you are there sam houston, 1960s tv shows, the doctors and the nurses, for the people detective willard, ryans hope dr gillette, tv soap operas, 1960s films, a lovely way to die, 1980s movies, trading places, the pope of greenwich village, heaven help us, walls of glass, the money pit, children of a lesser god, suspect, 3 men and a baby, another woman, working girl, the luckiest man in the world, the dream team, 1980s television shows, the equalizer guest star, 1990s films, blue steel, quick change, true colors, f x 2, shadows and fog, straight talk, angie, milk money, safe passage, nobodys fool, it takes two, the first wives club, apologies to bunuel, my best friends wedding, deconstructing harry, critical care, 1990s tv series, the civil war documentary horace greeley, american experience narrator, tribeca harry arsharsky, liberty the american revolution benjamin franklin, law and order gordon schell, 2000s television series, 2000s daytime television serials, all my children lyle wedgewood, freedom a history of us voices, ed alan steens, law and order special victims unit judge joseph p terhune, damages hollis nye, 2000s movies, wonder boys, shaft, brooklyn sonnet, kate and leopold, abandon, hitch, freedomland, the savages, when the evening comes, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died december 3 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsPhilip Bosco

Daytime Emmy & Tony Award-winning American actor of stage, TV (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit; Guiding Light; The Doctors and the Nurses), and movies (The Money Pit) (born Sept. 26, 1930 – died Dec. 3, 2018; age 88). Philip Bosco died of dementia complications. (Philip Bosco 1966 Hawk)

eunice gayson 2018 death, nee eunice elizabeth sargaison, eunice gayson 1965, british actress, english bond girl, first bond girl, 1940s movies, my brother jonathan, it happened in soho, melody in the dark, 1950s films, dance hall, to have and to hold, miss robin hood, dance little lady, one just man, out of the clouds, the last man to hang, zarak, the ship was loaded, light fingers, the revenge of frankenstein, 1950s television series, rheingold theatre guest star, the vise guest star, bbc sunday night theatre guest star, 1960s movies, dr no, from russia with love, 1960s tv shows, the saint guest star, before the fringe guest star, 1970s television series, albert and victoria madame aix, married leigh vance 1953, divorced leigh vance 1959, married brian jackson 1968, divorced brian jackson 1977, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died june 8 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsEunice Gayson (nee Eunice Elizabeth Sargaison)

British movie actress (Dr. No; From Russia With Love; Melody in the Dark; Light Fingers; Miss Robin Hood; The Ship Was Loaded; The Last Man to Hang; Zarak; The Revenge of Frankenstein) (born Mar. 17 1928 – died June 8, 2018; age 90). Cause of death for Eunice Gayson is unknown. (Eunice Gayson 1965 Photo)

james karen 2018 death, james karen 2014, american character actor, married francesca alba, 1960s television series, 1960s tv soap operas, as the world turns dr burke, horror movies, 1960s movies, frankenstein meets the spacemonster, 1970s tv shows, all my children lincoln tyler, blind ambition earl silbert, eights is enough eliot randolph, 1970s movies, hercules in new york, i never sang for my father, rivals, amazing grace, all the presidents men, capricorn one, opening night, fist, the china syndrome, 1980s movies, the jazz singer, take this job and shove it, poltergeist, time walker, frances, the return of the living dead, jagged edge, invaders from mars, hardbodies 2, wall street, return of the living dead ii, 1980s television shows, dallas elton lawrence, the powers of matthew star major wymore, 1990s tv series, drug wars, the camarena story aide, the larry sanders show sheldon davidoff, ned and stacey patrick kirkland, 1990s movies, vital signs, the closer, the willies, heart of the deal, the unborn, congo, piranha, nixon, up close and personal, behind enemy lines, always say goodbye, joyride, river made to drown in, freedom strike, shadow of doubt, girl, any given sunday, 2000s movies, thirteen days, a house on a hill, the pursuit of happyness, dark and stormy night, jack and the beanstalk, sympathy for delicious, ambush at dark canyon, americas most haunted, rain from stars, bender, 2000s television series, the practice judge knapp, mulholland drive, first monday justice michael bancroft, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died october 23 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsJames Karen is 94 (nee Jacob Karnofsky)

American actor of TV (First Monday; The Powers of Matthew Star; As The World Turns; All My Children) and movies (The Return of the Living Dead; Rain From Stars) (born Nov. 28, 1923 – died Oct. 23, 2018; age 94). James Karen died of cardio-respiratory arrest. (James Karen 2014 Photo: Chris Owen)

patricia morison 2018 death, nee eileen patricia augusta fraser morison, patricia morison 1946, american actress, broadway stage actress, kiss me kate, 1930s films, persons in hiding, im from missouri, the magnificent fraud, 1940s movies, untamed, rangers of fortune, romance of the rio grande, the roundup, one night in lisbon, are husbands necessary, beyond the blue horizon, night in new orleans, silver skates, hitlers madman, the fallen sparrow, where are your children, calling dr death, the song of bernadette, without love, lady on a train, dressed to kill, danger woman, queen of the amazons, tarzan and the huntress, song of the thin man, the prince of thieves, the return of wildfire, sofia, 1950s television series, the cases of eddie drake dr karen gayle, 1960s films, song without end, kiss me kate tv film, 1970s movies, won ton ton the dog who saved hollywood, 1990s films, the long day closes, centenarian senior citizen deaths, died may 20 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsPatricia Morison (nee Eileen Patricia Augusta Fraser Morison)

American mezzo-soprano singer & actress of TV (The Cases of Eddie Drake) and movies (Lady on a Train; Dressed to Kill; The Prince of Thieves; Queen of the Amazons) (born Mar. 19, 1915 – died May 20, 2018; age 103). Cause of death for Patricia Morison is unknown. (Patricia Morison 1946 Dressed to Kill)

marty allen 2018 death nee morton david alpern, american comedian, stand up comedy, stand up comedian, comedy partner steve rossi, allen and rossi comedy team, comedic actor, 1960s movies, the last of the secret agents, 1970s films, the ballad of billie blue, the great waltz, harrad summer, allen and rossi meet dracula and frankenstein, a whale of a tale, benny and barney las vegas undercover tv film, 1980s movies, the naked face, 1960s television series, the bob braun show host, the hollywood squares panelist, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died february 12 2018, celebrity deaths 2018Marty Allen (nee Morton David Alpern)

American comedian, host & actor of TV (Hollywood Squares) and movies (A Whale of a Tale; The Last of the Secret Agents?; Allen and Rossi Meet Dracula and Frankenstein) (born Mar. 23, 1922 – died Feb. 12, 2018; age 95). Marty Allen died of pneumonia complications. (Marty Allen 1964 What’s My Line?)

christopher lawford 2018 death, nee christopher kennedy lawford, christopher lawford 2008, american actor, 19890s movies, the suicide club, mr north, spellbinder, 1990s films, impulse, the russia house, run, the doors, jack the bear, blankman, drunks, kiss me guido, fools paradise, dead broke, not even the trees, ask for becky whiteworth, the confession, the waiting game, the sex monster, 1990s television series, all my children philip brent jr charlie brent, 1990s tv soap operas, 2000s movies, r2pc road to park city, chump change, the 6th day, thirteen days, exit wounds, fourplay, red zone, hitters, the worlds fastest indian, slipstream, eavesdrop, 2000s tv shows, 2000s daytime tv serials, general hospital senator jordan, author, symptoms of withdrawal a memoir of snapshots and redemption, moments of clarity voices from the front lines of addiction and recovery, democratic national committee activist, philanthropist, women in recovery inc program, 60 plus celebrity deaths, died september 4 2018, 2018 celebrity deaths, Christopher Lawford

American actor of TV (All My Children; General Hospital), movies (Fourplay; R2PC: Road to Park City; Blankman; Kiss Me, Guido; The Sex Monster) (born Mar. 29, 1955 – died Sept. 4, 2018; age 63). Christopher Lawford died of a heart attack. (Christopher Lawford 2008 Photo: Figureskatingfan at English Wikipedia

naomi stevens 2018 death, aka naomi stevens burns, naomi stevens 1975, american character actress, 1950s movies, the black orchid, 1960s television series, the lawless years rose, the detectives guest star, make room for daddy guest star, have gun will travel guest star, dr kildare mrs gast housekeeper, the doris day show juanita, that girl sophie, my three sons mama rossini, 1960s movies, convicts 4, the art of love, valley of the dolls, the apartment, buona sera mrs campbell, 1970s tv shows, my three sons mama rossini, the flying nun sister teresa, the montefuscos, vegas sgt bella archer, 1970s movies, the hawaiians, fly me, superdad, hard times, hustle, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died january 13 2018, celebrity deaths 2018Naomi Stevens (aka Naomi Stevens Burns)

American actress of TV (Vega$; The Doris Day Show; The F.B.I.; The Flying Nun; The Montefuscos; My Three Sons; Dr. Kildare) and movies (The Black Orchid; The Apartment) (born Nov. 29, 1925 – died Jan. 13, 2018; age 92). Cause of death for Naomi Stevens is unknown. (Naomi Stevens 1975 Photo: NBC)

steven bochco 2018 death steven bochco 1994, american television producer, television screenwriter, 1960s movies, the counterfeit killer screenplay, silent running, 1960s television series, the bold ones the new doctors, 1970s tv shows screenwriter, the invisible man, gemini man, delvecchio, mcmillan and wife, richie brockelman private eye, turnabout, paris, columbo television movies screenplays, 1980s tv series screenwriter, bay city blues, hill street blues,  hooperman, cop rock, civil wars, doogie howser md, la law, 1990s television shows screenplays, capitol critters, public morals, murder one diary of a serial killer, murder one, brooklyn south, 2000s television series screenplays, city of angels, philly, nypd blue, blind justice, over there, commander in chief, raising the bar, murder in the first, web series producer, peabody awards, emmy awards, septuagenarian senior citizen deaths, died april 1 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsSteven Bochco

Peabody & Emmy Award-winning American TV producer & screenwriter (L. A. Law; The Bold Ones: The New Doctors; NYPD Blue; Hooperman; Bay City Blues; Hill Street Blues; Columbo; Delvecchio) (born Dec. 16, 1943 – Apr. 1, 2018; age 74). Steven Bochco died of leukemia. (Steven Bochco 1994 Photo: Alan Light)

Aretha Franklinaretha franklin younger, aretha franklin 1982, 2018 celebrity deaths, died august 2018, nee aretha louise franklin, american soul singer, r and b singer, songwriter, grammy awards, rock and roll hall of fame, 1960s hit songs, today i sing the blues, wont be long, operation heartbreak, runnin out of fools, try a little tenderness, one step ahead, i never loved a man the way i love you, respect, baby i love you, you make me feel like a natural woman, chain of fools, sweet sweet baby since youve been gone, aint no way, think, the house that jack built, i say a little prayer, see saw, my song, the weight, i cant see myself leaving you, share your love with me, call me, 1970s hit singles, dont play that song, spirit in the dark, the thrill is gone, youre all li need to get by, a brand new me, spanish harlem, rock steady, day dreaming, angel, until you come back to me thats what im gonna do, im in love, something he can feel, break it to me gently, 1980s hit songs, united together, what a fool believes, jump to it, get it right, freeway of love, whos zoomin who, sisters are doin it for themselves, jumpin jack flash, i knew you were waiting for me, through the storm, 1990s hit singles, a deeper love, a rose is still a rose, here we go again, 2000s hit songs, grammy lifetime achievement award, gospel music hall of fame

Grammy Award-winning Rock & Roll Hall of Fame American singer (Respect; Think; Who’s Zoomin’ Who?; I Say A Little Prayer; I Knew You Were Waiting [For Me]) (born Mar. 25, 1942 – died Aug. 16, 2018; age 76). Aretha Franklin died of a pancreatic tumor. (Aretha Franklin 1960s Photo: Rhino)

donnelly rhodes 2018 death, nee donnelly rhodes henry, donnelly rhodes 1960, canadian character actor, 1960s television series, bonanza guest star, shoestring theatre guest star, the alfred hitchcock hour guest star, laredo guest star, run for your life guest star, bob hope presents the chrysler theatre guest star, the wild wild west guest captain,1960s movies, gunfight in abilene, butch cassidy and the sundance kid, change of mind, 1970s films, the neptune factor, the hard part begins, glory days, 1970s tv shows, the manipulators, famous jury trials, mission impossible guest star, insight guest star, sidestreet sgt nick raitt, 1980s movies, oh heavenly dog, 1980s television shows, soap dutch leitner, report to murphy charlie, hill street blues judge paul grogan, double trouble art foster, danger bay dr grant doc roberts, 1990s films, showdown at williams creek, 1990s tv series, street legal r j williams, the heights harry abramowitz, murder she wrote guest star, the x files guest star, two anton kostrov, the outer limits guest star, the young and the restless phillip chancellor ii, 1990s tv soap operas, millenium guest star, da vincis inquest detective leo shannon, 2000s tv shows, life as we know it principal schaffer, battlestar galactica dr sherman cottle, supernatural guest star, 2000s movies, touched by a killer, snow dogs, pressure, damage, 2010s films, ramona and beezus, hunt to kill, tron legacy, barricade, 2010s television shows, always a bridesmaid bob, the romeo section mr decker, octogenarian senior citizen deaths, died january 8 2018, celebrity deaths 2018Donnelly Rhodes (nee Donnelly Rhodes Henry)

Canadian actor of TV (Danger Bay; Da Vinci’s Inquest; Battlestar Galactica; Soap; The Young and the Restless; Street Legal; Hill Street Blues) & movies (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) (born Dec. 4, 1937 – died Jan. 8, 2018; age 80). Donnelly Rhodes died of cancer. (Donnelly Rhodes 1960 Bonanza)

stan lee 2018 death, nee stanley martin lieber, stan lee 1975, american actor, television host, comic book publisher, comic book writer, superhero characters, character cocreator, spider man, x men, thor, hulk, fantastic four, iron man, marvel comics president, dc comics, atlas comics, 2000s television series, who wants to be a superhero host, ink alter egos exposed, cocktails with stan host, stan lees superhumans, the incredible hulk animated series narrator, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died november 12 2018, celebrity deaths 2018Stan Lee (nee Stanley Martin Lieber)

American TV host (Cocktails With Stan), comic book publisher and writer (Spider-Man; X-Men; Thor; Hulk; Fantastic Four; Iron Man), and President of Marvel Comics (born Dec. 28, 1922 – died Nov. 12, 2018; age 95). Stan Lee died of respiratory and heart failure. (Stan Lee 1975 Photo: Alan Light)

dewey martin 2018 death, dewey martin 1950s, american wwii pilot, wwii japanese pow, actor, 1950s movies, the golden gloves story, kansas raiders, the thing from another world, flame of araby, the big sky, tennessee champ, prisoner of war, men of the fighting lady, land of the pharaohs, the desperate hours, meet me in las vegas, the proud and profane, ten thousand bedrooms, 1960s movies, the longest day, savage sam, flight to fury, cordillera, 1970s movies, seven alone, nonagenarian senior citizen deaths, died april 9 2018, celebrity deaths 2018Dewey Martin

American actor of TV (Climax!; Mannix) and movies (Prisoner of War; The Desperate Hours; Flight to Fury; Savage Sam; The Longest Day; The Proud and Profane; The Golden Gloves Story) (born Dec. 8, 1923 – died Apr. 9, 2018; age 94) Dewey Martin died of unknown causes. (Dewey Martin 1950s Photo)

anthony ray birthday, born november 24th, american actor, classic tv shows, tombstone territory, movies, war hunt, we shall return, producer, director, iron horse, the outcasts, cactus flower, the roseAnthony Ray (aka Tony Ray)

American actor, producer & assistant director of TV (Iron Horse; The Outcasts; ) and films (War Hunt; We Shall Return; Harry and Tonto; Cactus Flower; The Liberation of L.B. Jones; The Rose) (born Nov. 24, 1937 – died June 29, 2018; age 80). Anthony Ray died after a long illness. (Anthony Ray 1960 Tombstone Territory)

kate spade 2018 death, nee katherine noel brosnahan, aka kate valentine, married andy spade 1994, aka katherine noel frances valentine brosnahan spade, fashion editor mademoiselle magazine, businesswoman, female entrepreneur, fashion designer, kate spade handbags, cofounder kate spade new york stores, fashion brands, frances valentine fashion brand, 55 plus people deaths, died june 5 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsKate Spade is 55 (nee Katherine Noel Brosnahan; AKA Kate Valentine)

American fashion editor (Mademoiselle) and designer (handbags, accessories, footwear, fragrance), co-founder Kate Spade New York and Frances Valentine (born Dec. 24, 1962 – died June 5, 2018; age 55). Kate Spade died by hanging herself. (Kate Spade Signage Photo: Ralph Daily)

penny vincenzi 2018 death, nee penelope hannaford, penny vincenzi 2010s, english fashion journalist, vogue columnist, novelist, author, old sins, wicked pleasures, an outrageous affair, forbidden places, the dilemma, almost a crime, no angel, something dangerous, into temptation, sheer abandon, an absolute scandal, a perfect heritage, a question of trust, septuagenarian senior citizen deaths, died february 25 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsPenny Vincenzi (nee Penelope Hannaford)

English author (Old Sins; Wicked Pleasures; An Outrageous Affair; Forbidden Places; The Dilemma; Almost a Crime; No Angel; Into Temptation) (born Apr. 10, 1939 – died Feb. 25, 2018; age 78). Cause of death for Penny Vincenzi is unknown. (Penny Vincenzi Photo: © TrevorLeighton.com / Used by Permission)

ray sawyer dead, 2018 famous deaths, nickname eye patch sawyer, ray sawyer 1982, american musician, rock singer, 1970s rock bands, dr hook and the medicine show, backing vocalist, musician, 1970s hit rock songs, the cover of rollilng stone, sylvias mother, only sixteen, a little bit more, walk right in, sharing the night together, when youre in love with a beautiful woman, better love next time, sexy eyes, girls can get it, 1980s hit singles, baby makes her blue jeans talk, octogenarian senior citizen birthdays, celebrity deaths, famous people deaths, died december 31 2018Ray Sawyer (“Eye Patch” Sawyer)

American singer & musician with Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show (The Cover of Rolling Stone; Sylvia’s Mother; Only Sixteen; Sharing the Night Together; Sexy Eyes; A Little Bit More) (born Feb. 1, 1937died Dec. 31, 2018; age 81). Ray Sawyer’s cause of death is unknown. (Ray Sawyer 1982 Photo)

olivia cole death, nee olivia carlena cole, olivia cole 1979, african american actress, 1960s television series, 1960s tv soap operas, guiding light deborah mehraen, 1970s tv shows, police woman guest star, roots mathilda moore, szysznyk ms harrison, backstairs at the white house maggie rogers, 1970s movies, heroes, coming home, 1980s films, some kind of hero, go tell it on the mountain, big shots, 1980s television shows, report to murphy blanche, north and south maum sally, the women of brewster place miss sophie, 1990s tv series, brewster place miss sophie, la law judge julie mcfarlane, murder she wrote guest star, 2000s movies, first sunday, married richard venture 1971, divorced richard venture 1984, emmy awards, celebrity septuagenarian deaths, 2018 famous deaths, famous people died 2018, died january 19 2018, 2018 celebrity deathsOlivia Cole

Emmy Award-winning American actress of TV (Matilda on Roots; Guiding Light; Brewster Place; L.A. Law) and movies (Heroes; Coming Home; Some Kind of Hero; First Sunday) (born Nov. 2, 1942 – died Jan. 19, 2018; age 75). Olivia Cole died after a heart attack. (Olivia Cole 1979 Photo: NBC)

donald moffatt birthday, donald moffatt 1980, british actor, 1960s movies, rachel rachel, 1960s television series, the defenders guest star, 1960s tv soap operas, one life to live dr marcus polk, 1970s films, rpm, the great northfield minnesota raid, the trial of the catonsville nine, showdown, the terminal man, earthquake, land of no return, promises in the dark, 1970s tv shows, bonanza guest star, ironside guest star, the six million dollar man, logans run rem, the word miniseries henri aubert, family guest star, the chisholms enos, 1980s movies, on the nickel, health, popeye, the white lions, the thing, the right stuff, alamo bay, the best of times, monster in the closet, the unbearable lightness of being, far north, music box, 1980s television shows, dallas brooks oliver, buck james les grant, the bourne identity miniseries david abbott, 1990s films, the bonfire of the vanities, class action, regarding henry, housesitter, love cheat and steal, clear and present danger, trapped in paradise, the vening star, a smile like yours, the sleep room, cookies fortune, 1990s tv series, tales of the city edgar halcyon, 2000s television series, bull robert the kaiser roberts, famous octogenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, december 26th birthday, born december 26 1930, died december 20 2018Donald Moffatt

British actor of TV (One Life to Live; Logan’s Run; Bull; Dallas; Bonanza; Ironside; The Six Million Dollar Man), and movies (Clear and Present Danger; The Right Stuff) (born Dec. 26, 1930 – died Dec. 20, 2018; age 87). Donald Moffatt died of stroke complications. (Donald Moffatt 1980 On the Nickel Trailer)

joseph campanella dead, joseph campanella 1971, american character actor, 1970s movies, murder once removed, celebrity deaths, celebrities died may 2018Joseph Campanella

American actor of movies and TV (Mannix; One Day at a Time; The Colbys; Guiding Light; Days of Our Lives; The Bold and the Beautiful) (born Nov. 21, 1924 – died May 16, 2018; age 93). Joseph Campanella died of Parkinson’s disease complications. (Joseph Campanella 1971 Murder Once Removed)

philip roth died, celebrity deaths 2018, nee philip milton roth, american novelist, 1997 pulitzer prize winner, author, portnoys complaint, american pastoral, the human stain, goodbye columbus,Philip Roth (nee Philip Milton Roth)

American writer, 1997 Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist (American Pastoral; The Human Stain; Goodbye, Columbus; Portnoy’s Complaint; The Prague Orgy; The Ghost Writer) (born Mar. 19, 1933 – died May 22, 2018; age 85). Philip Roth died of congestive heart failure. (Philip Roth 1973 Photo: Nancy Crampton

roger perry birthday, roger perry 1975, american actor, 1950s television series, december bride mayfair, 1950s movies, the flying fontaines, 1960s tv shows, harrigan and son james harrigan jr, arrest and trial detective sergeant dan kirby, broadside guest star, 1960s films, follow the boys, the cat, youve got to be smart, heaven with a gun, 1970s movies, count yorga vampire, the return of count yorga, the thing with two heads, roller boogie, 1970s television shows, nanny and the professor miles taylor, walt disneys wonderful world of color, love american style guest star, ironside guest star, the fbi guest star, the six million dollar man, the bionic woman, barnaby jones guest star, 1980s tv series, sitcoms, the facts of life charles parker, 1980s prime time soap operas, falcon crest john costello, 1980s films, operation warzone, 2000s movies, dirty love, 2010s films, wreckage, married jo anne worley 1975, divorced jo anne worley 2000, married joyce bulifant 2002, octogenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 7th birthdays, born may 7 1933Roger Perry

American actor of TV (Harrigan and Son; The Facts of Life; Falcon Crest; Barnaby Jones; Ironside; The F.B.I.) and movies (The Cat; The Flying Fontaines; Follow the Boys; Heaven With a Gun; Count Yorga, Vampire) (born May 7, 1933 – died July 12, 2018; age 85). Roger Perry died of prostate cancer. (Roger Perry 1975 Movin’ On

Frank Parker

Retired American daytime television soap opera actor (Grandpa Shawn Brady on Days of our Lives from 1983-2008; Quincy M.E.; Paddy Kelly on General Hospital; The Young and the Restless; The Six Million Dollar Man; Battlestar Galactica) (born July 1, 1939 – died Sept. 16, 2018; age 79). Frank Parker died of dementia and Parkinson’s Disease complications

Farewell. You are missed, but not forgotten.

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