October Birthdays

October 27th Birthdays

If you were born on October 27th, you share a birthday with these famous people:

lara parker 79, nee mary lamar rickey, american actress, 1960s television series, dark shadows angelique, 19890s daytime television, tv soap operas, one life to live carol phipps, capitol linda vandenburg, a new day in eden betty franklin, jessica novak katie robins, , 1970s television mini series, washington behind closed doors wanda elliott, 1970s movies, hi mom, april in the wind, night of dark shadows, save the tiger, race with the devil, 1980s movies, foxfire light, 2000s movies, dark shadows 2012, doctor mabuse, madame carozza, doctor mabuse etiopomar, dark shadows author, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, october 27th birthday, born october 27 1938Lara Parker is 79 (nee Mary Lamar Rickey)

American actress on TV (Angelique on Dark Shadows; One Life to Live; Capitol; Washington: Behind Closed Doors), movies (Night of Dark Shadows; Save the Tiger), author (Dark Shadows books), and septuagenarian born October 27, 1938. (Lara Parker Fan Photo: by Permission Lara Parker)

john cleese 78, john cleese 1989, british comedian, english screenwriter, comedy film producer, actor, 1960s british television series, the frost report, 1960s movies, interlude, the bliss of mrs blossom, the magic christian, 1970s movies, the rise and rise of michael rimmer, the statue, and now for something completely different, anyone for sex, golf etiquette, monty python and the holy grail, the strange case of the end of civilization as we know it, life of brian, 1970s tv shows, monty pythons flying circus, fawlty towers basil fawlty, 1980s movies, the great muppet caper, time bandits, privates on parade, the meaning of life, yellowbeard, silverado, clockwise, a fish called wanda, the big picture, erik the viking, 1980s television mini series, so you want to be a success at selling, 1990s movies, bullseye, splitting heirs, mary shelleys frankenstein, the jungle book, mr toads wild ride, fierce creatures, parting shots, the out of towners, the world is not enough, 1990s tv shows, 3rd rock from the sun dr liam neesam, 2000s movies, isnt she great, rat race, harry potter movies, harry potter and the sorcerers stone, the adventures of pluto nash, harry potter and the chamber of secrets, james bond movies, die another day, around the world in 80 days, complete guide to guys, man about town, the day the earth stood still, the pink panther 2, spud, god loves caviar, spud 2 the madness continues, spud 3 learning to fly, albion the enchanged stallion, voice actor shrek movies, mini adventures of winnie the pooh narrator, married connie booth, divorced connie booth, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 27th birthdays, born october 27 1939John Cleese is 78

English septuagenarian senior, comedian, screenwriter, & actor in movies (Monty Python and the Holy Grail, A Fish Called Wanda; Harry Potter films) & TV (Fawlty Towers; Monty Python's Flying Circus), born October 27, 1939. (John Cleese 1989 Photo: Alan Light | Flickr Some rights reserved)

lee greenwood 75, nee melvin lee greenwood, lee greenwood 2006, american country music songwriter, singer, 1980s country music hit songs, ring on her finger time on her hands, shes lying, aint no trick it takes magic, i o u, somebodys gonna love you, going going gone, god bless the usa, fools gold, youve got a good love comin, dixie road, i dont mind the thorns if your the rose, dont underestimate my love for you, hearts arent made to break theyre made to love, didnt we, mornin ride, someone, if theres any justice, touch and go crazy, 1990s country music hit singles, holdin a good hand, weve got it made, barbara mandrell duets, to me, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 27th birthdays, born october 27 1942Lee Greenwood is 75 (nee Melvin Lee Greenwood)

American country music songwriter, singer (God Bless the USA; Somebody's Gonna Love You; Going, Going, Gone; Dixie Road; I Don't Mind the Thorns [If You're the Rose]); Mornin' Ride), and septuagenarian born October 27, 1942. (Lee Greenwood 2006 Photo: Yoland Hunter / U.S. Air Force | Wikimedia PD)

j a jance 73, nee judith ann jance, j a jance books, american mystery writer, author, j p beaumont mysteries, until proven guilty, trial by fury, partner in crime, fire and ice, sheriff joanna brady books, desert heat, devils clae, exit wounds, dead wrong, ali reynolds mystery series, web of evil, fatal error, moving target, walker family mystery books, hour of the hunter, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 27th birthdays, born october 27 1944J. A. Jance is 73 (nee Judith Ann Jance)

Octogenarian senior citizen, American novelist, author of J. P. BeaumontSheriff Joanna Brady, and Ali Reynolds mystery series (Partner in Crime; Fire and Ice; Desert Heat; Devil's Claw; Web of Evilborn October 27, 1944. (J. A Jance Photo: Courtesy J. A. Jance)

ivan reitman 71, ivan reitman 2013, czechoslovakian canadian, comedy filmmaker, owner montecito picture company, screenwriter, movie producer, film director, 1970s movies, foxy lady, cannibal girls, meatballs, the house by the lake, blackout, 1980s movies, stripes, legal eagles, ghostbusters, twins, ghostbuster ii, casual sex, feds, 1990s movies, kindergarten cop, dave, junior, fathers day, six days seven nights, stop or my mom will shoot, beethoven, beethovens 2nd, the late shift, space jam, fathers day, 2000s movies, my super ex girlfriend, road trip, old school, eurotrip, trailer park boys the movie, hotel for dogs, i love you man, up in the air, draft day, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 27th birthdays, born october 27 1946Ivan Reitman is 71

Septuagenarian senior citizen, Czechoslovakian-Canadian screenwriter, producer and director (Ghostbusters; Legal Eagles; Meatballs; Twins; Stripes; Kindergarten Cop; Animal House; Beethoven; Road Trip; Daveborn October 27, 1946. (Ivan Reitman 2013 Photo: GabboT | Flickr Some rights reserved

fran lebowitz 67, nee frances ann lebowitz, fran lebowitz 2010, american public speaker, columnist for interview, mademoiselle magazine writer, author, metropolitan life, social studies, mr chas and lisa sue meet the pandas, the fran lebowitz reader, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 27th birthdays, born october 27 1950Fran Lebowitz is 67 (nee Frances Ann Lebowitz)

Senior citizen, American public speaker, columnist (Interview; Mademoiselle), and author (Metropolitan Life; Social Studies; Mr. Chas and Lisa Sue Meet the Pandas; The Fran Lebowitz Reader) born October 27, 1950. (Fran Lebowitz 2010 Photo: David Shankbone | Flickr Some rights reserved)

roberto benigni 65, roberto benigni 1998, italian screenwriter, movie director, actor, 1980s movies, nothing left to do but cry, down by law, coffee and cigarettes, 1990s movies, the voice of the moon, night on earth, johnny stecchino, son of the pink panther, the monster, life is beautiful, academy award, asterix and obelix vs caesar, pinocchio, 2000s movies, the tiger and the snow, to rome with love, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 27th birthdays, born october 27 1952Roberto Benigni is 65

New senior citizen, Academy Award-winning Italian screenwriter, director, & actor (Life is Beautiful; To Rome With Love; The Monster; Johnny Stecchino; Coffee and Cigarettes; Nothing Left to Do But Cry; Pinocchio) born October 27, 1952. (Roberto Benigni 1998 Photo: Georges Biard | Wikimedia CC 3.0)  

 seniors birthdays, older adult birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, generation x birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, happy birthday, senior citizens, centenarian, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial, birthday card, birthdays on this day, nature scenery, wild birds, wild geese, ducks, (Photo: Vincent van Zalinge via Unsplash)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on October 27th, 2017!

And remembering

nanette fabray 97, nee ruby bernadette nanette fabares, nanette fabray 1970, deaf, heard of hearing, hearing aids, singer, dancer, actress, 1930s movies, the private lives of elizabeth and essex, a child is born, 1950s movies, the band wagon, 1960s television series, westinghouse playhouse nanette mcgovern, 1960s movies, the happy ending, cockeyed cowboys of calico county, harper valley pta, 1980s movies, amy,personal exemptions, 1980s tv shows, 1980s tv sitcoms, one day at a time, grandma katherine romano, 1990s movies, teresas tattoo, shelley fabares aunt, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 27th birthdays, born october 27 1920, died february 22 2018, celebrity deaths

Nanette Fabray (nee Ruby Bernadette Nanette Fabares)

Deaf American singer-dancer & actress of TV (One Day at a Time; Westinghouse Playhouse; The Hollywood Squares) and movies (The Band Wagon; Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County) (born Oct. 27, 1920- died Feb. 22, 2018; age 97). Nanette Fabray died of natural causes. (Nanette Fabray 1970 Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County Screenshot)

ruby dee 1972, nee ruby ann wallace, married ossie davis, american actress, 1940s movies, that man of mine, what a guy, the fight never ends, 1950s movies, the jackie robinson story, the tall target, go man go, edge of the city, st louis blues, our virgin island, take a giant step, broadway plays, a raisin in the sun, 1960s movies, the balcony, gone are the days, the incident, uptight, 1970s movies, buck and the preacher, black girl, cool red, 1960s television series, 1960s tv soap operas, guiding light martha frazier, peyton place alma miles, 1970s television mini series, roots the next generations, 1980s movies, the torture of mothers, cat people, go tell it on the mountain, do the right thing, 1980s tv shows, ossie and ruby cohost, the hatlanta child murders faye williams, windmills of the gods dorothy, lincoln elizabeth keckley, 1990s movies, jungle fever, cop and a half, just cause, a simple wish, baby geniuses, 1990s tv mini series, the stand mother abagail freemantle, street gear mosley davis, little bill alice the great, 2000s movies, baby of the family, all about us, american gangster, a thousand words, 1982, screenwriter, grammy award, emmy award, civil rights activist, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 27th birthdays, born october 27 1922, died june 11 2014, celebrity deathsRuby Dee (nee Ruby Ann Wallace)

Grammy & Emmy Award-winning American actress of stage, movies (A Raisin in the Sun, Roots, The Jackie Robinson Story; American Gangster), TV (Peyton Place; Guiding Light; Ossie and Ruby!)  and civil rights activist (born Oct. 27, 1922 - died June 11, 2014; age 91). Ruby Dee died of natural causes. (Ruby Dee 1972 Photo: Chicago Sun Times | Wikimedia PD)

leif erickson 1936, nee william wycliffe anderson, american actor, married frances farmer, divorced frances farmer, married margaret hayes, divorced margaret hayes, 1930s movies, the sweetheart of sigma chi, wanderer of the wasteland, nevada, drift fence, desert gold, girl of the ozarks, college holiday, waikiki wedding, conquest, thrill of a lifetime, the big broadcast of 1938, ride a crooked mile, one third of a nation, 1940s movies, nothing but the truth, the blonde from singapore, hm pulham esq , the fleets in, are husbands necessary, eagle squadron, pardon my sarong, night monster, arabian nights, blonde savage, the gangster, sorry wrong number, the gay intruders, the snake pit, joan of arc, miss tatlocks millions, the lady gambles, johnny stool pigeon, 1940s television series, your show time, 1950s movies, mother didnt tell me, stella, the showdown, three secrets, dallas, show boat, the tall target, reunion in reno, the cimarron kid, sailor bewre, carbine williams, my wifes best friend, abbot and costello meet captain kidd, never wave at a wac, born to the saddle, trouble along the way, a perilous journey, invaders from mars, fort algiers, captain scarface, paris model, on the waterfront, star in the dust, the fastest gun alive, tea and sympathy, istanbul, the vintage, kiss them for me, twilight for the gods, once upon a horse, 1960s movies, shoot out at big sag, a gathering of eagles, strait jacket, the carpetbaggers, roustabout, mirage, i saw what you did, 1960s television series, 1960s western tv shows, the high chaparral big john cannon, 1970s movies, man and boy, abduction, winterhawk, twilights last gleaming, world war ii navy combat photographer, navy instructor, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, october 27th birthdays, born october 27 1911, died january 29 1986, celebrity deathsLeif Erickson (nee William Wycliffe Anderson)

American WWII Navy combat photographer & instructor, singer & actor of stage, TV (The High Chaparral) and movies (Drift Fence; Tea and Sympathy; The Carpetbaggers; Roustabout; I Saw What You Did; Show Boat) (born Oct. 27, 1911 - died Jan. 29, 1986; age 74). Leif Erickson's cause of death was cancer. (Leif Erickson 1936 College Holiday Screenshot

Harry Saltzman (nee Herschel Saltzman)

Canadian theatre and movie producer of James Bond (Dr. No; Goldfinger; Thunderball), Harry Palmer (The Ipcress File; Funeral in Berlin), and other films (Battle of Britain; Nijinsky) (born Oct. 27, 1915 - died Sept. 28, 1994; age 78). Cause of death for Harry Saltzman was a heart attack

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Baby boomer Anita Hamilton has always been interested in the "real people" stories behind the characters that create and inhabit the world of music, books, movies, television shows, current events, history, etc. A lifelong love of research (ok, nosiness) and writing, combined with a loving and supportive family and 3 mini-dachshund minions, keeps her busy.

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