November Birthdays

November 30th Birthdays

If you were born on November 30th, you share a birthday with these famous people:

ridley scott 80, sir ridley scott 2015, english television producer, british director, tv series produced, the man in the high castle, the good wife, braindead, call of duty, the pillars of the earth, numb3rs, movie director, 1970s movies directed, the duellists, alien, 1980s movie director, blade runner, legend, someone to watch over me, black rain, 1990s movie director, thelma and louise, 1492 conquest of paradise, white squall, gi jane, 2000s movies directed, gladiator, hannibal, black hawk down, matchstick men, kingdom of heaven, a good year, american gangster, body of lies, robin hood, prometheus, exodus gods and kings, the martian, movie producer, the gathering storm, in her shoes, tristan and isolde, body of lies, the grey, the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford, murder on the orient express, blade runner 2049, alien covenant, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 30th birthday, born november 30 1937Sir Ridley Scott is 80

New octogenarian English senior, TV & movie producer (The Good Wife; Numb3rs; The Pillars of the Earth) and director (Black Hawk Down; Thelma & Louise; Black Rain; Gladiator; Blade Runner; The Martian), born November 30, 1937. (Ridley Scott 2015 Photo: Bill Ingalls / NASA)

terrence malick 74, american movie producer, amazing grace, film director, movie screenplays, screenwriter, 1970s movies, badlands, days of heaven, 1990s movies, the thin red line, 2000s movies, the new world, the tree of life, tot he wonder, knight of cups, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 30th birthday, born november 30 1943Terrence Malick is 74

American movie producer (Amazing Grace), director &  screenwriter (Badlands; Days of Heaven; The Thin Red Line; The New World; To the Wonder; Knight of Cups), and septuagenarian senior born November 30, 1943. (Terrence Malick Photo: Hadean-mind

mandy patinkin 65, nee mandel bruce patinkin, american actor, singer, broadway musicals, broadway stage plays, tony award, emmy award, 1970s movies, french postcards, the big fix, last embrace, 1980s movies, night of the juggler, ragtime, daniel, yentl,l maxie, the rincess bride, the house on carroll street, alien nation, 1990s movies, dick tracy, true colors, impromptu, the doctor, the music of chance, life with mikey, squanto a warriors tale, men with guns, lulu on the bridge, th eadventures of elmo in grouchland, 1990s television series, chicago hope dr jeffrey geiger, 2000s movies, pinero, run ronnie run, frankie and johnny are married, 2000s tv shows, dead like me rube sofer, criminal minds jason gideon, homeland saul berenson, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 30th birthday, born november 30 1952Mandy Patinkin is 65 (nee Mandel Bruce Patinkin)

New American senior citizen, singer, Emmy and Tony Award-winning and actor on stage, TV (Homeland; Chicago Hope; Criminal Minds; Dead Like Me) and in movies (The Princess Bride; Alien Nation; Yentl; Ragtime; Alien Nation,), born November 30, 1952. (Mandy Patinkin 2012 Photo: Barian

seniors birthdays, older adult birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, generation x birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, happy birthday, senior citizens, centenarian, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial, birthday card, birthdays on this day, nature scenery, red car, sportscar, automobiles, muscle car, orange sportscar(Photo: John Schnobrich via Unsplash)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on November 30!

And remembering

anne of green gables, anne of avonlea, anne of the island, anne of windy poplars, annes house of dreams, anne of ingleside, rainbow valley, rilla of ingleside, emily of new moon, emily climbs, emilys quest, pat of silver bush, mistress pat, the story girl, the golden road, kilmeny of the orchard, the blue castle, magic for marigold, a tangled web, jane of langeern hill, short story writer, chronicles of avonlea, the road to yesterday, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 30th birthday, born november 30 1874, died april 24 1942, celebrity deathsL. M. Montgomery (nee Lucy Maud Montgomery)

Canadian author of the Anne of Green Gables novels (Anne of Avonlea; Rilla of Ingleside) and other novels (Emily of New Moon; Pat of Silver Bush; The Story Girl; Jane of Lantern Hill) (born Nov. 30, 1874 - died Apr. 24, 1942; age 67). Lucy Maud Montgomery died of a coronary thrombosis. (L. M. Montgomery Photo: KindredSpiritMichael)

efrem zimbalist jr 1969, american actor, broadway musical producer, movie actor, 1940s movies, house of strangers, 1950s television series, concerning miss marlowe jim gavin, 77 sunset strip stuart bailey, 1950s movies, band of angels, bombers b52, the deep six, too much too soon, violent road, girl on the run, home before dark, 1950s tv shows, maverick dandy jim buckley, 1960s movies, the crowded sky, a fever in the blook, by love possessed, the chapman report, harlow, the reward, wait until dark, 1970s movies, airport 1975, who is the black dahlia, 1980s tv mini series, scruples ellis ikehorn, insight tv series guest star, remington steele daniel chalmers, hotel charles cabot, zorro don alejandro de la vega, 1980s movies, the avenging, 1990s television shows, trade winds christof philips, voice actor, the legend of prince valiant king arthur voice, batman the animated series alfred pennyworth, father of stephanie zimbalist, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 30th birthday, born november 30 1918, died may 2 2014, celebrity deathsEfrem Zimbalist Jr.

American actor on stage, TV (The F.B.I.; 77 Sunset Strip; Concerning Miss Marlowe; Maverick; Remington Steele; Hotel; Zorro; Who is the Black Dahlia) & movies (By Love Possessed; The Chapman Report; Wait Until Dark) (born Nov. 30, 1918 - died May 2, 2014; age 95). Efrem Zimbalist Jr. died of natural causes. (Efrem Zimbalist Jr. 1969 The F.B.I. Photo: ABC TV)

winston churchill 1941, nee winston leonard spencer churchill, british prime minister, wwii english prime minister, we shall never surrender speech, politician, 1953 nobel prize for literature, nonfiction writer, author the second world war series, the gathering storm, the world crisis series, a history of the english speaking peoples series, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 30th birthday, born november 30 1874, died january 24 1965, celebrity deathsWinston Churchill (nee Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill)

British Prime Minister (1940-1945 & 1951-1955) during WWII "We shall never surrender", author awarded the 1953 Nobel Prize for Literature non-fiction author (The Second World War series; The World Crisis series) (born Nov. 30, 1874 - died Jan. 24, 1965; age 90). Winston Churchill died after a stroke. (Sir Winston Churchill 1941 Photo: J. Russell & Sons)  

dick clark 1974, nee richard wagstaff clark, american businessman, dick clark productions founder, radio personality, radio show host, the dick clark radio show, dick clarks rock roll and remember, television producer, american dreams producer, television series host, 1950s tv shows, american bandstand host, the dick clark show hsst, new years rockin eve, american music awards show, tv game show host, 1960s tv game shows, where the action is host, 1970s television game shows, the 10000 dollar pyramid host, the 25000 dollar pyramid host, actor, 1950s movies, jamboree, 1960s movies, because theyre young, the young doctors, killers three, the phynx, 2000s movies, spy kids, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 30th birthday, born november 30 1929, died april 18 2012, celebrity deathsDick Clark (nee Richard Wagstaff Clark)

American Emmy Award-winning radio & TV producer (American Dreams), actor & host (American Bandstand; The Dick Clark Show; The $10,000 Pyramid; New Year's Rockin' Eve; Dick Clark's Rock, Roll & Remember) (born Nov. 30, 1929 - died Apr. 18, 2012; age 82). Dick Clark died of a heart attack. (Dick Clark 1974 Photo: ABC TV)

virginia mayo 1956, nee virginia clara jones, american dancer, actress, 1940s movie star, 1940s movies, jack london, seven days ashore, the princess and the pirate, wonder man, the kid from brooklyn, the best years of our lives, out of the blue, the secret life of walter mitty, smart girls dont talk, a song is born, flaxy martin, colorado territory, the girl from jones beach, white heat, red light, always leave them laughing, 1950s movies, backfire, the flame and the arrow, the west point story, captain horation hornblower rn, along the great divide, painting the clouds with sunshine, starlift, shes working her way through college, the iron mistress, shes back on broadway, south sea woman, devils canyon, king richard and the crusaders, the silver chalice, pearl of the south pacific, the proud ones, great day in the morning, congo crossing, the big land, the story of mankind, the tall stranger, fort dobbs, westbound, jet over the atlantic, 1960s movies, revolt of the mercenaries, young fury, fort utah, 1970s movies, fugitive lovers, haunted, french quarter, 1990s movies, evil spirits, midnight witness, the man next door, 1980s television series, 1980s tv soap operas, santa barbara peaches delight, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 30th birthday, born november 30 1920, died january 17 2005, celebrity deathsVirginia Mayo (nee Virginia Clara Jones)

American dancer-actress of TV (Santa Barbara) & movies (Fort Dobbs; The Proud Ones; Fort Utah; The Tall Stranger; The Silver Chalice; The West Point Story; The Best Years of Our Lives; A Song is Born) (born Nov. 30, 1920 - died Jan. 17, 2005; age 84). Virginia Mayo died of pneumonia & heart failure complications. (Virginia Mayo 1956 The Proud Ones Trailer Screenshot)

richard crenna 1961, american actor, 1950s movies, the pride of st louis, it grows on trees, over exposed, our miss brooks movie, 1950s television series, our miss brooks walter denton, the real mccoys luke mccoy, 1960s movies, john goldfarb please come home, made in paris, the sand pebbles, wait until dark, star, midas run, marooned, 1970s movies, doctors wives, the devils backbone, red sky at morning, catlow, un flic, the man called noon, breakheart pass, stone cold dead, wild horse hank, 1970s tv shows, alls fair richard c barrington, centennial colonel frank skimmerhorn, 1980s movies, death ship, joshuas world, body heat, first blood, table for five, the flamingo kid, rambo first blood part ii, summer rental, on wings of eagles h ross perot, rambo iii, leviathan, 1980s television shows, it takes two dr sam quinn, the case of the hillside stranglers, 1990s tv series, pros and cons mitch ohannon, jag lt harmon rabb sr, 1990s movies, hot shots part deux, jade, sabrina, wrongfully accused, 2000s television shows, judging amy jared duff, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 30th birthday, born november 30 1926, died january 17 2003, celebrity deathsRichard Crenna 

American director and actor in movies (First BloodRambo films; Wait Until Dark; The Sand Pebbles; Made in Paris; Breakheart Pass; Summer Rental) and on TV (The Real McCoys; Our Miss Brooks; Slattery's People; It Takes Two) (born Nov. 30, 1926 - died Jan. 17, 2003; age 76). Richard Crenna died of heart failure. (Richard Crenna 1961 Photo)

robert guillaume 1977, nee robert peter williams, american singer, actor, broadway stage, broadway musicals, free and easy, golden boy, guys and dolls, tony award nomination, porgy and bess, the phantom of the opera, 1970s movies, super fly tnt, 1970s television series, soap benson dubois, 1980s movies, seems like old times, prince jack, wanted dead or alive, they still call me bruce, lean on me, 1980s tv shows, benson, north and south frederick douglass, the robert guillaume show edward sawyer, 1990s television shows, pacific station detective bob ballard, fish police detective catfish voice, sports night isaac jaffe, narrator happily ever after fairy tales for every child, 1990s movies, death warrant, the meteor man, the lion king rafiki voice actor, spy hard, first kid, the lion king 2 simbas price, timon and pumbaa tv show rafiki voice, 2000s movies, big fish, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 30th birthday, born november 30 1927, died october 24 2017, celebrity deathsRobert Guillaume (nee Robert Peter Williams)

American singer-actor on TV (Benson; Soap; Sports Night; The Robert Guillaume Show) and in movies (The Lion King [voice of Rafiki]; Seems Like Old Times; Wanted: Dead or Alive; Lean on Me; Spy Hard) (born Nov. 30, 1927 - died Oct. 24, 2017; age 89). Robert Guillaume died of prostate cancer. (Robert Guillaume 1977 SOAP Photo: ABC TV)

John Dickson Carr (aka Carter Dickson, Carr Dickson, & Robert Fairbairn)

American mystery novelist, author of the Henri Bencolin series (It Walks by Night; Castle Skull), Dr. Gideon Fell books (Hag's Nook; The Hollow Man), Sir Henry Merrivale mysteries (The White Priory Murders; The Plague Court Murders) (born Nov. 30, 1906 - died Feb. 28, 1977; age 70). Cause of death for John Dickson Carr was lung cancer

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