November Birthdays

November 17th Birthdays

If you were born on November 17th you share a birthday with these famous people:

robert brown 91, nee robin adair mackenzie brown, robert brown year, american actor, 1960s television series, here come the brides jason bolt, 1970s tv shows, primus carter primus, 1950s molvies, the flame barrier, 1960s movies, the tower of london, writer, photographer, voice actor, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1926Robert Brown is 91 (nee Robin Adair MacKenzie Brown)

Nonagenarian American senior citizen and actor on stage, TV (Here Come the Brides; Primus) and in movies (Tower of London; The Flame Barrier), turned writer, photographer, and voice actor, born November 17, 1926. (Robert Brown 1968 Here Come the Brides Photo: ABC TV| Wikimedia PD)

rance howard 89, nee harold rance beckenholdt, rance howard 2007, american character actor, 1950s movies, frontier woman, 1960s movies, village of the giants, the desert raven, an eye for an eye, gentle giant, 1960s television series, gentle ben henry boomhauer, 1970s movies, bloody trail, salty, where the lilies bloom, chinatown, eat my dusst, the legend of frank woods, grand theft auto, another man another chance, mr no legs, 1970s tv shows, the waltons dr mcivers, 1980s television shows, 1980s tv soap operas, days of our lives henry clovis, 1980s movies, smokey bites the dust, love lettes, forever and beyond, the lonely guy, splash, cocoon, creator, gung ho, innerspace, dark before dawn, born, trust me, the burbs, listen to me, parenthood, limit up, 1990s movies, 9 and a half ninjas, i dont buy kisses anymore, far and away, universal soldier, wishman, ticks, fearless, ed and his dead mother, snapdragon, forced to kill, the paper, the cowboy way, terminal velocity, ed wood, little giants, apollo 13, sgt bilko, tiger heart, where truth lies, independence day, mars attacks, ghosts of mississippi, traveller, money talks, the lay of the land,  sparkle and charm, the sender, chairman of the board, land of the free, small soldiers, the night caller, psycho, happy texas, 1990s tv series, babylon 5 david sheridan, clueless mr bell, two of a kind mr filmore, 2000s movies, love and sex, ping, how the grinch stole christmas, legend of the phantom rider, leaving the land, toolbox murders, the alamo, back by midnight, cinderella man, aimee semple mcpherson, sasquatch mountain, georgia rule, ghost town the movie, walk hard the dewey cox story, drillbit taylor, frost nixon, anels and demons, valentines day, once fallen, the genesis code, huff, nebraska, the lone ranger, 40 nights, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1928Rance Howard is 89 (nee Harold Rance Beckenholdt)

American actor on TV (Gentle Ben; Days of Our Lives; The Waltons), movies (Bloody Trail; An Eye for an Eye; Gentle Giant; Salty; Where the Lilies Bloom; Grand Theft Auto; Splash; Cocoon), and octogenarian born November 17, 1928. (Rance Howard 2007 Photo: Jcanch | Wikimedia PD)

gordon lightfoot 79, nee gordon meredith lightfoot jr, gordon lightfoot 1938, canadian musician, folk rock, folk country music, singer, songwriter, 1960s hit songs, remember me im the one, im not sayin, spin spin, the way i feel, canadian railroad trilogy, black day in july, 1970s hit singles, me and bobby mcgee, if you could read my mind, this is my song, talking in your sleep, beautiful, you are what i am, sundown, carefree highway, rainy day people, the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald, the circle is small i can see it in your eyes, daylight katy, 1980s canadian music hit songs, dream street rose, if you need me, baby steck back, blackberry wine, anything for love, stay loose, juno awards, canadian idol, songwriters hall of fame,  septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1938Gordon Lightfoot is 79 (nee Gordon Meredith Lightfoot Jr.)

Septuagenarian Canadian Juno Award-winning, top 1970s male recording artist, & singer-songwriter (If You Could Read My Mind; Sundown; The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald; Black Day in July), born November 17, 1938. (Gordon Lightfoot 1965 Photo: Alexandra Studio / Toronto History | Flickr SRR)

peter snell 79, peter snell 1964, new zealand runner, middle distance runner, olympic gold medalist, 1960s rome olympics 1800 metre winner, 1964 tokyo olympic games, 800 metres gold medalist, 1500 metre gold medal winner 1964 tokyo, 2003 united states orientering shampion men age 65 and older, age 65 plus, 2017 wold master games table tennis player, men age 75 plus, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1938Peter Snell is 79

Retired New Zealand 3-time Olympic gold medalist (1960 Rome Olympics 800 metres; 1964 Tokyo 800 & 1500 metres), 2003 U.S. Orienteering Champion (age 65+), 2017 World Master Games table tennis player, & senior born November 17, 1938. (Peter Snell 1964 Photo: Wikimedia PD)

martin scorsese 75, martin scorsese 1995, american filmmaker, movie producer, screenwriter, academy award best director, 2000s movies, the aviator, hugo, silence, the departed director, leonardo dicaprio movies, the wolf of wall street, gangs of new york, robert deniro movies, raging bull, taxi driver, 1970s movies, alice doesnt live here any more, 1980s movies, the king of comedy, after hours, the color of money, the last temptation of christ, 1990s movies, goodfellas, cape fear, the age of innocence, casino, kundun, television producer, 2000s television series, boardwalk empire producer, actor, quiz show, movie cameos, married isabella rossellini 1979, divorce isabella rosselini 1982, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1942Martin Scorsese is 75

American Emmy & Academy Award-winning producer, actor, screenwriter (Goodfellas), director (The Departed; Taxi Driver; Raging Bull; The Aviator; Cape Fear; Boardwalk Empire) and septuagenarian born November 17, 1942. (Martin Scorsese 1995 Photo: Gorupdebesanez | Wikimedia CC 3.0)

lauren hutton 74, nee mary laurence hutton, lauren hutton 1974, american model, gap tooth model, supermodel, revlon model, chanel model, vogue cover girl, 1960s movies, paper lion, 1970s movies, pieces of dreams, little fauss and big halsy, my  name is rocco papaleo, the gambler, gator, welcome to la, viva knievel, the chant of jimmie blacksmith, a wedding, 1970s television mini series, the rhinemann exchange leslie jenner hawkewood, 1980s movies, american gigolo, zorro the gay blade, paternity, all fired up, lassiter, once bitten, malone, run for your life, forbidden sun, 1980s tv shows, 1980s tv soap operas, paper dolls colette ferrier, monte carlo evelyn macintyre, falcon crest liz mcdowell, blue blood gerda minsker, 1990s movies, missing pieces, millions, guilty as charged, my father the hero, a rats tale, 54, just a little harmless sex, loser love, 1990s television shows, cpw linda fairchild rush, 2000s movies, the joneses, i feel pretty, 2000s tv series, nip tuck guest star fiona mcneil, 1990s tv talk show producer, 1990s tv talk show host, lauren hutton and producer host, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1943Lauren Hutton is 74 (nee Mary Laurence Hutton)

American gap-toothed supermodel (Revlon), movie actress (Paper Lion; The Gambler; Gator; Once Bitten), TV actress, talk show producer & host (Lauren Hutton and...; C.P.W.; Falcon Crest; Paper Dolls), and septuagenarian born November 17, 1943. (Lauren Hutton 1974 Photo: Wikimedia PD)

danny devito 73, nee daniel michael devito jr, danny devito 2008, married rhea perlman, american comedy writer, movie producer, erin brockovich, out of sight, pulp fiction, tv producer, reno 911 producer, movie director, hoffa director, comedic actor, character actor, 1970s movies, lady liberty, one flew over the cuckoos nest, deadly hero, th e money, the van, the worlds greatest lover, goin south, swap meet, 1970s television series, 1970s tv sitcoms, taxi louie de palma, 1980s movies, terms of endearment, romancing the stone, johnny dangerously, the jewel of the nile, head office, wise guys, ruthless people, tin men, throw momma from the train, twins, the war of the roses, 1990s movies, other peoples money, batman returns, hoffa, jack the bear, renaissance man, junior, get shorty, matilda, mars attacks, la confidential, the rainmaker, living out loud, man on the moon, 2000s movies, drowning mona, screwed, heist, whats the worst that could happen, death to smoochy, austin powers in goldmember, big fish, be cool, even money, deck the halls, the good night, when in rome, solitary man, im still here, girl walks into a bar, 2000s tv shows, its always sunny in philadelphia frank reynolds, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1944Danny DeVito is 73 (nee Daniel Michael DeVito Jr.)

Septuagenarian American Emmy Award-winning actor (Taxi; It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The War of the Roses; Romancing the Stone; Throw Momma from the Train) born November 17, 1944. (Danny DeVito 2008 Photo: © Glenn Francis | Wikimedia CC 3.0)  

tom seaver 73, nee george thomas seaver, tom seaver 1972, american baseball player, retired baseball player, national baseball hall of fame, mlb pitcher, major league baseball team player, new york mets, world series, cincinnati reds, chicago white sox, 1967 national league rookie of the year, cy young award winner, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1944Tom Seaver is 73 (nee George Thomas Seaver)

Retired American National Baseball Hall of Fame MLB pitcher (New York Mets; Cincinnati Reds; Chicago White Sox), National League 1967 Rookie of the Year, 3-time Cy Young Award-winner, and septuagenarian born November 17, 1944. (Tom Seaver 1972 Sears Ad Photo: SenseiAlan / Flickr SRR

lorne michaels 73, nee lorne david lipowitz, lorne michaels 2008, canadian comedy writer, cbc radio broadcaster, comedy screenwriter, laugh in screenwriter, the beautiful phyllis diller show comedy writer, canadian american tv producer, saturday night live creator, emmy awards, producer the tonight show, late night producer, 30 rock producer, up all night tv producer,  married rosie shuster 1971, divorced rosie shuster 1980, cbc radio broadcaster, movie producer, lassie producer, tommy boy producer, waynse world 2, coneheads, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1944Lorne Michaels is 73 (nee Lorne David Lipowitz)

Canadian-American Emmy Award-winning TV & film producer (Saturday Night Live; 30 Rock; The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon; Late Night With Conan O'Brien; Tommy Boy), and septuagenarian born November 17, 1944. (Lorne Michaels 2008 Photo: David Shankbone | Wikimedia CC 3.0)

elvin hayes 72, elvin hayes 1975, american basketball player, professional basketball player, retired pro basketball player, naismith memorial basketball hall of fame, nba pro player, san diego rockets, baltimore bullets, 1978 nba champion, 12 time nba all star, 1969 nba scoring champion, radio basketball analyst, houston cougars, 1968 sporting news player of the year, 1968 associated press player of the year, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1945Elvin Hayes is 72

Septuagenarian American, retired Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame NBA player (San Diego Rockets, Baltimore Bullets), 1969 NBA scoring champion, and 12-time NBA All-Star, born November 17, 1945. (Elvin Hayes 1975 The Sporting News Photo: George Gojkovich | Wikimedia PD)

seniors birthday, happy birthday, senior citizens, centenarian, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial, birthday card, birthdays on this day, nature scenery, summer scenery, dock, boating, late(Photo: Unknown)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on November 17, 2017!

And remembering

bob mathias 1953, nee robert bruce mathias, american decathlete, united states marine corps officer 1950s, stanford university college football player, stanford university rose bowl 1952, 1950 decathlon world record, 1948 london olympic games decathlon gold medal, 1952 helsinki olympics decathlete gold medal, olympic gold medalist, 1960s us house of representatives, 1970s us house of representatives, actor, 1950s television series, troubleshooters frank dugan, 1950s movies, china doll, the bob mathias story, 1960s movies, it happened in athens, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1930, died september 2 2006, celebrity deathsBob Mathias (nee Robert Bruce Mathias)

American 2-time Olympic gold medal decathlete (1948 London Olympic Games; 1952 Helsinki Olympics), U.S. House of Representatives member (1967-1975), & actor (Troubleshooters; The Bob Mathias Story; China Doll) (born Nov. 17, 1930 - died Sept. 2, 2006; age 75). Bob Mathias died of cancer. (Bob Mathias 1953 Photo: Eric Mathias | Wikimedia CC 3.0)

lee strasberg 1976, nee israel strassberg, polish american actor, movie actor, 1950s movies, china venture, 1970s movies, the godfather part ii, the cassandra crossing, and justice for all, boardwalk, going in style, actors studio director 1951, acting teacher, method acting teacher, the father of method acting in america, father of actress susan strasberg, father of john strasberg, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 17th birthday, born november 17 1930, died september 2 2006, celebrity deathsLee Strasberg (nee Israel Strassberg)

Polish-American actor on stage, TV, movies (China Venture; The Godfather Part II; ...And Justice for All; The Cassandra Crossing), Actors Studio Director and acting teacher "the father of method acting in America"(born Nov. 17, 1901 - died July 17, 1982; age 89). Cause of death for Lee Strasberg was a heart attack. (Lee Strasberg 1976 Photo: Keystone | Wikimedia PD)

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