Betty White on Johnny Carson

Before she became today’s beloved nonagenarian senior citizen, the ever-funny Betty White appeared in several skits on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show in the late 1970’s. These two skits are a nod to feminist/women’s rights legal issues of the time, and baby boomers will remember both Betty White and Johnny Carson delivering their tongue-in-cheek lines (mostly) straight-faced.

In 1978, women reporters wanted access to major-league sports locker rooms. 50+ Betty White interviews Johnny:


In 1979 Lee Marvin was in the middle of a precedent-setting palimony case, which Betty White and Johnny Carson satirized.

betty white, nonagenarian, senior citizens, senior humour, baby boomer tv, senior years, old lady, 50+, fifty plus, baby boomer, johnny carsonToday’s seniors will fondly recall the vintage Johnny Carson-era humour that was so popular for the baby boomer generation.

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