May Birthdays

May 4th Birthdays

If you were born on May 4th you share a celebrity birthday with these famous people:

robin cook 77, 2008, born robert brian cook, american novelist, medical thrillers, coma, outbreak, vital signs, sphinx, brain, fever, godplayer, mindbend, mortal fear, harmful intent, fatal cure, acceptable risk, blindsight, jack stapleton and laurie montgomery series, foreign body, medical fiction best sellers, doctor, navy aquanaut, septuagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 4th birthdays, born may 4 1940Robin Cook (nee Robert Brian Cook)

American doctor, U.S. Navy aquanaut, and best-selling medical thriller novelist (Coma; Outbreak; Mortal Fear; Sphinx; Mindbend; Harmful Intent; The Year of the Intern; Blindsight and the Jack Stapleton/Laurie Montgomery series), born May 4, 1940. (Robin Cook 2008 Photo: Patryk Korzeniecki)

richard jenkins birthday, nee richard dale jenkins, richard jenkins 2011, american actor, emmy award, 1970s television series, great performances guest star, 1980s movies, silverado, hannah and her sisters, the little sister, on valentines day, the manhattan project, the witches of eastwick, rachel river, courtship, little nikita, stealing home, how i got into college, blue steel, sea of love, blaze, 1980s tv shows, miami vice guest star, 1990s television shows, against the law wexford, queen mr benson, 1990s films, undercover blues, wolf, it could happen to you, trapped in paradise, the indian in the cupboard, how to make an american quilt, a couch in new york, flirting with disaster, eddie, absolute power, eys of god, the impostors, the mod squad, the confession, outside providence, snow falling on cedars, random hearts, 2000s movies, what planet are you from, my myself and irene, say it isnt so, one night at mccools, the man who wasnt there, changing lanes, stealing harvard, the mudge boy, the core, intolerable cruelty, cheaper by the dozen, shall we dance, north country, fun with dick and jane, rumor has it, the kingdom, the visitor, the broken, step brothers, burn after reading, 2000s tv series, six feet under nathaniel fisher, 2010s films, happythankyoumoreplease, dear john, waiting for forever, norman, eat pray love, let me in, hall pass, friends with benefits, the rum diary, liberal arts, dearling companion, the cabin in the woods, killing them softly, the company you keep, jack reacher, acod, white house down, gods pocket, 4 minute mile, lullaby, bone tomahawk, the hollars, lbj, kong skull island, the shape of water, 2010s television mini series, olive kitteridge  henry kitteridge, berlin station steven frost, septuagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 4th birthdays, born may 4 1947Richard Jenkin

Emmy Award-winning American actor of stage, TV (Six Feet Under; Berlin Station) and movies (The Visitor; The Shape of Water; Silverado; The Manhattan Project; The Witches of Eastwick; Sea of Love; Absolute Power; 4 Minute Mile; LBJ), born May 4, 1947. (Richard Jenkins 2011 Photo: Piotr Drabik)

jackie jackson birthday, nee sigmund esco jackson, jackie jackson 1969, oldest jackson 5 brother, 1970s vocal groups, the jackson 5, american tenor singer, songwriter, 1970s hit songs, i want you back, abc, the love you save, ill be there, mamas pearl, never can say goodbye, sugar daddy, dancin machine, enjoy yourself, shake your body down to the ground, 1980s hit singles, stay, can you feel it, record producer, session musician, paula abdul relationship, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 4th birthdays, born may 4 1951Jackie Jackson (nee Sigmund Esco Jackson; ex-partner of Paula Abdul)

American producer, session musician, songwriter, & singer (Stay) with The Jackson 5 (I Want You Back; ABC; Can You Feel It; Wait; Torture; I’ll Be There; Who’s Lovin’ You), born May 4, 1951. Older brother of Randy, Tito, Jermain, La Toya, Janet & Michael Jackson. (Jackie Jackson 1969: Bernie Ilson Inc. PR

pia zadora birthday, pia zadora 1964, nee pia alfreda schipani, american 1960s child actress, 1960s movies, santa claus conquers the martians, 1980s films, butterfly, fake out, the lonely lady, voyage of the rock aliens, feel the motion, hairspray, troop beverly hills, 1990s movies, naked gun 33 and a third, singer, 1980s hit songs, the clapping song, when the rain begins to fall, jermaine jackson duets, lets dance tonight, married meshulam riklis 1977, divorced meshulam riklis 1993, swimsuit model, Pia Zadora (nee Pia Alfreda Schipani)

American singer (Rock It Out; When the Rain Begins to Fall), & actress of stage, TV & movies (Butterfly; The Lonely Lady; Hairspray; Troop Beverly Hills; Naked 33 1/3: The Final Insult), born May 4, 1953. Ex of Meshulam Riklis, Jonathan Kaufer. (Pia Zadora 1964 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians)

randy travis birthday, nee randy bruce traywick, randy travis older, american country music singer, christian music songwriter, musician, guitarist, grammy awards, 1980s country music hit songs, on the other hand, diggin up bones, no place like home, forever and ever amen, i wont nee you anymore always and forever, too gone too long, i told you so, honky tonk moon, deeper than the holler, is it still over, promises, its just a matter of time, 1990s country music hit singles, hard rock bottom of your heart, he walked on water, a few ole country boys, george jones duets, heroes and friends, point of light, forever together, better class of losers, if i didnt have you, look heart no hands, before you kill us all, whisper my name, this is me, the box, out of my bones, the hole, spirit of a boy wisdom of a man, 2000s hit country music songs, three wooden crosses, actor, 1990s television series, matlock billy wheeler, touched by and angel guest star, 1990s made for tv movies, outlaws the legend of ob taggart, 1990s films, at risk, frank and jesse, edie and pen, fire down below, tnt, the shooter, the rainmaker, black dog, baby geniuses, the white river kid, 2000s movies, the million dollar kid, ill wave back, the cactus kid, texas rangers, the long ride home, the visitation, the wager, national treasure book of secrets, jerusalem countdown, 2010s films, the price, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 4th birthdays, born may 4 1959Randy Travis (nee Randy Bruce Traywick)

Grammy Award-winning American Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter, singer (Diggin’ Up Bones; Forever and Ever, Amen; Too Gone Too Long; I Told You So; Honky Tonk Moon), actor of TV & movies (The Long Ride Home; Texas Rangers), born May 4, 1959. (Randy Travis Photo: Ontourage Management)

mary beth mcdonough birthday, nee mary elizabeth mcdonough, mary mcdonough 1970s, american child actress, 1960s television series, 1960s tv soap operas, general hospital heidi hopkins, 1970s tv shows, the waltons erin walton, 1970s waltons tv movies, 1980s walton tv films, adult actress, 1980s movies, mortuary, lovely but deadly, snowballing, impure throughts, waiting to act, funland, 1990s films, mom, one of those nights, heaven sent,  2000s television shows, will and grace guest star, the new adventures of old christine mrs wilhoite, 2010s movies, the costume shop, amateur, acting teacher, screenwriter, director, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, baby boomer birthdays, zoomer birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 4th birthdays, born may 4 1961Mary Beth McDonough (nee Mary Elizabeth McDonough)

American actress of TV (Erin Walton on The WaltonsGeneral Hospital; The New Adventures of Old Christine), films (One of Those Nights; The Costume Shop; Heaven Sent; Snowballing; Funland), screenwriter, author & acting coach, born May 4, 1961. (Photo: Courtesy

ana gasteyer birthday, nee ana kristinia gasteyer, ana gasteyer 2013, american comedienne, host, actress, improv comedian, 1990s movies, courting courtney, meet the deedles, dick, 1990s tv variety series, saturday night live regular, 2000s films, woman on top, what women want, whats the wors that could happen, mean girls, the women, finn on he fly, dare, 2000s tv shows, 3rd rock from the sun guest star, 2010s television series, curb your enthusiasm jennifer, going there with ana gasteyer host, suburgatory sheila shay, the good wife judge patrice lessner, dawn of the croods voice of meep, harvey beaks voice of tara, people of earth gina morrison, lady dynamite karen grisham, great news kelly, the goldbergs miss cinoman, the lion guard voice of reirei,  2010s tv game shows, celebrity name game contestant, match game celebrity panelist, 2010s movies, fully loaded, robot and frank, thats my boy, fun size, geography club, rapture palooza, paul blart mall cop 2, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, generation x birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 4th birthdays, born may 4 1967Ana Gasteyer

American improv comedienne, host & actress of TV (Sheila Shay on Suburgatory; Saturday Night Live; The Good Wife; People of Earth; Lady DynamiteGoing There with Ana Gasteyer) and movies (What Women Want; Dick; Mean Girls), born May 4, 1967. (Ana Gasteyer 2013 Photo: Melissa Hiller)

matt crane, born may 4, may 4th birthday, american actor, tv shows, soap operas, another world, matthew cory, general hospital, married robin christopher, model, sculptorMatt Crane (nee Matthew Crane)

American sculptor, actor of TV (Matthew Cory on Another World 1991-1999; Ross Duncan on General Hospital; War and Remembrance; Tour of Duty; Sex and the City; Gotham the Series), married to former Another World co-star Robin Christopher, born May 4, 1967. (Matt Crane Painting: A. Hamilton)

will arnett birthday, born may 4th, canadian american comedian, producer, actor, tv shows, arrested development gob bluth, bojack horseman, the millers, up all night, movies, when in romeWill Arnett (nee William Emerson Arnett)

Canadian-American comedian, actor of TV (Gob Bluth on Arrested Development; Bojack Horseman; The Millers; Up All Night; 30 Rock; Riviera), & films (When in Rome; Monsters vs. Aliens; Batman), born May 4, 1970. Ex of Amy Poehler, Penelope Ann Miller. (Will Arnett 2012: David Shankbone)

birthday wishes, happy birthday, greeting card, born may 4, famous birthdays, actress, audrey hepburn, maria corda, classic movies, sabrina, funny face, breakfast at tiffanys, roman holiday, silent films, the private life of helen of troy, mrs alexander korda(Audrey Hepburn 1953 | Maria Corda 1927 [colorized])

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on May 4th!

Remember These May 4th Famous Birthdays

betsy rawls birthday, nee elizabeth earle rawls, betsy rawls 1959, american professional golfer, retired lpga tour golfer, ladies professional golf association member, world golf hall of fame, 1957 lpga tour money winner 1959, 1959 lpga vare trophy, 1980 patty berg award, 1996 bob jones award, 1961 lpga president 1962, nonagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 4th birthdays, born may 4 1928Betsy Rawls (nee Elizabeth Earle Rawls) 

World Golf Hall of Fame American award-winning (1959 LPGA Vare; 1980 Patty Berg ; 1996 Bob Jones) LPGA professional golfer with 55 LPGA Tour wins, 8 LPGA major championships (Western Open, Titleholders, Women’s PGA, US Women’s Open), 1957 & 1959 LPGA Tour Money winner, (born May 4, 1928 – died Oct. 21, 2023; age 95). (Betsy Rawls 1959: UPI Telephoto)

audrey hepburn birthday, nee audrey kathleen ruston, aka edda van  heemstra, audry hepburn 1961, english singer, british actress, tony awards, emmy awards, grammy awards, academy awards, 1950s movies, one wild oat, laughter in paradise, the lavender hill mob, young wives tale, baby beats the band, secret people, roman holiday, we go to monte carlo, sabrina, war and peace, funny face, love in the afternoon, green mansions, the nuns story, 1960s films, the unforgiven, breakfast at tiffanys, the childrens hour, charade, paris when it sizzles, my fair lady, how to steal a million, two for the road, wait until dark, 1970s movies, robin and marian, bloodline, 1980s movies, they all laughed, always, married mel ferrer 1954, divorced mel ferrer 1968, married andrea dotti 1969, ben gazzara relationship, divorced andrea dotti 1982, robert wolders relationship, albert finney relationship, unicef spokeswoman, unicef goodwill ambassador, friend hubert de givenchy, givenchy fashion designs, friend gregory peck, friend alain delon, roger moore friend, elizabeth taylor friend, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 4th birthdays, born may 4 1929, died january 20 1993, celebrity deathsAudrey Hepburn (nee Audrey Kathleen Ruston; aka Edda van Heemstra)

Tony, Emmy, Grammy & Oscar-winning Belgian-British actress of TV & films (Roman Holiday; Breakfast at Tiffany’s; My Fair Lady; Sabrina; Funny Face; Wait Until Dark; The Children’s Hour; Robin and Marian; War and Peace; Two for the Road) (born May 4, 1929 – died Jan. 20, 1993; age 63). Ex of Mel Ferrer, Andrea Dotti; partner of Robert Wolders. (Audrey Hepburn 1961 Charade

nickolas ashford birthday, nickolas ashford 1980, african american singer, married valerie simpson 1974, songwriters, ashford and simpson, 1960s hit songs, lets go get stoned, 1970s hit singles, dont cost you nothing, stuff like that, it seems to hang on, found a cure, nobody knows, 1980s song hits, love dont make it right, solid, outta the world, count your blessings, septuagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 4th birthdays, born may 4 1941, died august 22 2011, celebrity deathsNickolas Ashford

American R&B singer-songwriter with his wife Valerie Simpson (Ashford & Simpson – Solid), co-producer and songwriter for Motown (Let’s Go Get Stoned; Ain’t No Mountain High Enough; Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing) (born May 4, 1941 – died Aug. 22, 2011; age 70). Nickolas Ashford had throat cancer before he died. (Nickolas Ashford 1980 Photo: Warner Bros. Records)

paul gleason birthday, paul gleason 1973, american actor, 1960s movies, winter a go go, 1970s television series, adam 12 guest star, ike the war years captain ernest tex lee, soap operas, all my children dr david thornton, 1970s films, private duty nurses, where does it hurt, little laura and big john, doc savage the man of bronze, vigilante force, the great santini, 1980s movies, he knkows youre alone, fort apache the bronx, arthur, the pursuit of d b cooper, tender mercies, trading places, the breakfast club, morgan stewarts coming home, forever lulu, ghost chase, shes having a baby, johnny be good, die hard, lifted, night game, 1980s tv shows, riptide guest star, hill street blues biff lowe, dallas lt lee spaulding, doubletake henley, the a team guest star, 1980s daytime tv serials, another life lee carothers, murder she wrote guest star, 1990s films, miami blues, rich girl, wishman, loaded weapon 1, maniac cop 3 badge of silence, wild cactus, boiling point, running cool, i love trouble, there goes my baby, nothing to lose, in the living years, digital man, shadow conspiracy, money talks, a time to revenge, day at the beach, no code of conduct, 1990s television shows, one west waikiki captain dave herzog, boy meets world dean borak, lost on earth george greckin, 2000s movies, the giving tree, red letters, not another teen movie, the organization, the myersons, social misfits, van wilder party liaison, abominable, the book of caleb, the passing, 2000s tv series, dawsons creek larry newman, malcom in the middle mystery man, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 4th birthdays, born may 4 1939, died may 27 2006, celebrity deathsPaul Gleason (ex of Candy Moore)

American actor of TV (Dr. David Thornton on All My Children; Lee Carothers on Another Life; One West Waikiki; Dallas; Adam-12; Hill Street Blues; Riptide) and movies (The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper; Trading Places; The Breakfast Club; Die Hard) (born May 4, 1939 – died May 27, 2006; age 67). Paul Gleason died of lung cancer. (Paul Gleason 1973 Photo: Little Laura and Big John Trailer)

howard da silva birthday, nee howard silverblatt, born may 4th, american character actor, tv shows, for the people, classic movies, the great gatsby, unconquered, tripoli, the lost weekendHoward Da Silva (nee Howard Silverblatt; ex of Marjorie Nelson)

Blacklisted American actor of TV (For the People; Ben Casey) and movies (Mommie Dearest; The Great Gatsby; M; Three Husbands; Tripoli; The Underworld Story; Blues in the Night; They Live By Night; The Blue Dahlia; The Lost Weekend; The Omaha Trail) (born May 4, 1909 – died Feb. 16, 1986; age 76). Howard Da Silva died of lymphoma. (Howard Da Silva 1947 Unconquered)

susan brown birthday, susan brown 1975, american actress, 1950s television series, 1950s tv soap operas, from these roots liz fraser allen, 1960s tv shows, alfred hitchcock presents guest star, dr kildare guest star, valentines day guest star, the name of the game guest star, death valley days, 1960s daytime tv serials, the edge of night nancy pollock karr, bright promise martha ferguson, the young marrieds ann reynolds, 1960s movies, the stripper, 1970s television shows, 1970s tv soaps, return to peyton place constance mackenzie carson, 1970s films, the klansman, 1980s tv series, mariah maggie malone, 1980s daytime television shows, as the world turns adelaide fitzgibbon, santa barbara dorothy lane, general hospital dr gail adamson baldwin, nonagenarian birthdays, senior citizen birthdays, 60 plus birthdays, 55 plus birthdays, 50 plus birthdays, over age 50 birthdays, age 50 and above birthdays, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, may 4th birthdays, born may 4 1940Susan Brown

American actress of stage, TV (Mariah), and TV soap operas (Dr. Gail Adamson Baldwin on General Hospital & Port Charles; Ann on The Young Marrieds; Martha Ferguson on Bright Promise; Constance Mackenzie Carson on Return to Peyton Place; Santa Barbara; Liz on From These Roots; As the World Turns) (born May 4, 1932 – died Aug. 21, 2018; age 86). (Susan Brown 1975)

joseph de grasse, born may 4, may 4th birthday, canadian actor, movies, the dawn rider, director, silent films, a dolls house, so big, the hidden way, the place beyond the winds, heart of the hills, if my country should call, the old swimmin jole, married ida may parkJoseph De Grasse (brother of Sam De Grasse; married Ida May Park)

Canadian actor & director of stage, classic & silent movies (A Doll’s House; So Big; The Hidden Way; The Place Beyond the Winds; Heart o’ the Hills; If My Country Should Call; The Old Swimmin’ Hole; Triumph; The Scarlet Car; The Dawn Rider) co-founder of the Motion Picture Directors Association (born May 4, 1873 – died May 25, 1940; age 67). (Joseph De Grasse 1911: Pathe Freres)

maria corda, born may 4th, hungarian actress, mrs alexander korda, film star, silent movies, the private life of helen of troy, love and the devil, a woman in the night, the last days of pompeii, dance fever, Maria Corda (nee Mária Antónia Farkas)

Hungarian actress, 1st wife of director Alexander Korda (then Korda Sandor), star of stage and silent films (The Private Life of Helen of Troy; Love and the Devil; A Woman in the Night; The Last Days of Pompeii; Dance Fever; Madame Doesn’t Want Children; A Modern Casanova) (born May 4, 1898 – died Feb. 15, 1976; age 77). (Maria Corda 1927: Moving Picture World)

bartolomeo cristofori, born may 4, may 4th birthday, venetian musical instrument maker, inventor of the piano, pianoforte maker, harpischord restorer, musical innovator, italian, venetianBartolomeo Cristofori (nee Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco)

Venetian musical instrument restorer, maker (pianofortes; upright harpischord / clavicytherium; standard harpischords), and inventor (piano; spinettone; oval spinet; ) for Prince Ferdinando de Medici of Florence & his father, Cosimo III, Grand Duke of Tuscany (born May 4, 1655 – died Jan. 27, 1731; age 75). (Bartolomeo Cristofori c. 1726: Unknown)

christine white birthday, born may 4th, american actress, 1950s tv shows 1960s, classic tv series, bonanza, perry mason, the twilight zone, ichabod and me, the loretta young show, Christine White

American actress of TV (Abigail Adams on Ichabod and Me; The Loretta Young Show; Perry Mason; The Man Behind the Badge; The Twilight Zone; The Millionaire; The Untouchables; The Rifleman; Thriller; Bachelor Father; The Fugitive) and movies (Man Crazy; Macabre; Panama Sal) (born May 4, 1926 – died Apr. 14, 2013; age 86). (Christine White 1960 Bonanza)

luther adler birthday, born may 4th, american director, actor, classic movies, doa, south sea sinner, the miami story, crashout, hot blood, saigon, the wake of the red witch, house of strangers, the desert fox the story of rommellLuther Adler (nee Lutha Adler; ex of Sylvia Sidney)

American actor of TV (Hawaii Five-O; Naked City) & films (South Sea Sinner; The Miami Story; Crashout; Hot Blood; Saigon; Under My Skin; House of Strangers; M; Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye; Wake of the Red Witch; Absence of Malice; The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel; The Loves of Carmen) (born May 4, 1903 – died Dec. 8, 1984; age 81). Brother of Celia & Stella Adler. (Luther Adler 1949 D.O.A.)

esmond knight birthday, born may 4th, english actor, british movies, classic films, contraband, black narcissus, girdle of gold, the river, anne of the thousand days, the inheritance, peeping tom, sink the bismarckEsmond Knight (married Nora Swinburne; father of Rosalind Knight)

English actor of stage, TV & films (Girdle of Gold; The River; Anne of the Thousand Days; The Inheritance; Peeping Tom; Sink the Bismarck!; Missiles From Hell; Black Narcissus; Gone to Earth; The Steel Key; The Red Shoes; Hamlet; The End of the River) (born May 4, 1906 – died Feb. 23, 1987; age 80). Esmond Knight died of a heart attack. (Esmond Knight 1940 Contraband)

bernadine hayes birthday, born may 4th, american singer, radio, actress, tv, movies, the judgement book, prison nurse, dont gamble with strangers, heroes in blue, trouble at midnight, north of the rio grande, the accusing finger, sweetheart of the navyBernadine Hayes (aka Bernadene Hayes)

American singer-actress of radio, TV & films (The Judgement Book; Prison Nurse; Don’t Gamble with Strangers; Heroes in Blue; Trouble at Midnight; North of the Rio Grande; The Accusing Finger; Sweetheart of the Navy; The Deadly Game; Great Guy; Some Like It Hot; Santa Fe Marshal) (born May 4, 1912 – died Aug. 29, 1987; age 75). (Bernadine Hayes 1930: The Indianapolis Times)

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