November Birthdays

November 26th Birthdays

If you were born on November 26th, you share a birthday with these famous people:

rich little 79, nickname man of a thousand voices, rich little  1976, canadian voice actor, canadian american impressionist, canadian american actor, 1960s television series, love on a rooftop stan parker, your all american college show, this hour has seven days, 1970s tv shows, the abc comedy hour the kopykats, 1970s movies, another nice mess, 1980s movies, dirty tricks, one crazy summer, happy hour, late night talk show guest, the tonight show starring johnny carson guest, tv game show panelist, the hollywood squares contestant, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 26th birthday, born november 26 1938Rich Little is 79 ("Man of a Thousand Voices")

Canadian-American voice actor, impressionist, & actor on stage, TV (Love on a Rooftop; This Hour Has Seven Days; The ABC Comedy Hour; The Hollywood Squares), movies (Dirty Tricks), and septuagenarian born November 26, 1938. (Rich Little 1976 Photo: Solters 7 Roskin | Wikimedia PD)

tina turner 78, nee anna mae bullock, tina turner 1971, american dancer, actress, author i tina, singer, songwriter, 1950s rock bands, ike turners kings of rhythm, 1960s rock and roll groups, ike and tina turner revue, 1960s hit rock songs, a fool in love, river deep mountain high, proud mary, 1970s hit rock songs, nutbush city limits, 1980s hit rock songs, lets stay together, whats love got to do with it, better be good to me, private dancer, we dont need another hero thunderdome, one of the living, typical male, two people, what you get is what you see, the best, i dont wanna lose you, steamy windows, actress, 1970s movies, 1970s documentary, gimme shelter, taking off, tommy, all this and world war ii, sergeant peppers lonely hearts club band, john denver and the ladies, 1980s movies, mad max beyond thunderdome, 1990s movies, whats love got to do with it, last action hero, swiss citizenship 2013, married ike turner 1962, divorced ike turner 1978, married erwin back 2013, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 26th birthday, born november 26 1939Tina Turner is 78 (nee Anna Mae Bullock)

Septuagenarian American-Swiss senior, actress, and Grammy & Rock & Roll Halls of Fame singer (Proud Mary; What's Love Got To Do With It; We Don't Need Another Hero; Private Dancer; The Bestborn November 26, 1939. (Tina Turner c. 1971 Photo: Wikimedia PD)

john mcvie 72, john mcvie 1980, english musician, rock and roll hall of fame, married christine perfect 1968, divorced christine mcvie 1977, songwriter, bass guitarist, founding member fleetwood mac, 1960s hit rock songs, albatross, oh well, 1970s hit rock songs, the chain songwriter, bass guitarist, backing vocals, say you love me, go your own way, rhiannon, dreams, dont stop, you make loving fun, tusk, sara, 1980s hit rock singles, think about me, hold me, gypsy, big love, seven wonders, little lies, everywhere, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 26th birthday, born november 26 1945John McVie is 72

English Rock & Roll Hall of Fame songwriter and bass guitarist, founding member of Fleetwood Mac (The Chain; Say You Love Me; Go Your Own Way; Dreams; Don't Stop), & septuagenarian born November 26, 1945. (John McVie 1980 Photo:Ueli Frey | Wikimedia CC 4.0

tandy cronyn 72, tandy cronyn 1965, american actress, theatre actress, company touring production, cabaret broadway musical, 1970s movies, praise marx and pass the ammunition, 1980s movies, all night long, once upon a time in america, twisted, the january man, 2000s movies, anamorph, girl most likely, 1990s television series, 1990s tv soap operas, guiding light charlotte blume, daughter of hume cronyn and jessica tandy, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 26th birthday, born november 26 1945Tandy Cronyn is 72

Septuagenarian senior citizen and American actress on stage (Company; Cabaret), TV (Charlotte Blume on Guiding Light) and movies (Twisted; The January Man; Girl Most Likely); daughter of Hume Cronyn & Jessica Tandy, born November 26, 1945. (Tandy Cronyn 1965 Seaway Screenshot

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Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on November 26!

And remembering

robert goulet 1960, american singer, 1960s hit songs, my love forgive me, actor, french canadian heritage, broadway stage musicals actor, camelot, if ever iw ould leave you, tony awards, 1950s television series, 1950s tv show host, the leslie bell singers cohost, the big revue performer, cross canada hit parade performer, howdy doody trapper pierre, folio guest star, encounter guest star, the wayne and shuster hour guest star, 1960s talk shows, the mike douglas show guest and host, 1960s movies, honeymoon hotel, id rather be rich, i deal in danger, 1960s tv shows, blue light david march, 1970s movies, underground, 1980s movies, atlantic city, beetlejuice, scrooged, 1980s tv guest star, fantasy island, mr belvedere, 1990s movies, the naked gun 2 and a half, the smell of fear, mr wrong, 2000s movies, the last producer, grammy awards, emmy awards, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 26th birthday, born november 26 1933, died october 30 2007, celebrity deathsRobert Goulet

Grammy, Tony, and Emmy Award-winning singer (My Love, Forgive Me) & actor on stage, TV (Blue Light; Howdy Doody; The Big Revue), and movies (Honeymoon Hotel; I'd Rather Be Rich; Beetlejuice) (born Nov. 26, 1933 - died Oct. 30, 2007; age 73). Robert Goulet died of pulmonary fibrosis. (Robert Goulet 1960 Photo: Friedman-Abeles | Wikimedia PD)

ernie coombs, nee ernest coombs, american canadian performer, actor, childrens entertainer, tv host, 1960s television series, vacation time cohost, 1960s childrens television series, misterogers frog puppet, butternut square mr dressup, mr dressup television show, tv documentary the greatest canadian, childrens stage entertainer, tales from the tickle trunk, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 26th birthday, born november 26 1927, died september 18 2001, celebrity deathsErnie Coombs ("Mr. Dressup")

American-Canadian actor, children's entertainer and host on television (Mr. Dressup; MisteRogers; Butternut Square; Vacation Time) and stage (Tales From the Tickle Trunk) (born Nov. 26, 1927 - died Sept. 18, 2001; age 73). Cause of death for Ernie Coombs was a stroke. (Ernie Coombs Photo: CBC Still Photo Collection/Paul Smith)

charles schulz 1956, american cartoonist, illustrator, peanuts comic strip creator, charlie brown cartoonist, snoopy cartoon creator, cartoon characters lucy and linus, book illustrations, kids say the darndest things illustrator, dear president johnson illustrator, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 26th birthday, born november 26 1922, died february 12 2000, celebrity deathsCharles Schulz

American cartoonist, creator of the Peanuts comic strip (and the characters Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus etc.), and illustrator (Kids Say the Darndest Things; Dear President Johnson) (born Nov. 26, 1922 - died Feb. 12, 2000; age 77). Cause of death for  Charles Schulz was colon cancer. (Charles Schulz 1956 Photo: Roger Higgins | Wikimedia PD)

willis carrier 1915, american businessman, engineer, national inventors hall of fame, electrical air conditioning inventor, hvac manufacturer, hvac distributor, carrier corporation founder, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 26th birthday, born november 26 1876, died october 7 1950, celebrity deathsWillis Carrier

American businessman and engineer, National Inventors Hall of Fame inventor of electrical air conditioning and founder of the HVAC manufacturer and distributor Carrier Corporation (born Nov. 26, 1876 - died Oct. 7, 1950; age 73). Cause of death for Willis Carrier is unknown. (Willis Carrier 1915 Photo: Carrier Corporation | Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

john carter 1970, american actor, character actor, 1960s movies, the thousand plane raid, marooned, 1970s movies, monte walsh, the andromeda strain, joe kidd, the doll squad, badlands, telefon, 1970s television series, the smith family sgt ray martin, 1970s tv soap operas, return to peyton place reverend w b gillis, barnaby jones lieutenant john biddle, the waltons guest star, lou grant guest star, 1980s tv mini series, the winds of war colonel william forrest, 1980s movies, scarface, my science project, the runnin kind, worth winning, 1980s tv shows, the a team guest star, falcon crest max hartman, dallas carl hardesty, 1990s television shows, dear john judge humphrey, the trials of rosie oneill judge spencer martin, the secrets of lake success mini series, law and order judge harlan newfield, 1990s movies, savage hearts, random  hearts, celebrity, swimming on the moon, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, november 26th birthday, born november 26 1927, died may 23 2015, celebrity deathsJohn Carter 

American character actor on TV (Lt. John Biddle; Return to Peyton Place; The Smith Family; Falcon Crest; Dallas) and in movies (Thousand Plane Raid; Marooned; The Andromeda Strain; Scarface; Joe Kidd)  (born Nov. 26, 1927 - died May 23, 2015; age 87). Cause of death for John Carter  is unknown. (John Carter 1970 Bracken's World Screenshot)

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