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Surviving Valentine's Day: Tips For 50+ Singles

Valentine’s Day is a special day of the year, but it can also be stressful. Do you usually ignore this holiday, or do you enjoy celebrating it?

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If you’re in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, choosing the right gift can be tricky. If you’re mature and single, it can get awkward when February arrives and friends “in love” start talking about celebrating the day, choosing presents, etc.

Romantic, and missing not being in love or in a relationship as Valentine’s Day approaches? Remember that although surviving the holiday may feel like it will be hard going, it’s not impossible. Finding a few simple ideas that work for you can turn being single at this time of year into a positive.

Focus on yourself

The best way to survive Valentine’s Day with no repercussions is to focus on yourself. You’re single, and you may be a mature 50+ or older – it doesn’t matter if you’re loving it or not – so make the most of it. Instead of focusing all your love and attention on a partner, direct those feelings towards yourself for a change. Remember how amazing you are and understand that you deserve love – and it starts with loving yourself at any age or stage of life.

Focusing on yourself is even more important if you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one through a break-up, or are a widow or widower. These feelings of loss and heart-break may be the most difficult you’ll ever experience, but remember that you are still here, and are moving on. Do something that will help you feel better. Start by figuring out what you enjoy, and begin doing those things that you love – right now!

Get some presents

Being single, or over age fifty on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you can’t buy presents for yourself, or someone you love (it doesn’t have to be a romantic love!). This is when lots of stores offer special discounts and organize massive sales. You might find that something you’ve been dreaming of for you or someone else, is now affordable. 

If you’re buying a gift for an older adult (yourself or someone else), stick to presents that you know are going to be the most suitable. It can be hard to buy a gift for 50+ men and women! If someone is into reading, get some new, recently published books. If you / they are into playing video games, try some new ones, or go back in time and find a few forgotten gems for the console you used to love playing . And if you’re into gardening, start thinking about your plants and how you’re going to turn your outdoor space into a beautiful garden. 

Buying a gift that you know will be appreciated – by you, or a special friend or family member – will help you feel good, and put a positive spin on Valentine’s Day.

Dress up

If you want to survive this “couples” holiday and feel amazing even if you’re single, you need to look amazing as well. Dress up and look your best – not for someone else, but just for you! This simple act will give you confidence and help you feel good about your single status.

What’s even better is that you don’t have to go overboard, because even the smallest things can make a huge difference in how you feel about being single on Valentine’s Day.

  • If you’re a lady, put on your favorite dress, buy some new shoes, and get a beautiful braided bracelet that is both elegant and easy to match with your outfit.
  • If you’re a gentleman, find your best suit and some stylish yet comfy shoes, and don’t forget to accessorize with a new watch or fancy glasses (sunglasses, to up your cool factor!). 

Dressing up will help you feel better, and that’s the kind of thing we all need on Valentine’s Day, whether we’re in love or not.

Spread the love

Speaking of being in love, remember that this holiday isn’t just about spending time with a significant other. It’s also about showing the people around you how much you care for them and appreciate what they do for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s your kids, your grandkids, your siblings, nieces, nephews, your friends, your neighbors, or co-workers – just show them how you feel about them, and you’ll immediately turn this Valentine’s Day into the best holiday you’ve ever had!

If you decide to spend this day with someone(s) close to you, you could just hang out together and enjoy their company, or you can get a present(s) as well. Choosing someone(s) to “be your Valentine” will make them feel special and appreciated; doing something nice for somebody else usually makes the giver feel as good (or even better) than the recipient. 

Remember when you were in school and everybody in your class would exchange Valentines with each other? You can still do that! Who doesn’t love receiving a greeting card that shows someone is thinking of you, and what better time to do that than Valentine’s Day? You can go the old-fashioned route and send a paper card by mail, pop it in their mailbox yourself, or go digital and share a vintage Valentine’s Day card with them by email or on social media.

Hit the road

You may associate traveling on Valentine’s Day with going on a trip with a partner, but if you’re not in a relationship, you could discover a new favorite destination by yourself as a single. You only have to please YOU, so pick a place or activity you’ve always wanted to explore, plan ahead, travel safe and follow pandemic protocols – and you might end up having the time of your life! 

Alternatively, you could always take someone you care for with you. This doesn’t have to be a romantic trip – it’s an occasion for you to bond and get closer than ever. Find someone that’s as adventurous as you are, and hit the road together.

Reflect on your past

You may think you’d hate doing it, but reflecting on your past occasionally is a great way to grow as a person. Thinking about previous Valentine’s Days and how you feel about them now in hindsight, can help you to put things in perspective and move forward.

This might be quite difficult if you’ve lost a loved one, but re-living a favorite Valentine’s Day memory may also bring comfort with a happy memory. 

Feeling great on Valentine’s Day if you’re single and over 50 can be hard sometimes. If you’re dreading the day, be proactive and turn one of these ideas into a reality – show yourself and the world what a special person you are.

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