Thoughtful Gifts for Moms & Grandmothers

It’s hard to buy presents for mothers and grandma’s who say they “already have everything”.

With the holiday season approaching, you have to start thinking about all those special people in your life. Even if shopping isn’t your most favorite thing in the world, you can’t keep giving them a generic gift every year. This goes for all of your loved ones – your partners, your siblings, your mother and father, and if you’re lucky enough to still have them alive – your grandparents.

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This might be a problem though, because older adults – especially grandmothers and moms – are known for saying that they already have everything they need. We all know this isn’t true, but it might take a little more effort to find them something.

Invest some energy and patience into the process of buying them a present they’ll love. If you’re having problems coming up with gift ideas for for the special grandmother in your life, here are a few suggestions you might want to take into consideration:

Support her reading habit

If your grandmother or mother loves reading, show her how much you care for her and her reading habits. There are a few things you can do:

  • Buy her a set of books that are timeless classics you know she already loves (but doesn’t already own).
  • Get some brand new books and introduce her to a whole new world of modern literature and authors, she might enjoy more than you’ve anticipated. Many book websites will recommend alternate books or writers, based on a specific book or author. 
  • If she has a favorite author or series, maybe she’s missing an older book, or hasn’t yet gotten the newest, from that collection. 

Organize a reading club

If you’re looking for new ways to bond with your mom / grandmother, talking about books is a good way to get a conversation going.

Take your grandmother’s love of books to a new level and organize a book club with her. You can start slowly, by visiting her more regularly and talking to her about the books she’s read. Make sure you read them as well, because that will make your conversations more interesting and meaningful, and you’ll benefit from doing something new as well. 

This might eventually expand to include other friends or family, and become a new hobby for your grandmother that will enrich her social life.

E-readers, tablets, and audiobooks

Look into modern technology solutions that are perfect for Grandma. An e-reader or a tablet can give her access to tons of reading material quite affordably. She can check out e-books from her local library, or use Overdrive to borrow digital books. This gift idea is practical for senior readers because they can enlarge font sizes and achieve a greater level of visibility, which is something they can’t do with traditional books. 

You might also think about getting your mom some audiobooks that she can listen to on her smartphone or tablet. If she isn’t a big “reader”, or has vision problems that make reading difficult, audiobooks could open up a new world of entertainment for her. She can multi-task and listen to audiobooks whenever she wants, while she carries on with whatever she’s doing, inside or out.

These are all nice ways to upgrade your mother or grandmother’s tech skills. Just be aware that you may have to help her get accustomed to using this new technology so that she’s comfortable with it.

Take her health to a new level

Massage gun

If you’re trying to get a special present for Mom or your grandmother that will improve her health and well-being, consider a practical massage gun. It may help them to relax and feel a better after a long day, and let them forget about their everyday problems. This is something they can use daily, and if they do you’ll know that you’ve done something great for their health today and in the future – it’s a win-win solution.

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitors are getting more and more popular these days, and not just for fitness enthusiasts. This will help the wearer to learn more about her health and how to boost it, as well as watch out for potential health issues. Heart rate monitors are wearable (some can even be worn on the wrist) and easy to use. Your mother or grandmother will be able to take it with her to the gym or wherever she goes, and she’ll feel safer whatever she’s doing.

Electronic medication dispenser

A new medication dispenser will let your grandma or mom know when she should take her meds. No matter how many different pills she’s taking, these electronic pill dispensers keep everything organized and can help her avoid mixing her meds up ever again. Although electronic medication dispensers have been around for ages, they’re constantly being upgraded, and can do wonders for people who have a problem remembering to take their meds / at the right time. 

Hearing Aids

There are many different auditory gadgets (telephones, visual alerts, etc.) that can help people of all ages that have hearing loss. Check with local or online sources for products to support people that are hard of hearing or deaf

Cutting-edge hearing aids can be recharged over and over again, and can connect to the telephone, which could make everyday life a lot easier. If your mom or grandmother is sensitive about her hearing loss and / or her appearance, these new hearing aids are designed to be almost invisible. Nobody will know that they are wearing these subtle hearing aids – except for you and her, of course! Some hearing aid costs may be partially covered by the individual’s health care plan / insurance. 

Personalized tea / coffee mug

This might seem simplistic, but just imagine how happy your grandmother will be when you give her a new tea or coffee mug with a cute message or a picture of you. It’s a lovely way to show Grandma or Mom how you feel about her, and how much you appreciate her. 

If you decide to turn this idea into reality, don’t forget to get some personalized infusers too, or buy an insulated mug that will keep her tea or coffee hot for hours.

Matching Aprons

One of the multitude of reasons why people around the world love and appreciate their mothers and grandmothers, is that many of them often cook or bake something tasty whenever their grandkids come over. Whether it’s a homemade soup or a cake, these things make you feel loved, and they might also inspire you to join your mother and grandmother in the kitchen. If you also love getting creative and using different ingredients when you bake, getting a set of matching aprons might be a nice gift. These can be customized and feature different names and images – including a picture of you and your grandmother..

Your love and care

It’s not the most extravagant gift in the world, but your time and attention are likely what your mother and grandmother want more than anything else. The best thing about this present is that you don’t have to do anything special or spend a lot of money. Trying to be a better child or grandchild is a gift in itself. Visit them, be there for them, discover their interests so you can talk to them, and look for ways to participate in an activity together.

These aren’t the only gift suggestions for mothers and grandmothers this holiday season, but they’re worthy of checking out for yourself. They’ll appreciate you for being thoughtful and loving, spending time with then, and selecting a present that they will truly enjoy.

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