Memorial Service Music - Old Friends?

Is there a song (or a few) that you’d want played at your own funeral memorial service or celebration of life gathering, for the people that are remembering and thinking of you after you’re gone?

This video montage set to Old Friends, and was recorded and released as a single by the trio of Roger Miller, Willie Nelson and Ray Price, who had a #19 country music hit single with it in 1982 thanks to baby boomers and seniors. Old Friends was written by Guy Clark, Susanna Wallis Clark, and Richard J. Dobson. Willie Nelson and Roger Miller really were old friends of Ray Price, having each played in Ray Price’s Cherokee Cowboys band in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s.  

memorial service music, funeral memorial service music, celebration of life songs, celebrate life, memories of loved ones, baby boomer music, seniors, baby boomers, country music legend, noble ray price, cherokee cowboys, old friends, willie nelson, octogenarian, pancreatic cancer, guitaristCountry music legend, guitarist, and singer-songwriter Noble Ray Price (Heartaches by the NumberFor The Good Times) formed his band the Cherokee Cowboys in 1953. The song Night Life, which Ray Price recorded and had a #1 Country Music hit with in 1963, was written by Willie Nelson. Ray Price was an 87-year-old octogenarian senior citizen when he died from pancreatic cancer in December 2013. Right, Ray Price and Willie Nelson in 2003. (Photo: Willie Nelson)

memorial service music, funeral memorial service music, celebration of life songs, celebrate life, memories of loved ones, baby boomer music, seniors, baby boomers, country music, cherokee cowboys, old friends, roger miller, lung cancer, throat cancerOne of the first big songs that baritone-voiced country music singer-songwriter Roger Miller (King of the Road) wrote was Invitation to the Blues. Ray Price’s cover of Roger Miller’s Invitation to the Blues gave Price a Top 3 Country Music Hit in 1958, and Miller subsequently became a member of Price’s Cherokee Cowboys band. A longtime smoker, Roger Miller was only 56 when he died from throat and lung cancer in October 1992.

(Photo: CMT Artists)

83-year-old octogenarian singer-songwriter Willie Nelson (Crazy, Hello Walls) moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1960 and signed a contract with Pamper Music, which was partly owned by Ray Price. After Ray Price had his hit single Night Life (1963) written by Willie Nelson, and Price’s bass guitarist Johnny Paycheck quit, Willie Nelson joined Ray Price’s Cherokee Cowboys as a bass guitarist. 

Is Old Friends on your list of top songs to celebrate the life and memories of yourself or a loved one?

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