Farewell David Bowie - Golden Years

Golden Years, one of David Bowie's biggest hits in North America.

Baby boomer, chameleon rocker and sometime actor David Bowie has died on January 10 2016 (age 69) of cancer, after an 18 month battle. Bowie leaves behind two children - son Duncan Jones, who was named Zowie Bowie when he was born in 1971 to Bowie and his first wife Angie (Mary Angela) Barnett Jones; and daughter his Lexi (Alexandra) Jones (born 2000), with his second wife, former model Iman, whom he married in 1992. 

David Bowie, singing Golden Years on Soul Train in 1969 - a Top 10 US charts hit from 1975.

David Bowie had a string of UK hits before he was ever heard of in North America. By the time of his death yesterday, the now senior-citizen David Bowie had carved a niche for himself in fans across the continent.

Farewell, David Bowie.

Anita Hamilton

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