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Transportation Alternatives When You Stop Driving

Is it time for you to stop driving? Whether you’re a mature adult in your 50-55+ years, or an older adult in your senior years, there are alternatives to driving when it comes fulfilling your daily household and personal needs. (Photo:

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According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, most seniors rely on friends and family, but there are several other good transportation services for seniors and home delivery options to consider using when you stop driving yourself:

Family – Let your live-in, licensed family member (spouse, partner, adult children) do the driving.

Friends – Arrange drives with friends and trusted neighbours to common shared destinations – weekly grocery shopping, social activities, etc.

Community Programs – Explore your local community volunteer and subsidized programs for transportation and home delivery

Paid Transportation & Delivery Services – Proceeds from the sale of a car and monthly savings if you no longer have to pay car insurance, will greatly offset the cost of:

  • Public transportation (buses, trains, etc.), including subsidized transportation for the elderly and/or disabled, where available
  • Offering a friend or family member some compensation for driving you
  • Licensed door-to-door private transportation providers, including taxis
  • In-home service providers for seniors (haircuts, aesthetics, footcare, dental hygiene, massage therapy, etc.) and the family pet (grooming, dog walking,
  • Home delivery services- groceries, pet food, prescriptions, etc.; most of which can be ordered online or arrange via a phone call.

Just because you’re no longer driving, doesn’t mean you have to give up enjoying the amenities of life that you have always enjoyed. For your own safety and that of others, don’t wait for your friends, family, or doctor to tell you it’s time to start thinking about giving up the car keys.

Anita Hamilton

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