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Bird Feeder Types

Bird feeders come in many different types. And it seems in addition to birds loving them, almost all of them (with a few exceptions) are also favoured by squirrels and chimunks.

tube shaped bird feeders, copper top bird feeder, triple tube bird feedertube bird feeders, squirrel be gone iii, triple tube bird feeder, outer cage bird feeder









Tube bird feeders -are best for small birds like nuthatches, finches. Above, two different types of triple-tube birder feeder (to hold 3 different types of bird seed): On the left, Perky-Pet’s feeder has a copper-finished dome top (amazon.com) and on the right, Squirrel-Be-Gone III’s outer cage and weighted perches (drsfostersmith.com) will deter squirrels deter.


hummingbird feeder, bird feeders hummingbird, hummingbird globe feeder, glass hummingbird bird feederhummingbird feeder, glass bird feeder, red humingbird bird feeder, red emerald hummingbird feeder, ruby red hummingbird bird feeder









Nectar bird feeders are the hummingbird’s best friend. Below are a couple of our favorite hummingbird feeders – both Yard Envy‘s attractive globe-shaped glass hummingbird feeder and Duncraft‘s ruby-red hummingbird feeder have the red colour that attracts hummingbirds (and isn’t as attractive to bees and wasps, who prefer yellow).


platform bird feeder, covered bird feeder

Platform and hopper bird feeders are all-purpose bird feeders suitable for all sizes of birds. Above, this covered platform bird seed feeder attracts birds of all sizes (and squirrels) and helps to keep the food dry; include a drainage hole to prevent water from collecting. (Photo: Best Backyard Bird Feeders)


suet log bird feeder, woodpecker bird feeder, suet bird feederssuet bird feeders, woodpecker bird feeders, caged barrier suet bird feeder









Suet bird feeders are beloved by woodpeckers, chickadees, northern flickers, wrens, and nuthatches. When mixed with other types of bird seed and nuts, suet bird feeders can attract a wide range of birds including blue jays, orioles, robins, and blackbirds. Above, A Do-It-Yourself Suet Log Bird Feeder (The Garden Roof Coop | Pinterest), and Fiddle Creek Farms Caged Barrier Guard Multi Feeder with four different central feed holder options including a double suet cage.

Add in a mix of evergreen and seasonal perennials, shrubs and trees to your yard, and in addition to being a source of fruit and seeds, they’ll provide shelter for your visiting birds.

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