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Teenager's Invention for Alzheimer's Patient Safety

Kenneth Shinozuka's beloved grandfather developed a habit of wandering at night with the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. Now 15 years old, teenager Kenneth has developed a sensor device for socks that triggers an alert on a cellphone if pressure is put on the sock.

alzheimer's disease, kenneth shinozuka, dementia, nursing homes, long term care facilities, ltc's, scientific american magazine, science in action, meredith viera showOn the Meredith Viera Show, Kenneth explains how he is testing different enhancements to the device in nursing homes and long term care facilities (LTC's) with patients. He's in Grade 11, an honor student, and has won the "Science in Action" award from Scientific American Magazine. His device may make the lives of thousands of Alzheimer's Disease and dementia patients safer, and give their family members peace of mind. 


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