She's the One - Bruce Springsteen or Robbie Williams?

Who sings Someone Like You – and which version of the song – is best – now senior citizen Bruce Springsteen’s (his birthday today, born September 23, 1949), Robbie Williams, or one of the other 4 versions and artists here? Some song titles have such universal themes that more than one creative genius and musical genre, is needed to fully express them. 

Baby boomers will remember rocker Bruce Springsteen’s ballad, She’s the One (1975), written by Bruce Springsteen and included on his best-selling Born to Run (1976) album.

And British singer-songwriter Robbie Williams singing his version of World Party’s 1997 love song, She’s the One, in 1999

Some lesser known songs also titled Someone Like You from different artists and genres, from 1964 to 1988:

She’s the One (1988), sung by American r&b and soul singer James Brown, originally written by Hank Ballard in 1955

She’s the One (1978) by English punk rockers the Ramones on their Road to Ruin album (1978)

She’s the One (1964), by American 1960’s band The Chartbusters – their only hit single and a tune that will strongly remind baby boomers of The Beatles

she's the one, singer songwriter, senior citizen, baby boomers, seniors, boomer music, rock music, rock band, rock singer, pop music, american, english pop song, bruce springsteenWhich version is the best will likely depend on whether you’re a senior citizen, baby boomer, zoomer, generation x or other, and what genre of music you prefer. What’s your pick?

Anita Hamilton

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