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Community Access for Mobility

This video from the folks at Entwistle Power Occupational Therapy covers the important things to consider about accessibility and the solutions available, when an older or mature adult or senior citizen with a mobility impairment arrives at a home or building to realize that they may need help to enter.

The following items for the mature/older adult or seniors with a mobility impairment to consider will help to ensure a safer and easier entrance.

  • julie entwistle, brenda power ahmad, entwistle power occupational therapy, ancaster, occupational therapist, ot's, older adults, seniors, senior citizens, mature adults, occupational therapist, community access for mobility, accessibility solutions for seniors, mobility impairment solutionsUnderstand the type of mobility device you are using and its abilities and limitations
  • Understand your own physical abilities
  • Identify and assess the help you have available
  • Seek out all available entrances and entrance types to select which one best suits your mobility aid or device
  • Assess the size of the door you need to enter and what you will encounter upon entry


julie entwistle, entwistle power occupational therapy, ancaster, occupational therapist, older adults, seniors, senior citizens, mature adults, seniors independence, disability help for seniors, parkinson's disease, parkinson's awareness, nursing home, congestive heart failure, michael j fox, parkinson's society of canadaJulie Entwistle, MBA, BHSc (OT), BSc (Health/Gerontology) 

Julie can be reached at Entwistle Power Occupational Therapy, 1425 Cormorant Road, Suite 301, Ancaster ON L9G 4V5  

T: 866-683-0345 

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Disclaimer: The opinions presented in this post are generalized and do not negate the need for an occupational therapy assessment to outline specific functional impairments and solutions for any one client

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