Celebrating Seniors - Golfer Tom Watson is 66

Baby boomer Thomas Sturges Watson was born September 4, 1949 in Kansas City, Missouri. Watson played golf from childhood and won 4 Missouri State Amateur golf championships (1967-1971) before becoming a professional golfer. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in psychology in 1971. 

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During his younger pro golf years, from 1975-1983 Tom Watson won 8 Major Championships including 2 Masters Tournaments, and 5 British Open Championships. 

Tom Watson’s achievements and recognition as a professional golfer include 6-time PGA Player of the Year, 4-time Ryder Cup team player, induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame (1988), the Bob Jones Award (1987) for sportsmanship in golf, and the Old Tom Morris Award (1992) for a lifetime commitment that helped to mold the welfare of the game of golf.

Tom Watson has contributed to and/or written several golfing books, most recently The Timeless Swing (2011), and contributes articles to Golf Digest. He’s a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects and in his 45+ years, his Tom Watson Design company began designing golf courses across the US, in Ireland and Japan.

Since 2001, Tom Watson has won 6 Senior Major Championships; in 2009 he became the oldest player at a major golf championship to both hold the lead after any completed round and hold the lead after 54 holes (2009 Open Championship).

In July 2015 Watson played in his last round at the Open Championship (his 38th Open attempt) on the Old Course of St. Andrews, Scotland “the home of golf” – 40 years after he won it for the first time. He also announced that after 2016, he will retire from the Master’s Tournament, citing diminished golf skills due to his older age now that he’s a senior citizen, in an interview on

The golf course is too big for me, and with my declining skills and length, I won’t be playing that,” said Watson. “The toolbox is kind of half-empty with the tools I used to be able to play good golf. Those tools are missing right now, or pretty rusty — rusty like me.”

Happy 66th Birthday, Tom Watson!

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