Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia Concerns?

alzheimer's disease, dementia, aging, senior citizen, short-term memory loss, declining memory, declining attention span, power of attorney, community care access centre, ccac, alzheimer's societyA worried son wrote into Dear Ellie with a question about his senior citizen mother: 

I have Power of Attorney for a neighbour, 88, recently diagnosed with moderate Alzheimer’s Disease.

Since her diagnosis, and with the help of a Community Care Access Centre (which coordinates services for seniors, people with disabilities etc.) and the Alzheimer’s Society, we’ve initiated the Meals on Wheels program and a Personal Services Worker who visits for one hour once/week (social visit).

It was at an Alzheimer’s Society workshop where I learned what I needed to do:

  1. Make an appointment with family doctor; insist on scheduling a memory test to determine a diagnosis.
  2.  Request a referral to a geriatrician
  3. Educate oneself, the Alzheimer’s Society provides consultation.
  4. There are many in-home services in place. Moving in with her may not be necessary.
  5. Long Term Care, retirement/nursing care living arrangements may be an option.

It’s not just senior citizens and older adults (50+) that can suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, or similar symptoms. To find out more, check out these

Additional resources in Canada:

Alzheimer Society of Canada

For your local Alzheimer’s Society information & locations, go to  Senior City’s Local Resources section and select your local region.

Community Care Access Centres (Ontario)

For your local Community Care Access Centre information & locations, go to  Senior City’s Local Resources section and select your local region.

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