Navigating an increasingly complex public health care system can be confusing, frustrating and stressful for the elderly. Tests, results, medications, appointments, and care plans are often complicated and confusing. No one should ever feel unsupported when it comes to managing their health and wellbeing.

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RightCare365 is a new service solution designed to provide peace of mind, confidence and support by seamlessly navigating seniors through the complexities of today's medical world. RightCare365 consolidates their client's medical records, keeps track of all appointments, books follow-ups, manages medications, explains test results and answers all health-related concerns.

They do not replace current personal or health care providers. RightCare365 is a Care Concierge, there to coordinate with a senior's health care providers to ensure full comprehension and confidence in their health care plan.

The RightCare365 Team includes a personal Nurse Care Coordinator for each client, available for them day or night. They are a guiding light, there to navigate, support and coordinate patient care, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

The RightCare 365 low monthly fee includes:

  • Health Care Navigation
  • Comprehensive Care Coordination
  • Your Personal Nurse Available 24/7
  • Consolidating Your Health Records
  • Explanation of All Your Test Results
  • Medication Management
  • 24/7 Medical Triage
  • All Your Medical Questions Answered
  • Secure Web Portal Access for Client & Family

Peace of mind, Confidence, RightCare365.

Contact Right at Home Canada to learn more about what RightCare365 can do for you or your family. 

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