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Retirement and Senior Years The Most Fun

Leisure in Retirement: Beyond the Bucket List, a recent retirement study conducted by Merrill Lynch/Age Wave, concludes that mature adults and senior citizens (regardless of income) are having the most fun of their adult lives beginning in their 55+ years.  The folks having the least fun? Those poor "kids" age 35 to 54, most likely because they are still working full time, saving for retirement, and raising children (and saving for their education).

Happy in Retirement YearsRetirees say leisure activities generally aren’t expensive, and that health is a bigger limit on their leisure time than wealth (although 75% of them said health doesn't substantially affect their leisure activities.) According to author Ken Dychtwald, CEO of the research firm Age Wave (specializing in aging),  “Sometimes the best moments are with your grandchild or watching a beautiful sunrise or playing piano for the first time in your life at age 71.”

Of special note: Retirees and seniors can take advantage of off-season and money-saving deals that people with less free time (ie, young parents, full-time employees, workers with low seniority), can't.   retirement, senior years, leisure in retirement, the bucket list, retirement study, mature adults, senior citizens, fun, 55+ years, leisure activities, retirees, seniors health, seniors, seniors money saving, seniors deals, leisure time, try new things in retirement

It appears that enjoyable leisure time in your retirement and senior citizen years is primarily impacted by who you spend time with, vs. what you spend time doing:

  • 82% said they have the most enjoyable leisure experiences with their spouse or partner (only 27% said those times were with their friends)
  • 61% said who they spend time with was far more important than what they do
  • 60% said spending time with grandkids was more fulfilling than spending time with their own children

However it may be a little bit about, what you do: 66% of retirees prefer to try new things in retirement. This is the time of your life when you can be spontaneous, and do what interests you vs. what you feel you must do....but don't feel you have to compile a bucket list (only 15% of retirees have one).

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