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Premature Skin Aging - Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use

According to EMax Health, cigarette smoking, drinking and recreational drug use introduce toxic substances that increase the number of free radicals in our cells, which in turn can accelerate the aging process of our skin.

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Aging Effects of Smoking

Smoking the nicotine in cigarettes narrows blood vessels to the skin, preventing nutrients and oxygen from reaching skin cells. According to the Mayo Clinic, numerous chemicals in tobacco smoke can harm the fibers that give your skin elasticity and strength. As a result, long-time smokers are likely to develop premature wrinkled, leathery skin, and yellow skin tones (and teeth). Since smoking indoors is prohibited in may places, smokers often spend a lot of time outdoors, thus exposing their skin to more damage from the sun.

Aging Effects of Drinking

Drinking alcohol acts as a diuretic, robbing the skin of needed moisture and dehydrating it. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause skin to be easily bruised, spider webbing (blood vessels close to the skin's surface that rupture), and can exacerbate psoriasis (reddish spots and patches covered with silvery scales).

Aging Effects of Drug Use

Recreational drug and alcohol abuse impact the liver and can cause yellowing of the skin and an overall sickly complexion. Methamphetamines are especially damaging to skin.


The Solution?

Consult your doctor! Help is available to quit smoking, drinking and drug use, and focus on proper diet and exercise to achieve good health and prevent premature aging of your skin.

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