How Old is Too Old to Drive?

When is it time for seniors to stop driving? There’s no cut-off age, although there are tests that come into play at certain milestone ages for senior citizens, depending on where you live. Surprisingly, in 2010 the American Academy of Neurology released statement saying that since 76% of adults with mild dementia can still pass driving tests, early dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease is not an automatic signal to stop driving.

too old to drive, seniors stop driving, senior citizens, early dementia, alzheimer's disease, grandparent test for driving, give up driver's license.This video poses the “grandparent test” for families wondering when Mom/Dad should stop driving: If you have children and you’re afraid for them to be in the car when Grandma or Grandpa is driving, it’s probably time for them to give up their driver’s license.  

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