Home Improvement or DIY Disaster - Retiree Turned Handyman

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Q. My husband’s driving me crazy. He thinks he knows what he’s doing when it comes to gardening, cleaning, etc., but he’s made everything worse.

The grass is burned from too much fertilizer, he’s ripped out wonderful plants, transplanted them, and they’ve all died.

He won’t listen or take my advice, and gets very angry and defensive. He painted our living room and there are paint spots on the hardwood floors and on the trim work.

He just retired after working 30 years behind a desk and now he thinks he can become a super handyman. I just want to cry when I look at the mess he’s made. He also tried to seal our driveway and I don’t have the words to describe the end result.

How do I handle this without him getting angry? He doesn’t take criticism well. We are financially very secure.

Can you relate to this? To read what Ellie’s advice was, see the entire article here at Ellie’s Advice.

Looking forward to retirement and getting some home renovations done, or fixing “stuff” around the house when you retire? Are you senior putting off getting that leaky kitchen sink repaired, waiting for your busy 50+ son with the bad back to pay you a visit? There are reasons why it pays for seniors and retirees to call a (competent) professional for home renovations and household repairs – whether that involves fixing appliances, computers, leaky faucets or toilets, upgrading fixtures, or complete home renovations – instead of trying to be a home repair DYI expert.

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Kathleen Culpepper September 12th, 2017 at 8:21am

That is awesome, and looks so simple! it looks SO good! It’s amazing what a difference that can make–your room looks so much better! Love it!

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