September Birthdays

Happy September 10th Birthday!

If you were born on September 10, you share a birthday with these famous people:

philip baker hall 86, philip baker hall 2009, american character actor, 1970s movies, love in 72, throw out the anchor, 1980s movies, the man with bogarts face, secret honor, three oclock high, midnight run, say anything, how i got into college, ghostbusters ii, an innocent man, 1980s television series, mariah james malone, family ties dr harrison, falcon crest ed meyers, 1990s movies, blue desert, live wire, kiss of death, eye for an eye, the little death, hit me, buddy, air force one, boogie nights, the truman show, judas kiss, rush hour, psycho, let the devil wear black, implicated, cradle will rock, the insider, magnolia, the talented mr ripley, 1990s tv shows, the practice judge joseph vinocour, seinfeld lt bookman, michael hayes william vaughn, 2000s movies, rules of engagement, the contender, lost souls, the sum of all fears, a gentlemans game, bruce almighty, dogville, a house on a hill, in good company, the matador, duck, the amityville horror, the zodiac, the shaggy dog, the tv set, zodiac, you kill me, islander, the lodger, fired up, wonderful world, all good things, the chicago 8, mr poppers penguins, 50 50, bending the rules, people like us, argo, bad words, playing it cool, person to person, the last word, 2000s television shows, pasadena george reese greeley, everwood dr donald douglas, the west wing senator matt hunt, the loop russ, modern family walt kleezak, ruth and erica harry, second chance old jimmy pritchard, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 10 birthday, born september 10 1931Philip Baker Hall is 86

Octogenarian American senior citizen and actor on stage, TV (Falcon Crest; Michael Hayes; The Loop), and movies (A House on a Hill; Bruce Almighty; Hard Eight; Cradle Will Rock; The Insider), born September 10, 1931. (Philip Baker Hall 2009 Photo: David Shankbone| Wikimedia CC 3.0)

karl largerfeld 84, karl lagerfeld 2007, german fashion designer, costume designer, chanel, fendi, photographer, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 10 birthday, born september 10 1933Karl Lagerfeld is 84

German photographer and fashion designer, costume designer for theatre, head designer for fashion houses of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, and Fendi, and octogenarian senior citizen born September 10, 1933. (Karl Lagerfeld 2007 Photo: Thore Siebrands| Wikimedia Commons / CC 2.0)

greg mullavey 78, greg mullavey 1978, american actor, 1960s movies, the shakiest gun in the west, 1970s movies, c c and company, marigold man, raid on rommel, the love machine, the christian licorice store, i remember mama, stand up and be counted, the single girls, the hindenburg, my friends need killing, 1970s television series, 1970s tv sitcoms, mary hartman mary hartman, tom hartman, forever fernwood, centennial mule canby, 1980s movies, gypsy angels, im going to be famous, the census taker, the eleventh commandment, the check is in the mail, the education of allison tate, vultures, body count, 1980s tv shows, 1980s tv soap operas, rituals eddie gallagher, 1990s movies, undertow, twenty dollar star, molly and gina, frame up ii the cover up, 2000s movies, newsbreak, southside, banana moon, 2000s television shows, 2000s daytime tv, the bold and the beautiful father mcevoy, icarly grandfather shay, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 10 birthday, born september 10 1939Greg Mullavey is 78

Septuagenarian American senior, actor on TV (Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman; Forever Fernwood; Rituals; The Bold and the Beautiful) & movies (The Shakiest Gun in the West; The Single Girls; The Census Taker), born September 10, 1939. (Greg Mullavey 1978 Photo: Alan Light | Flickr SRR)

danny hutton 75, danny hutton 1969, irish american songwriter, singer, roses and rainbows, 1970s rock bands, three dog night, 1970s hit singles, celebrate, mama told me not to come, out in the country, liar, black and white, one, joy to the world, your song, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 10 birthday, born september 10 1942Danny Hutton  is 75

Irish-American songwriter and singer solo (Roses and Rainbows) and as a founding member of Three Dog Night (Black and White; Celebrate; Liar; Joy to the World; Your Song; Mama Told Me Not To Come; One) and septuagenarian senior born September 10, 1942. (Danny Hutton 1969 Photo: | Wikimedia PD)

jose feliciano 75, nee jose montserrate feliciano garcia, jose feliciano 1969, blind singer, songwriter, puerto rico, puerto rican american singer, 1960s hit singles, light my fire, star spangled banner, 1970s hit songs, television theme songs, chico and the man, christmas music, feliz navidad, latin music, che sara que sera shake a hand, rain, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 10 birthday, born september 10 1945José Feliciano is 72 (nee José Montserrate Feliciano García)

Blind Puerto Rican-American septuagenarian senior citizen, songwriter and singer (Light My Fire; Feliz Navidad; Chico and the Man; Che Sarà / Que Sera / Shake a Hand; The Star-Spangled Bannerborn September 10, 1945. (José Feliciano 1969 Photo: Wikimedia PD)

judy geeson 69, judy geeson 1968, british american actress, english actress, 1960s television series, 1960s british tv shows, television club shirley brent, the newcomers maria cooper, 1960s movies, to sir with love, berserk, here we go round the mulberry bush, prudence and the pill, three into two wont go, hammerhead, 1970s movies, the executioner, goodbye gemini, 10 rillington place, its not the size that co unts, brannigan, diagnosis murder, carry on england, dominique, 1970s tv shows, star maidens fulvia, poldark caroline penvenen enys, danger uxb susan, 1980s television shows, breakaway becky royce, 1990s tv series, mad about you maggie conway, 1990s movies, the duke, 2000s movies, everything put together, spanish fly, the lords of salem, grandma, 31, 2000s television shows, gilmore girls natalie swope, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 10 birthday, born september 10 1948Judy Geeson is 69

English-American actress on stage, TV (The Newcomers; Poldark; Mad About You), movies (To Sir, with Love; 10 Rillington Place; Brannigan; The Eagle Has Landed; Carry On England), and senior born September 10, 1948. (Judy Geeson 1968 Photo: 20th Century Fox | Wikimedia PD)

joe perry 67, nee anthony joseph pereira, joe perry 2007, american musician, guitar player, lead guitarist aerosmith, singer aerosmith, songwriter, rock and roll hall of fame, songwriters hall of fame, 1970s rock bands, 1970s hit rock songs, mama kin, dream on, train kept a rolling, sweet emotion, toys in the attic, last child, walk this way, back in the saddle, draw the line, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 10 birthday, born september 10 1950Joe Perry is 67 (nee Anthony Joseph Pereira)

American senior citizen, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, songwriter, singer, and lead guitarist with Aerosmith (Toys in the Attic; Walk This Way; Train Kept A-Rollin; Back in the Saddle; Sweet Emotion), born September 10, 1950. (Joe Perry 2007 Aerosmith Photo: friskytuna | Flickr SRR)

seniors birthday, happy birthday, senior citizens, centenarian, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial, birthday card, birthdays on this day(Photo: Chuttersnap)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on September 10, 2017!

And remembering

arnold palmer 1960, american professional golfer, world golf hall of fame, pga tour champions golfer, masters tournament golf championships, golf open championships winner 1961, 1964 pga championship, 1960 us open golf champion, golfing pro, arnold palmer golf clubs, arnold palmer golf courses, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 10 birthday, born september 10 1929, died september 25 2016, celebrity deathsArnold Palmer

World Golf Hall of Fame American PGA Tour Champions pro golfer, between 1958-1970 he won 4 Master's Tournaments, 2 Open Championships, 3 PGA Championships, and the 1960 US Open (born Sept. 10, 1929 - died Sept. 25, 2016; age 87). Arnold Palmer was waiting on heart surgery when he died. (Arnold Palmer 1960 What's My Line Screenshot)

edmond obrien 1950, american actor, 1930s movies, the hunchback of notre dame, 1940s movies, a girl a guy and a gob, parachute battaltion, obliging young lady, powder town, the amazing mrs holliday, winged victory, the killers, the web, a double life, another part of the forest, for the love of mary, fighter squadron, an act of murder, task force, white heat, 1950s movies, backfire, doa, 711 ocean drive, the admiral was a lady, between midnight and dawn, the redhead and the cowboy, two of a kind, warpath, silver city, the hitch hiker, julius caesar, china venture, the bigamist, shield for murder, the shanghai story, the barefoot contessa, academy awards, a cry in the night, the girl cant help it, the big land, stopover tokyo, the world was his jury, sing boy sing, up periscope, the ambitious one, 1960s movies, the last voyage, the great impostor, moon pilot, the man who shot liberty valance, birdman of alcatraz, the longest day, seven days in may, rio conchos, fantastic voyage, the wild bunch, the love god, 1960s television series, johnny midnight, sam benedict, the long hot summer will varner, 1970s movies, they only kill their masters, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 10 birthday, born september 10 1915, died may 9 1985, celebrity deathsEdmond O'Brien (nee Eamon Joseph O'Brien)

Academy Award-winning actor on stage, TV (Johnny Midnight; Sam Benedict; The Long, Hot Summer) and in movies (The Barefoot Contessa; Seven Days in May; Fighter Squadron; D.O.A.; The Wild Bunch) (born Sept. 10, 1915 - died May 9, 1985; age 69). Cause of death for Edmond O'Brien was Alzheimer's Disease. (Edmond O'Brien 1950 D.O.A. Screenshot)

elsa schiaparelli 1952, italian fashion designer, 1930s fashion house, wrap dresses, divided skirts designer, speakeasy dresses, salvador dali fashion collaboration, dali lobster dress, dali tears dress, dali skeleton dress, movie costume designer, mae west movie costumes, 1930s moviecostume design, every days a holiday, an ideal woman, when thief meets thief, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 10 birthday, born september 10 1890, died november 13 1973, celebrity deathsElsa Schiaparelli

Italian 1930's fashion designer (wrap dresses; divided skirts; flask pocket speakeasy dresses; 1937 Salvador Dali Lobster, Tears, & Skeleton dresses) and movie costume designer (An Ideal Woman;When Thief Meets Thief) (born Sept. 10, 1890 - died Nov. 13, 1973; age 83). Elsa Schiaparelli's cause of death is unknown. (Elsa Schiaparelli 1952 What's My Line Screenshot)

robert wise 1990, american movie producer, editor, movie director, 1940s movies, the curse of the cat people, mademoiselle fifi, the body snatcher, blood on the moon, 1950s movie director, the day the earth stood still, the house on telegraph hill, the desert rats, executive suite, so big, helen of troy, tribute to a bad man, run silent run deep, i want to live, odds against tomorrow, 1960s movie musicals, west side story director, the sound of music, two for the seesaw, the haunting, the sand pebbles, star, 1970s movies, the andromeda strain, the hindenburg, audry rose, star trek the motion picture, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 10 birthday, born september 10 1914, died september 14 2005, celebrity deathsRobert Wise

Academy Award-winning American movie producer and director (West Side Story; Two for the Seesaw; The Sound of Music; Citizen Kane; The Sand Pebbles; Executive Suite; The Andromeda Strain; The Hindenburg) (born Sept. 10, 1914 - died Sept. 14, 2005; age 91). Robert Wise died of a heart attack. (Robert Wise 1990 Photo: Alan Light | Flickr Some rights reserved)

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