May Birthdays

Happy May 9th Birthday!

If you were born on May 9, you share a birthday with these famous people:

albert finney 81, 1978, english actor, stage actor, movie actor, movie musicals, 1960s movies, tom jones, two for the road, 1970s movies, scrooge, 1980s movies, annie, the dresser, 1990s movies, millers crossing, 2000s movies, big fish, the bourne ultimatum, 2010s movies, the bourne legacy, skyfall, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, may 9 birthday, born may 9 1936Albert Finney is 81

English actor on stage and movies (Tom Jones, Scrooge, Two for the Road, Annie, Miller's Crossing, Big Fish, The Bourne Ultimatum, Skyfall), and octogenarian senior citizen born May 9, 1936. (Albert Finney 1978 Photo: Historic Images - Lancashire photostream | Flickr Some rights reserved)  

glenda jackson 81, 1971, english actress, academy awards, 1970s movies, 1980s movies, a touch of class, women in love, sunday bloody sunday, television series, elizabeth r, hopscotch, king of the wind movie, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, may 9 birthday, born may 9 1936Glenda Jackson is 81

Octogenarian English politician (MP from 1992-2015; Junior Transport Minister 1997-1999), Emmy and Academy Award-winning Actress (A Touch of Class; Women in Love; Sunday Bloody Sunday; Elizabeth Rborn May 9, 1936. (Glenda Jackson 1971 Studio Publicity Photo: eBay | Wikimedia / PD)

james l brooks 77, 2007, american screenwriter, producer, director, television series, 1970s tv shows, room 222, my mother the car, lou grant, 1980s animated tv series, 1990s animated tv shows, the simpsons, 1970s movies, starting over, 1980s movies, terms of endearment, broadcast news, 1990s movies, as good as it gets, 2000s movies, spanglish, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, may 9 birthday, born may 9 1940James L. Brooks is 77

Emmy and Academy Award-winning American screenwriter, producer, & director for TV (Room 222; The Mary Tyler Moore Show; The Simpsons), movies (Terms of Endearment; As Good as It Gets), and septuagenarian born May 9, 1940. (James L. Brooks 2007 Photo: Tim | Flickr SRR)

richie furay 73, 2011, american guitar player, rock and roll hall of fame, 1960s bands, 1970s bands, 1980s bands, buffalo springfield, poco, hit singles, songwriter, singer, kind woman, souther hillman furay band, the richie furay band, pastor, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, may 9 birthday, born may 9 1944Richie Furay is 73

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame American singer-songwriter and guitarist with Buffalo Springfield; Poco (Kind Woman); Souther Hillman Furay Band, pastor, and septuagenarian senior born May 9, 1944. (Richie Furay 2011 Photo: Shanna Lemke | Wikimedia / Free Art Licence)

candice bergen 71, 1998 academy awards, american model, retired, actress, emmy awards, 1980s tv series, murphy brown, 1990s television series, boston legal, 1960s movies, the sand pebbles, 1970s movies, ghandi, 1980s movies, starting over, miss congeniality, 1990s movies, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, may 9 birthday, born may 9 1946Candice Bergen is 71

Septuagenarian American senior citizen, former model, and Emmy Award-winning actress on TV (Murphy Brown; Boston Legal) and movies (Ghandi; Starting Over; The Sand Pebbles; Carnal Knowledge; Miss Congeniality) born May 9, 1946. (Candice Bergen 1988 Photo: Alan Light | Flickr CC 2.0)

billy joel 68, 2009, american piano player, singer, songwriter, rock and roll hall of fame, songwriters hall of fame, grammy awards, hit singles, 1970s, piano man, just the way you are, movin out, only the good die young, shes always a woman, my life, big shot, 1980s hit songs, its still rock and roll to me, tell her about it, uptown girl, we didnt start the fire, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, may 9 birthday, born may 9 1949Billy Joel is 68

American Rock & Roll Hall of Fame pianist, singer-songwriter (Piano Man; She's Always a Woman; It's Still Rock and Roll to Me; Only The Good Die Young; Tell Her About It), and senior citizen born May 9, 1949. (Billy Joel 2009 Photo: David Shankbone | Flickr Some rights reserved)

alley mills 66, 1989, american actress, television actress, 1970s sitcoms, 1970s tv shows, the associates, making the grade, 1980s television series, hill street blues, 1990s tv shows, the wonder years, westerns, dr quinn medicine woman, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, may 9 birthday, born may 9  1951, 2000s tv series, comedies, yes dear, soap operas, the bold and the beautiful, pamela douglasAlley Mills is 66

Senior citizen and American actress on TV (The Wonder Years; The Bold and the Beautiful; Yes, Dear; Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; Hill Street Blues; Making the Grade; The Associates) born May 9, 1951. (Alley Mills 1989 Photo: Alan Light | Flickr Some rights reserved)

seniors birthday, happy birthday, octogenarian, senior citizen, septuagenarian, nonagenarian, centenarian, senior celebrations, senior celebrity birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial, birthday card, birthday breakfast, waffles, strawberries (Photo: Joseph Gonzalez S)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on May 9, 2017!

And remembering

mike wallace 1968, american reporter, newscaster, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, the cbs morning news, 60 minutes, commercial spokesperson, game show panelist, game show host, the big surprise, the mike wallace interview, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, may 9 birthday, born may 9 1918, died april 7 2012, celebrity deathsMike Wallace

American reporter, radio and TV newscaster (The CBS Morning News, 60 Minutes), announcer, commercial spokesman, game show panelist & host (The Big Surprise), and TV interviewer (The Mike Wallace Interview) (born May 9, 1918 - died Apr. 7, 2012; age 93). Mike Wallace died of natural causes. (Mike Wallace 1968 60 Minutes Photo: CBS Television eBay | Wikimedia / PD)

barbara ann scott 1947, canadian ladies figure skater, ladies figure skating champion, canada, world ladies figure skating champion, european ladies figure skating champion, olympic ladies figure skating, gold medal winner, 1948 olympics, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, may 9 birthday, born may 9 1928, died september 30 2014, celebrity deathsBarbara Ann Scott (King)

Canadian women's figure skating champion (1994-1946), Ladies European and World Figure Skating Champion (1947-1948), and 1948 Olympic ladies figures skating gold medalist (born May 9, 1928 - died Sept. 30, 2012; age 84). Cause of death for Barbara Ann Scott is unknown. (Barbara Ann Scott 1947 Photo: Frank Royal / Library Archives Canada | Flickr SRR

hank snow 1970, canadian country music singer, songwriter, canadian country music hall of fame, hit singles, country music hit songs, the golden rocket, ive been everywhere, im moving on, hello love, let me go, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, may 9 birthday, born may 9 1914, died december 20 1999, celebrity deathsHank Snow

Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame singer and songwriter (The Golden Rocket; I've Been Everywhere; I'm Moving On; Hello Love; Let Me Go) (born May 9, 1914 - died December 20 1999; age 85). Cause of death for Hank Snow was heart failure. (Hank Snow 1970 Photo: RCA Records eBay | Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain)

richard adams 2008, english writer, author, novelist, non fiction, childrens books, animal stories, watership down, shardik, the plague dogs, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, may 9 birthday, born may 9 1920, died december 24 2016, celebrity deathsRichard Adams

English author and fiction novelist (The Plague Dogs, Shardik, Watership Down) (born May 9, 1920 - died Dec. 24, 2016; age 96). Cause of death for Richard Adams was complications from a blood disorder. (Richard Adams 2008 Photo: AndrewRH | Wikimedia CC 3.0

Geraldine McEwan

English comedic actress on stage, TV (Crime on Our Hands; The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie; Agatha Christie's Marple), and movies (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves; Love's Labour's Lost; Vanity Fair; The Littlest Horse Thieves) (born May 9, 1932 - died Jan. 30, 2015; age 82). Geraldine McEwan had a stroke 3 months before her death.

Joan Sims

English comedic actress on TV, in the British Carry On comedy movies of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, as well as other films (Carry On Nurse; Carry on Camping; Please Turn Over; Nurse on Wheels) (born May 9, 1930 - died June 27, 2001; age 71). Joan Sims died after complications from an operation; diabetes and COPD were contributing factors in her death.

Barbara Woodhouse

Irish-English author (No Bad Dogs), dog breeder and trainer, horse trainer, and BBC television personality (Training Dogs the Woodhouse Way) (born May 9, 1910 - died July 9, 1988; age 78). Cause of death for Barbara Woodhouse was a stroke

Anita Hamilton

Baby boomer Anita Hamilton has always been interested in the "real people" stories behind the characters that create and inhabit the world of music, books, movies, television shows, current events, history, etc. A lifelong love of research (ok, nosiness) and writing, combined with a loving and supportive family and 3 mini-dachshund minions, keeps her busy.


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