March Birthdays

Happy March 4th Birthday!

If you were born on March 4, you share a birthday with these famous people:

Paula Prentiss is 79

American actress on television (He & She) and movies (Where the Boys Are; The World of Henry Orient, Looking for Love; Man's Favorite Sport?; Catch-22; Last of the Red Hot Lovers; The Stepford Wives; The Black Marble) born Mar. 4, 1938

john aprea 76, 1975 photo, american actor, television, matt houston, another world, the montefuscos, falcon crest, movies, sharkskin, the idolmaker, the godfather part ii, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, march 4 birthday, born march 4 1941John Aprea is 76

Septuagenarian American comedian, actor on TV (Another World, Full House, The Montefuscos, Matt Houston, Falcon Crest, Knots Landing) & movies (The Godfather: Part II, The Idolmaker, Dead Man on Campusborn Mar. 4, 1941. (John Aprea 1975 The Montefuscos Photo: NBC TV eBay | Wikimedia / PD)

James Ellroy is 69

American senior citizen, writer, memoirist (My Dark Places) and crime fiction novelist (The Black Dahlia, L. A. Confidential, The Cold Six Thousand, Blood on the Moon) born Mar. 4, 1948.

Singer Carroll Baker is 68

Canadian senior citizen, Country Music Hall of Famer, and Juno Award-winning singer-songwriter (Why I Had to Pass This Way, The Morning After Baby Let Me Down, Hollywood Love) born Mar. 4, 1949.

Ronn Moss is 65

American musician, singer-songwriter solo and with Player (Baby Come Back, This Time I'm in it for Love), actor on web and TV soap operas (The Bold and the Beautiful, The Bay) and new senior citizen born Mar. 4, 1952

seniors birthday, happy birthday, octogenarian, senior citizen, septuagenarian, nonagenarian, centenarian, senior celebrations, senior celebrity birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial(Photo: Gabriel Garcia Marengo)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on March 4, 2017!

And remembering

Bobby Womack

American musician, music producer, and singer-songwriter (It's All Over Now, Woman's Gotta Have It) (born Mar. 4, 1944 - died June 27, 2014; age 70). Bobby Womack was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in 2013; cause of death unknown. 

Alan Sillitoe

English poet, short story writer and novelist (The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning) (born Mar. 4, 1928 - died Apr. 25, 2010; age 82). Cause of death for Alan Sillitoe was cancer. 

Paul Mauriat

French composer and orchestra leader (Love is Blue, Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus, Apres Toi Come What May, Love Theme From The Godfather) (born Mar. 4, 1925 - died Nov. 3, 2006; age 81). Cause of death for Paul Mauriat is unknown. 

garrett morgan, african american inventor, 1919 erie tunnel hero, the smoke hood, chemical hair straightener, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, march 4 birthday, born march 4 1877, died july 27 1963, celebrity deathsGarrett Morgan

African-American hero (1916 Lake Erie tunnel rescue) and inventor (chemical hair straightener, firefighters safety hood) (born Mar. 4, 1877 - died July 27, 1963; age 86). Cause of death for Garrett Morgan is unknown. (Garrett Morgan Photo: Wikimedia Commons | Public Domain)  

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