July Birthdays

Happy July 22nd Birthday!

If you were born on July 22, you share a birthday with these famous people:

orson bean 89, orson bean 1965, american actor, 1950s television actor, 1950s movies, movie actor, how to be very very popular, anatomy of a murder, 1970s movies, lola, 1980s movies, forty deuce, smart alec, innerspace, 1980s television series, the facts of life, oliver thompson, 1990s tv shows, dr quinn medicine woman, loren bray, dr quinn medicine woman tv movies, 1990s movies, being john malkovich, 2000s tv series, normal ohio, bill gamble sr, desperate housewives, roy bender, 1950s tv talk shows, guest host, the jack paar tonight show, game show panelist, to tell the truth, 1960s tv game shows, game show contestant, the match game, 1970s game shows, tattletales, match game 73, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1928Orson Bean is 89

Octogenarian American senior,  guest host, celebrity contestant, & actor on TV (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; Desperate Housewives; To Tell the Truth; The Match Game; Tattletales; The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carsonborn July 22, 1928. (Orson Bean 1965  Photo: Daily News | Wikimedia PD)

louise fletcher 83, louise fletcher 1959, american actress, 1950s television series, guest star, 1960s movies, a gathering of eagles, 1970s movies, thieves like us, russian roulette, one flew over the cuckoos nest, exorcist ii the heretic, the cheap detective, the lady in red, 1980s movies, firestarter, invaders from mars, the boy who could fly, flowers in the attic, two moon junction, best of the best, 1990s movies, blue steel, the player, return to two moon junction, virtuosity, cruel intentions, 1990s television series, vr5 mrs nora bloom, star trek deep space nine, kai winn, 2000s tv shows, er, robrta birdie chadwick, heroes, dr coolidge, shameless, peg gallagher, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1934Louise Fletcher is 83 (nee Estelle Louise Fletcher)

Academy Award-winning American actress (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; Flowers in the Attic; Thieves Like Us; Two Moon Junction; The Cheap Detective; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and octogenarian senior born July 22, 1934). (Louise Fletcher 1959 Photo: ABC TV | Wikimedia PD)

hank aaron 84, hank aaron younger, hank aaron baseball card, american baseball player, national baseball hall of fame, mlb right fielder, milwaukee braves, atlanta braves, milwaukee brewers, mlb career home runs record holder, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1934Hank Aaron is 84 (nee Henry Louis Aaron)

Retired octogenarian senior citizen, American National Baseball Hall of Fame MLB right fielder (Milwaukee Braves; Atlanta Braves; Milwaukee Brewers), and MLB career home run record holder for 33 years, born July 22, 1934. (Hank Aaron Photo: Baseball Collection | Flickr SRR)

terence stamp 79, terence stamp younger, english actor, british 1960s movies, billy budd, the collector, modesty blaise, far from the madding crowd, blue, 1970s movies, a season in hell, striptease, black-out, superman, 1980s movies, superman ii, the hit, legal eagles, wall street, young guns, alien nation; 1980s television series, chessgame, david audley, the hunger, the host, 1990s television shows, 1990s movies, stranger in the house, prince of shadows, the real mccoy, the adventures of priscilla queen of the desert, bliss, kiss the sky, the limey, star wars episode i the phantom menace, bowfinger, 2000s movies, red planet, my bosss daughtr, the haunted mansion, elektra, dead fish, these foolish things, september dawn, get smart, yes man, valkyrie, 2000s tv shows, smallville, jor el, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1938Terence Stamp is 79

English septuagenarian, actor on TV (Smallville; The Hunger) & movies (The Limey; The Collector; Far From the Madding Crowd; Blue; Superman; The Hit; Legal Eagles; Wall Street; Young Guns; Alien Nation), born July 22, 1938. (Terence Stamp Photo: kate gabrielle | Flickr SRR)

alex trebek 77, nee georgoe alexander trebek, alex trebek 2012, canadian citizen, canadian american actor, thoroughbred race horse breeder, race horse trainer, television personality, 1960s canadian television series, tv show host, vacation time, music hop, strategy, reach for the top, 1970s television game shows, pick and choose, outside inside, the wizard of odds, 1980s television game show host,  jeopardy, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1940Alex Trebek is 77 (nee George Alexander Trebek)

Septuagenarian Canadian-American thoroughbred race horse breeder and trainer, TV host (Vacation Time; Music Hop; Reach for the Top; The Wizard of Odds), TV producer and host of Jeopardy!  since 1984, born July 22, 1940. (Alex Trebek 2012 Photo: Anders Krusberg / Peabody Awards | Flickr SRR)  

ron turcotte 76, ron turcotte 1973, canadian jockey, thoroughbred race horses, rider riva ridge, secretariat jockey, 1973 triple crown winner, national museum of racing and hall of fame, canadas sports hall of fame, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1941Ron Turcotte is 76

Retired Canadian National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame jockey, rider of race horses Riva Ridge & Secretariat (1973 Triple Crown winner), George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award winner, and septuagenarian born July 22, 1941. (Ron Turcotte 1973 Photo: Charles LeBlanc | Flickr SRR

bobby sherman 74, bobby sherman 1972, american teen idol, songwriter, singer, 1960s hit songs, little woman, la la la if i had you, easy come easy go, hey mister sun, 1970s hit singles, julie do ya love me, cried like a baby, 1960s television series, actor, here come the brides, jeremy bolt, shindig performer, 1970s tv shows, getting together, bobby conway, 1970s movies, he is my brother, 1980s television shows, sanchez of bel air, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1943Bobby Sherman is 74

American septuagenarian senior, former teen idol, songwriter, singer (Little Woman; Easy Come, Easy Go; Julie, Do Ya Love Me), TV performer and actor (Shindig!Here Come the Brides; Getting Together; Sanchez of Bel Airborn July 22, 1943. (Bobby Sherman 1972 Photo: ABC TV | Wikimedia PD)

peter jason 73, peter jason 2006, 1970s movies, rio lobo, the driver, 1970s television series, guest star, recurring role, one day at a time, cam randolph, starsky and hutch, fred oates, 1980s movies, the baltimore bullet, the long riders, mommie dearest, butterfly, some kind of hero, 48 hrs, streets of fire, the karate kid, dreamscape, oxford blues, impulse, brewsters millions, heartbreak ridge, alien nation, 1990s movies, arachnophobia, 1990s movies, village of the damned, mortal kombat, rage, escape from la, the glimmer man, dantes peak, 1990s television min series, murder one diary of a serial killer, mr sheehy, mike hammer private eye, captain skip gleason, nash bridges frank, 2000s movies, adaptation, seabiscuit, employee of the month, the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde, hail caesar, 2000s television shows, deadwood, con stapleton, 1600 penn, general harrigan, arrested development, storage dave, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1944Peter Jason is 73

American character actor on TV (Mike Hammer, Private Eye; Deadwood; Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer), movies (Employee of the Month; Seabiscuit; The Long Riders; Rage), and septuagenarian born July 22, 1944. (Peter Jason 2006 Photo: William D. Moss / DoD | Wikimedia PD)

rick davies 73, rick davies 2010, english keyboardist, keyboard player, musician, songwriter, lead singer, supertramp, 1970s rock bands, 1970s rock songs, 1970s hit singles, give a little bit, the logical song, take the long way home, dreamer, bloody well right, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1944Rick Davies is 73

Septuagenarian English senior citizen, songwriter, keyboardist, lead singer, and founder of progressive rock band Supertramp (Dreamer; Bloody Well Right; Give a Little Bit; The Logical Song; Take the Long Way Home), born July 22, 1944. (Rick Davies 2010 Photo: Mr. Vandebilt | Wikimedia CC 4.0

danny glover 71, danny glover 2005, american tv producer, movie producer, actor, 1980s movies, chu chu and the philly flash, iceman, places in the heart, witness, silverado, the color purple, lethal weapon 2, 1980s television series, hill street blues, jesse john hudson, miseries, lonesome dove, joshua deets, 1990s movies, predator 2, flight of the intruder, a rage in harlem, pure luck, grand canyon, leathal weapon 3, bopha, angels in the outfield, operation dumbo drop, gone fishin, lethal weapon 4, beloved, 1990s tv mini series, queen, alec haley, 2000s movies, the royal tenenbaums, saw, missing in america, the shaggy dog, dreamgirls, shooter, 2000s tv shows, er, charlie pratt sr, brothers and sisters, isaac marshall, touch, arthur teller, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1946Danny Glover is 71

American actor (The Color Purple; Lethal Weapon; Silverado; Witness; Predator 2; Pure Luck: Flight of the Intruder; Angels in the Outfield; Gone Fishin'; Beloved; Dream Girls; Shooter), and septuagenarian born July 22, 1946. (Danny Glover 2005 Photo: Georges Biard | Wikimedia CC 3.0)

paul schrader 71, paul schrader 2009, american film critic, movie director, screenwriter, taxi driver, raging bull, the mosquito coast, affliction, american gigolo, the last temptation of christ, blue collar, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1946Paul Schrader is 71

American septuagenarian senior, movie critic, director and screenwriter (Taxi Driver; Raging Bull;  The Mosquito Coast; Affliction; American Gigolo; The Last Temptation of Christ; Blue Collar) born July 22, 1946. (Paul Schrader 2009 Photo: Petr Novák, Wikipedia | Wikimedia CC 3.0)

don henley 70, don henley 2005, american music producer, rock drummer, 1970s california rock band, the eagles, 1970s hit rock songs, witchy woman, desperado, one of these nights, hotel california, best of my love, 1980s rock singer, 1980s hit singles, dirty laundry, the boys of summer, all she wants to do is dance, the end of the innocence, the last worthless evening, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1947Don Henley is 70

American Grammy Award-winning drummer, singer-songwriter (Dirty Laundry), founding member of the Eagles (Witchy Woman; Desperado; One of These Nights; Hotel California), and new septuagenarian senior citizen born July 22, 1947. (Don Henley 2005 Photo: Goptex | Wikipedia CC  3.0)

albert brooks 70, albert brooks 2011, american comedian, screenwriter, director, 1970s movies, movie actor, taxi driver, 1980s movies, private benjamin, modern romance, unfaithfully yours, lost in america, broadcast news, 1990s movies, defending your life, the scout, mother, out of sight, the muse, 2000s movies, the inlaws, drive, this is 40, voice actor, finding dory, finding nemo, voice of marlin, doctor dolittle, voice of jacob the tiger, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1947Albert Brooks is 70 (nee Albert Lawrence Einstein)

New septuagenarian senior citizen, American comedian, movie screenwriter & director (The Muse; Mother; The Scout; Lost in America; Modern Romance), and actor (Taxi Driver; Private Benjamin; Broadcast News born July 22, 1947. (Albert Brooks 2011 Photo: current events | Flickr SRR)  

J. Kenneth Campbell is 70

American actor on stage, TV (Search for Tomorrow; Kennedy; Chiefs), movies (Cobb; Waxwork; The Abyss; Flight of the Intruder; Ulee's Gold; Collateral Damage), and new septuagenarian senior citizen born July 22, 1947.

S. E. Hinton is 69

Senior citizen and American young adult fiction writer, novelist, and screenwriter (The Outsiders; Tex; Rumble Fish; That Was Then...This is Now) born July 22, 1948

alan menken 68, alan menken 2013, american composer, broadway musicals, academy awards, 1980s movie scores, 1980s movie musicals, little shop of horrors, academy awards, walt disney movies, the little mermaid, 1990s movie scores, beauty and the beast, newsies, aladdin, pocahontas, the hunchback of notre dame, hercules, 2000s tv series music, the book of pooh, 2000s movie scores, a christmas carol the musical, enchanted, tangled, television series music, the galavant showcase, pianist, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1949Alan Menken is 68

American pianist, Academy Award-winning composer of stage and movie scores (The Little Mermaid; Pocahontas; Enchanted; Aladdin; Little Shop of Horrors; Beauty and the Beast; Tangled; Hercules) born July 22, 1949. (Alan Menken 2013 Photo: Sarah_Ackerman | Flickr Some rights reserved)

seniors birthday, happy birthday, octogenarian, senior citizen, septuagenarian, nonagenarian, centenarian, senior celebrations, senior celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial, birthday card, summer scenery, boat, canoe, lake, vacation scenery(Photo: Unknown)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on July 22, 2017!

And remembering

estelle bennett 1966, american singer, the ronettes, sister ronnie spector, cousin nedra talley, rock and roll hall of fame, grammy awards, 1960s hit singles, be my baby, baby i love you, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1941, died february 11 2009, celebrity deathsEstelle Bennett

American singer and founding member of Grammy Award-winning Rock & Roll Hall of Fame girl group The Ronettes (Be My Baby; Baby I Love You) (born July 22, 1941 - died Feb. 11, 2009; age 67). Estelle Bennett had schizophrenia and died of colon cancer. (Estelle Bennett 1966 Photo: James Kriegsmann / General Artists Corporation | Wikimedia PD)   

oscar de la renta 2008, nee oscar aristides renta fiallo, dominican fashion designer, dominican american designer, haute couture fashion designer, jacqueline kennedy fashion designer, fashion houses designer, balenciaga, lanvin, arden, jane derby, balmain, founder oscar de la renta fashion label, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, july 22 birthday, born july 22 1932, died october 20 2014, celebrity deathsOscar de la Renta (nee Óscar Arístides Renta Fiallo)

Dominican-American haute couture fashion designer to celebrities (Jacqueline Kennedy) for fashion houses Balenciaga, Lanvin, Arden, Jane Derby, Balmain, and founder of the Oscar de la Renta fashion label (born July 22, 1932 - died Oct. 20, 2014; age 82). Cause of death for Oscar de la Renta was cancer complications. (Oscar de la Renta 2008 Photo: Matti Hillig | Wikimedia CC 3.0)

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