January Birthdays

Happy January 8th Birthday!

If you were born on January 8, you share a birthday with these famous seniors:

larry storch, nonagenarian, senior citizen, born jan 8 1923, january 8 birthday, celebrity birthday, f troop, voice actor, captain newman, mdLarry Storch is 94

Nonagenarian senior citizen, prolific American voice actor (Koko the Clown), and actor in movies (40 Pounds of Trouble, Captain Newman, M.D.) and TV (Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales, F Troop) born Jan. 8, 1923. (Larry Storch Photo: Pinterest)

shirley bassey 1971, singer, octogenarian, senior citizen, born jan 8 1937, january 8 birthday, celebrity birthday, goldfingerShirley Bassey is 80

Welsh singer (Goldfinger, Big Spender), Grammy Hall of Fame member, and new octogenarian senior citizen born Jan. 8, 1937.

(Shirley Bassey Photo: The Morecambe & Wise Show 1971)

bob eubanks, tv game show host, the newlywed game, septuagenarian, senior citizen, born jan 8 1938, january 8 birthday, celebrity birthdayBob Eubanks is 79

American septuagenarian senior citizen, radio DJ, Emmy Award-winning TV game show host for 6 decades of The Newlywed Game, and country music artist manager (Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell) born Jan. 8, 1938. (Bob Eubanks Photo: Snopes)

carolina herrera, fashion designer, septuagenarian, senior citizen, born jan 8 1939, january 8 birthday, celebrity birthdayCarolina Herrera is 78

Septuagenarian senior citizen, Venezuelan-American publicist, and fashion designer born Jan 8, 1939.

(Carolina Herrera Photo: Pinterest)

Little Anthonylittle anthony gourdine 2005, nee jerome anthony gourdine, the imperials, little anthony and the imperials, actor, lead singer, tears on my pillow, dick clark, the chesters, shimmy, shimmy, ko-ko-bop, judy fouseca, i'm on the outside looking in, hurt so bad, goin' out of my head, the jeffersons, you'll never know, senior citizen, 50+, david letterman, septuagenarian, seniors, aging, 75th birthday, grandfather, septuagenarian, senior citizen, born january 8 1941, january 8th birthday, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays,  is 76 (nee Jerome Anthony Gourdine)

American lead singer of Little Anthony & The Imperials (Tears on My Pillow, Goin' Out of My  Head, Hurt so Bad), and septuagenarian senior citizen born Jan. 8, 1941. (Little Anthony 2005 Photo: Johnny Mitchell at English Wikipedia | Public Domain)

yvette mimieux, actress, the time machine, where the boys are, diamond head, septuagenarian, senior citizen, born jan 8 1942, january 8 birthday, celebrity birthdayYvette Mimieux is 75

Septuagenarian senior, retired American actress in movies (The Time Machine, Where the Boys Are, Diamond Head, Three in the Attic) and TV (Berrenger's), born Jan. 8, 1942.

(Yvette Mimieux Photo: Pinterest

stephen hawking, theoretical physicist, a brief history of time, scientist, septuagenarian, senior citizen, born jan 8 1942, january 8 birthday, celebrity birthdayStephen Hawking is 75

Disabled (ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease) English cosmologist, theoretical physicist, scientific author (A Brief History of Time), Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, and septuagenarian senior born Jan. 8, 1942. (Stephen Hawking Photo: Pinterest)

kathleen noone, actress, sunset beach, all my children, as the world turns, knots landing, septuagenarian, senior citizen, born jan 8 1945, january 8 birthday, celebrity birthdayKathleen Noone is 72

American septuagenarian senior citizen and Emmy Award-winning actress on television (As The World Turns, All My Children, Knots Landing,  Sunset Beach) and stage, born Jan. 8, 1945.

(Kathleen Noone Photo: Pinterest)

seniors birthday, happy birthday, octogenarian, senior citizen, septuagenarian, nonagenarian, centenarian, senior celebrations, senior celebrity birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial

 Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on January 8, 2016!

And remembering

David Bowiedavid bowie 1975, david bowie younger, nee david robert jones, british singer, english songwriter, lets dance, space oddity, changes, starman, the jean genie, under pressure, dancing in the street, born january 8 1947, january 8th birthday, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, died january 10 2016, senior citizen (nee David Robert Jones)

Androgynous British actor, rock singer-songwriter (Let’s Dance, Space Oddity, Starman, The Jean Genie, Under Pressure, Changes; Dancing in the Street), Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, and senior citizen (born Jan. 8, 1947 – died Jan. 10, 2016; age 69). Cause of death for David Bowie was liver cancer. (David Bowie 1975 Cher Photo: CBS Television | Wikimedia Commons / PD)

jose ferrer, actor, movies, cyrano de bergerac, senior citizen, born jan 8 1912, january 8 birthday, celebrity birthday, died jan 26 1992, celebrity deathJosé Ferrer

Puerto-Rican director in movies and theatre, Tony and Academy Award-winning actor actor on radio, TV, stage (Cyrano de BergeracMan of La Mancha), and movies (The Caine Mutiny), nee Jose Vicente Ferred de Otero y Cintrón (born Jan. 8, 1912 - died Jan. 26, 1992; age 80). Cause of death for José Ferrer was colon cancer. (José Ferrer Photo: Pinterest

nolan miller 1980s, fashion designer, jewelry designer, costume designer, dynasty, senior citizen, born jan 8 1933, january 8 birthday, celebrity birthday, died june 6 2012Nolan Miller

American jewelry, fashion and Emmy Award-winning costume designer for television (Dynasty, Charlie's Angels, Hotel) and movies (born Jan. 8, 1933 - died June 6, 2012; age 79). Cause of death for Nolan Miller was lung cancer. (Nolan Miller Photo: Hour Magazine 1983-1987)

alexandra ripley, author, writer, novelist, scarlett, charleston, senior citizen, born jan 8 1934, january 8 birthday, celebrity birthday, died jan 8 1934Alexandra Ripley

American writer and novelist (Scarlett, Charleston) (born Jan. 8, 1934 - died June 10, 2004; age 70). Cause of death for Alexandra Ripley was natural causes. (Alexandra Ripley Photo: AP-PHOTO/tk/str/David A. Cantor)

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