January Birthdays

Happy January 12th Birthday!

If you were born on January 12, you share a birthday with these famous seniors:

the amazing kreskin, mentalist, psychic, octogenarian, senior citizen, born jan 12 1935, january 12 birthday, celebrity birthday"The Amazing Kreskin" is 82

American "mentalist" entertainer on stage and television (The Amazing World of Kreskin) nee George Joseph Kresge, born Jan. 12, 1935

(Kreskin Photo: Huffington Post)

anthony andrews, english actor, brideshead revisited, ivanhoe, the scarlet pimpernell, the kings speech, senior citizen, born jan 12 1948, january 12 birthday, celebrity birthdayAnthony Andrews is 69

English senior citizen and actor on stage, TV (Brideshead Revisited) and film (Operation Daybreak, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The King's Speech) born Jan. 12, 1948.

(Anthony Andrews Photo: Pinterest)

Kirstie Alleykirstie alley 1983, american actress, 1980s movies, star trek ii the wrath of khan, one more chance, runaway, summer school, shoot to kill, loverboy, look whos talking, blind date, champions, 1980s television series, masquerade casey collins, north and south virgilia hazard grady, cheers rebecca howe, 1990s movies, look whos talking too, sibling rivalry, look whos talking now, village of the damned, it takes two, nevada, deconstructing harry, drop dead gorgeous, 1990s tv shows, veronicas closet veronica chase, the last don tv miniseries, 2000s movies, back by midnight, syrup, accidental love, 2000s television shows, fat actress, kirstie maddie banks, scream queens ingrid hoffel, senior citizen, born jan 12 1951, january 12th birthdays, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays  is 66

Senior citizen & American actress in movies (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Shoot to Kill, Look Who's Talking, It Takes Two) and TV (North and SouthCheers, Veronica's Closet; Kirstie; Dancing With the Stars) born Jan. 12, 1951. (Kirstie Alley 1994 Photo: Alan Light | Flickr SRR)

 ricky van shelton, country music, singer, hole in my pocket, ive cried my last tears for you, i am a simple man, senior citizen, born jan 12 1952, january 12 birthday, celebrity birthdayRicky Van Shelton is 65

New American senior citizen, musician, and country music singer (Hole in My Pocket, I've Cried My Last Tears For You, I Am a Simple Man) born Jan. 12, 1952

(Ricky Van Shelton Photo: Pinterest)  seniors birthday, happy birthday, octogenarian, senior citizen, septuagenarian, nonagenarian, centenarian, senior celebrations, senior celebrity birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial

 Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on January 12, 2016!

And remembering

joe frazier, boxer, wba, heavyweight champion, 1964 olympics, gold medalist, senior citizen, january 12 birthday, born jan 12 1944 , died nov 7 2011Joe Frazier

American professional Heavyweight WBA Champion boxer and 1964 Olympic Heavyweight Boxing Gold Medalist (born Jan. 12, 1944 - died Nov. 7, 2011; age 67). Cause of death for Joe Frazier was liver cancer. (Joe Frazier Photo: Culture Boxe)

tex ritter, country music singer, goodbye ole paint, high noon, im wasting my tears on you, cowboy, actor, westerns, the lone star trail, arizona trail, marshal of gunsmoke, senior citizen, born jan 12 1905, january 12 birthday, celebrity birthday, died jan 2 1974Tex Ritter

American Country Music Hall of Fame member, singer (Goodbye Ole Paint, High Noon, I'm Wasting My Tears on You) and cowboy actor on radio, stage, TV, and western movies (The Lone Star Trail, Arizona Trail, Marshal of Gunsmoke) (born Jan. 12, 1905 - died Jan. 2, 1974; age 68). Cause of death for Tex Ritter was a heart attack. (Tex Ritter Photo: Ron Moody | Find A Grave

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