February Birthdays

Happy February 12th Birthday!

If you were born on February 12, you share a birthday with these famous people:

Franco Zeffirelli is 94 (nee Gianfranco Zeffirelli)

Italian former senator, producer and director for television (Jesus of Nazareth), movies (Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, The Champ, Endless Love) and opera (Tosca), and nonagenarian senior citizen born Feb. 12, 1923

Joe Don Baker is 81

Octogenarian senior citizen and American character actor on stage, in movies (Walking Tall, Charley Varrick, The Outfit, The Natural, Fletch, Cape Fear), and on television (Eischied), born Feb. 12, 1936

Judy Blume is 79

American children's and young adult fiction author (Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret; Deenie; Tiger Eyes; Blubber) adult fiction novelist (Wifey, Summer Sisters), and septuagenarian senior citizen born Feb. 12, 1938

Maud Adams is 72 (nee Maud Solveig Christina Wikström)

Swedish actress and Bond girl in movies (The Man with the Golden Gun, Octopussy, A View to a Kill) and on television (Emerald Point NAS), and septuagenarian senior citizen born Feb. 12, 1945

Michael Ironside is 67

Canadian producer, director, screenwriter, and prolific voice and character actor on TV (V, The Last Chapter) and movies (The Falcon and the Snowman, Total Recall, Major Payne, The Perfect Storm), and senior citizen born Feb. 12, 1950

Mimi Kuzyk is 65

New Canadian senior citizen. dancer and actress on television (Hill Street Blues, Wolf, Blue Murder) and in movies (Lost and Delirious, The Day After Tomorrow, The Kiss, Cannonball Fever), born Feb. 12, 1952

Michael McDonald is 65

Multiple Grammy Award-winning American record producer, keyboardist, and singer-songwriter solo (On My Own) and with Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers (Takin' It to the Streets, Minute by Minute, What a Fool Believes), and new senior citizen born Feb. 12, 1952

seniors birthday, happy birthday, octogenarian, senior citizen, septuagenarian, nonagenarian, centenarian, senior celebrations, senior celebrity birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial (Photo:  Alisa Anton)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on February 12, 2017!

And remembering

lorne greene 1960, canadian actor, television actor, 1960s television series, bonanza ben cartwright, battlestar galactica, commander adama, galactica 1980, narrator, lorne greenes new wilderness, cbc radio broadcaster, movies, peyton place, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthdays, february 12th birthday, born february 12 1915, died september 11 1987, celebrity deaths, cartwright familiy fatherLorne Greene

Canadian singer, CBC radio broadcaster, and actor on television (Bonanza, Battlestar Galactica, Roots) and movies (Peyton Place, Earthquake) (born Feb. 12, 1915 - died Sept. 11, 1987; age 72). Cause of death for Lorne Greene was pneumonia. (Lorne Greene 1960 Bonanza Screenshot

 joe garagiola sr 1951, american baseball player, st louis cardinals, pittsburgh pirates catcher, baseball catcher, chicago cubs, baseball broadcaster, talk show host, game show panelist, died march 23 2016, senior citizen, celebrity death, born february 12 1926, february 12th birthday, celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, nonagenarian, new york giantsJoe Garagiola Sr.

American MLB pro baseball catcher (St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, New York Giants), baseball broadcaster, talk and game show host and panelist (born Feb. 12, 1926 - died Mar. 23, 2016; age 90). Joe Garagiola Sr. cause of death is unknown. (Joe Garagiola Sr. 1951 Photo: Baseball Digest | Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

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