December Birthdays

Happy December 26th Birthday!

If you were born on December 26, you share a birthday with these famous seniors:

Abdul Duke Fakir  is 81 - American tenor singer with The Four Tops "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)", Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member, and octogenarian senior citizen born Dec. 26, 1935.

Phil Spector is 77 - Septuagenarian senior citizen, musician, producer (The Ronettes | Wall of Sound), songwriter (To Know Him is to Love Him) and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer born Dec. 26, 1939.

John Walsh is 71 - American anti-crime activist, criminal investigator, TV host of America's Most Wanted, and septuagenarian senior citizen born Dec. 26, 1945.

Carlton Fisk is 69 - Senior citizen and American MLB catcher, member of the Baseball Hall of Fame born Dec. 26, 1947.

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 Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on December 26, 2016!

And remembering

Henry Miller, American watercolourist and banned novelist of the sexual revolution (Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn) (born Dec. 26, 1891 - June 7, 1980; age 88).

Steve Allen, American comedian, writer, musician, composer, TV host (The Steve Allen Show) and actor (born Dec. 26, 1921 - Oct. 30, 2000; age 78).

Richard Widmark, American producer and actor on stage, TV (Madigan) and movies (The Alamo, Death of a Gunfighter, Kiss of Death), (born Dec. 26, 1914 - Mar. 24, 2008; age 93).

Alan King, American comedian and actor on stage, TV (Seventh Avenue) & movies (I, the Jury; The Anderson Tapes) (born Dec. 26, 1927 - May 9, 2004; age 76). 

Anita Hamilton

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