August Birthdays

Happy August 7th Birthday!

If you were born on August 7, you share a birthday with these famous people:

marlyn mason 77, marlyn mason 1976, american actress, 1960s television series, ben casey sally weldon, 1960s tv guest star, burkes law, dr kildare laura morrison, 1960s movies, elvis presley movies, the trouble with girls, 1970s movies, making it, christina, 1970s tv shows, longstreet nikki bell, love american style, barnaby jones eve garrison, 1990s movies, lonely hearts, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, august 7 birthday, born august 7 1940Marlyn Mason is 77

Septuagenarian American senior citizen and actress on stage, TV (Longstreet; Ben Casey; Dr. Kildare; Hogan's Heroes) and movies (The Trouble With Girls; Christina; Lonely Hearts), born August 7, 1940. (Marlyn Mason 1976 Marcus Welby, M.D. Photo: ABC Network | Wikimedia PD)  

b j thomas 75, b j thomas 1972, america singer, 1960s hit songs, im so lonesome I could cry, hooked on a feeling, raindrops keep fallin on my head, grammy hall of fame, academy award best song, 1970s hit singles, i just cant help believing, most of all, no love at all, mighty clouds of joy, rock and roll lullaby, hey wont you play another somebody done somebody wrong song, help me make it to my rockin chair, dont worry baby, still the lovin is fun, evrybody loves a rain song, 1980s hit songs, whatever happened to old fashioned love, as long as we got each other, growing pains theme song, dusty springfield duet, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, august 7 birthday, born august 7 1942B. J. Thomas is 75 (nee Billy Joe Thomas)

American Grammy Hall of Fame singer (Hooked on a Feeling; Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head; Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song; I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry) and septuagenarian senior born August 7, 1942. (B J Thomas 1972 Photo: William Morris Agency | Wikimedia PD)

garrison keillor 75, nee gary edward keillor, garrison keillor 2007, american radio broadcast host, 1970s radio variety show host, creator garrison keillors radio show, a prairie home companion, author, novelist, lake wobegon days, happy to be here, leaving home, we are still married, short stories, magazine article writer, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, august 7 birthday, born august 7 1942Garrison Keillor is 75 (Gary Edward Keillor)

American septuagenarian senior citizen, humorist, author (Lake Wobegon Days; Happy to Be Here; Leaving Home; We Are Still Married) and radio host (A Prairie Home Companion / Garrison Keillor's Radio Show), born August 7, 1942. (Garrison Keillor 2007 Photo: Patricia Feaster | Flickr SRR)

tobin bell 75, tobin bell 2014, american actor, 1980s movies, turk 182, mississippi burning, an innocent man, loose cannons, false identity, goodfellas, 1990s television mini series, love lies and murder al stutz, the 100 lives of black jack savage, 1990s movies, ruby, boiling poit, the firm, in the line of fire, malice, the quick and the dead, cheyenne, the 4th floor, 2000s movies, the road to el dorado voice of zaragoza, good neighbor, power play, saw, saw ii, saw iii, boogeyman 2, buried alive, saw iv, saw v, saw vi, saw 3d the final chapter, dark house, phantom halo, manson family vacation, 2000s tv shows, 24 peter kingsley, revelations nathan volk, the kill point alan beck, days of our lives yo ling, the flash savitar voice, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, august 7 birthday, born august 7 1942Tobin Bell is 75 (nee Joseph Henry Tobin Jr.)

American actor in movies (Saw films;  Mississippi Burning; An Innocent Man; Loose Cannons; False Identity; Goodfellas; Ruby; The Firm; In the Line of Fire; Malice), on TV (Revelations; Days of Our Lives), and septuagenarian senior born August 7, 1942. (Tobin Bell 2014 Photo: Sam Howzit | Flickr SRR

David Rasche is 73

Septuagenarian senior citizen and American actor on stage, TV (Sledge Hammer!; Nurses; Ryan's Hope; All My Children) and movies (Delirious; Honky Tonk Freeway; Best Defense; Burn After Reading; That Old Feeling; The Sentinel; Flags of our Fathers), born August 7, 1944.

john glover 73, john glover 2009, american actor, 1970s movies, shamus, annie hall, julia, somebody killed her husband, last embrace, 1980s movies, melvin and howard, the incredible shrinking woman, a little sex, the evil that men do, white nights, a killing affair, 52 pick up, masquerade, scrooged, the chocolate war, 1980s television series, kennedy william walton, the days and nights of molly dodd, 1980 tv soap operas, search for tomorrow billy vargas, 1990s tv shows, south beach roberts; brimstone the devil, 1990s movies, ed and his dead mother, night of the running man, batman and robin, dead broke, the broken giant, payback, macbeth in manhattan, 2000s movies, mid century, 2000s tv series, smallville lionel luthor darkseid jor el, the good wife jared andrews, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, august 7 birthday, born august 7 1944John Glover is 73

American actor on TV (Smallville; Search For Tomorrow; Brimstone), film (Batman & Robin; Payback; Scrooged; Gremlins 2: The New Batch; 52 Pick-Up; Melvin and Howard), and septuagenarian senior citizen born August 7, 1944. (John Glover 2009 Photo: Matthew Blank  |Sarah Ackerman / Flickr SRR)

gary hall sr 66, gary hall sr 1972, american simmer, summer olympics swimmer, 1968 mexico city olympic games, silver medalist, mens 400metre individual medlay, 1972 munich olympics, mens 200 metre butterfly silver medal, 1976 montreal olympic games, mens 200metre butterfly silver medalist, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, august 7 birthday, born august 7 1951Gary Hall Sr. is 66

American 3-time Summer Olympics swimmer and medalist (1968 Mexico City silver in men's 400m individual medley; 1972 Munich silver in men's 200m butterfly; 1976 Montreal bronze in men's 100m butterfly), and senior citizen born August 7, 1951. (Gary Hall Sr. 1972 Photo: Panini | Wikimedia PD)

seniors birthday, happy birthday, senior citizens, centenarian, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior celebrity birthdays, famous people birthdays, remembering, in memory of, memorial, birthday card, vintage car, old automobiles, old blue car(Photo: Kace Rodriguez)

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on August 7, 2017!

And remembering

billie burke 1933, nee mary william ethelbert appleton burke, married florenz ziegfeld, american actress, silent movie actress, 1910s silent movies, peggy, glorias romance, the mysterious miss terry, arms and the girl, the land of promise, eves daughter, lets get a divorce, in pursuit of polly, the make believe wife, good gracious annabelle, the misleading widow, sadie love, wanted a husband, 1920s silent movies, away goes prudence, the frisky mrs johnson, the education of elizabeth, 1930s movies, a bill of divorcement, christopher strong, dinner at eight, only yesterday, where sinners meet, finishing school, were rich again, forasking all others, society doctor, after office hours, becky sharp, doubting thomas, a feather in her hat, splendor, my american wife, piccadilly jim, topper, the bride wore red, navy blue and gold, merrily we live, topper takes a trip, bridal suite, the wizard of oz, eternally yours, 1940s movies, the ghost comes home, irene, the captain is a lady, topper returns, the man who came to dinner, whats cookin, girl trouble, gildersleeve on broadway, swing out sister, the cheaters, the bachelors daughters, the barkleys of broadway, and baby makes three, 1950s movies, father of the bride, fathers little dividend, the young philadelphians, 1960s movies, pepe, 1940s radio shows, the billie burke show, 1950s television talk shows, at home with billie burke, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, august 7 birthday, born august 7 1884, died may 14 1970, celebrity deathsBillie Burke (nee Mary William Ethelbert Appleton Burke)

American actress and host on stage, radio (The Billie Burke Show), TV (At Home With Billie Burke) & movies (The Wizard of Oz; Merrily We Live; Topper movies; Becky Sharp; Father's Little Dividend) (born Aug. 7, 1884 - died May 14, 1970; age 85). Billie Burke died of natural causes. (Billie Burke 1933 Photo: MGM | Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

louis leakey 1962, nee louis seymour bazett leakey, s b leakey, kenyan archaeologist, paleoanthropologist, human evolution from apes, african primate research sponsor, friend and sponsor jane goodall, affair dian fossey, sponsor birute baldikas, husband mary leakey, father colin leakey, father richard leakey, kenyan intelligence officer, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, august 7 birthday, born august 7 1903, died october 1 1972, celebrity deathsLouis Leakey (nee Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey)

Kenyan intelligence policeman, archaeologist and paleoanthropologist who researched human evolution and supported primate researchers in natural habitats (Dian Fossey; Jane Goodall, Birutė Galdikas) (born Aug. 7, 1903 - died Oct. 1, 1972; age 69). Cause of death for Louis Leakey was a heart attack. (Louis S.B. Leakey 1962 Photo: Smithsonian Institution | Flickr NKCR)

Felice Bryant (nee Matilda Scaduto)

American pop and Country Music Hall of Fame songwriter with husband Diadorius Boudleaux Bryant (Wake Up, Little Susie; Rocky Top; Love Hurst; Bye Bye Love; All I Have to Do Is Dream; Sleepless Nights) (born August 7, 1925 - died Apr. 22, 2003; age 77). Cause of death for Felice Bryant is unknown. 

J. Miriam Reback (nee Janet Miriam Holland Taylor Caldwell)

English-American writer and novelist under her married name, and pen names Marcus Holland and Taylor Caldwell (Testimony of Two Men; Dynasty of Death; Dear and Glorious Physician; I, Judas; Great Lion of God; A Pillar of Iron) (born August 7, 1900 - died Mar. 6, 1985; age 77). Cause of death for Taylor Caldwell was heart failure.

Anita Hamilton

Baby boomer Anita Hamilton has always been interested in the "real people" stories behind the characters that create and inhabit the world of music, books, movies, television shows, current events, history, etc. A lifelong love of research (ok, nosiness) and writing, combined with a loving and supportive family and 3 mini-dachshund minions, keeps her busy.


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