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Summer is upon us in North America and walking around the golf course in the hot weather can be a drag on the fun...Staying fit by exercising doesn't mean seniors have to walk all 18 holes, though. Consider a custom golf cart - they're not just for golf courses, in some southern retirement communities they can be enjoyed year-round on the roads.

Below are a few Senior City favourite custom golf carts:

This custom 1923 T-Bucket electric golf cart has the vintage T-bird look, with a very modern electric turquoise colour. (Photo:

electric golf cart, custom golf cart, 1923 T-Bucket golf cart

Want something a little sportier? This red coupe golf cart for two will let you zip around the golf course in style. (Photo: Pinterest Golf CartCity Online)

golf cart, custom golf cart, red coupe

For off-road enthusiasts, this Ezgo custom gas dune buggy golf cart would be great for night golfing and seats four.  (Photo: Pinterest Golf CartCity Online)

golf cart, custom gas golf cart, dune buggy golf cart, ezgo golf cart

Whatever your choice of golf cart, get out and enjoy your golfing this year. - golfing is a great way for adults age.

More Custom Golf Carts:

Custom Golf Carts

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