6 of the Best Mother's Day Videos

These videos featuring human and animal moms will make you smile…and maybe cry a little too. 

1. Best Animal Moms Ever

These protective and loving animal moms from around the world include a fierce giraffe, elephants, black bear, kangaroo, swan, otter, cow, and a blue whale. 

2. Jeanne Robertson – A Mother’s Revenge – Red Porsche

Some Mother’s Day humor from the former 1963 Miss North Carolina, now humorist, senior marathoner, mother and grandmother Jeanne Robertson, who shares her funny story about teenagers, cars, and demonstrates how a patient mother can get her revenge and just possibly, finally have the last word.   

3. Giant Panda Puts Baby Back to Bed

We already know that Giant Pandas are cute and playful, but this Panda mom shows us her maternal side and interrupts her meal to care for her little one..

4. Choosing Your Grandma Name is Serious Business

Let’s not forget all the loving grandmothers out there. But what’s the “right” name to call them?  

5. Sweet Motherly Pets Compilation 2016

Momma cats, dogs, and other animals (& humans) nurture and play with their real and adopted babies.

6. Mother’s Day Motivational Video

Athletes pay tribute to the person that helped them achieve their dreams.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s, grandmom’s, great-grandma’s, adoptive mothers, honorary ma’s, and mom’s of pets – there is nothing like a mother’s love, sense of humour, and ability to put you in your place – or raise you up to a better place. 

Anita Hamilton

50+ World editor & writer Anita Hamilton's articles are inspired by real historical events, places, and people. Her travel experiences, a lifelong keen interest in history, art, vintage music, books, silent films, classic movies, "golden age" television shows, fashion, & entertainment in general - combined with years of research - make her a subject matter expert with acquired knowledge & expertise on these topics. This, and a loving and supportive family complete with 3 mini-dachshund minions, keeps her busy.

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