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50Plus Crafters: Crochet Braid Hats For Girls

Looking for a unique gift idea for a special little girl? These beautiful handcrafted crochet braid hats for girls are available for purchase online. Maybe you’re a 50+ crochet savant, or senior crafter yourself , and want to make a one-of-a-kind girl’s hat to give or sell at local craft fairs or online. Check out these hats, all of which you can buy on (search “crochet braid hats” for pre-made or custom order hats, or to find crochet patterns for braid hats for girls). 

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If you’re not sure what Etsy is or how to use it, check out our article for 50+ and seniors, about what Etsy is and how to use it: Technology for Seniors: Etsy.

Anita Hamilton

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