5 Tips From A Senior Couple

Senior citizens Les and Norma McIntyre of Shingle Springs, California, have been happily married and in love for over 70 years. This senior couple still does everything together – from taking their morning mile walk at 6:30 a.m. to cooking healthy and nutritious meals.

5 tips from a senior couple, senior citizens, senior couple1. Don't Forget to Say I Love You!
"We tell each other 10 times a day," says Norma. "We are getting forgetful, so we have to keep reminding each other!"

2. Physical Connection Is Vital
"We embrace each other very frequently each day. There's a chemical change when we touch," explains Les.

3. Treasure the Important Moments
"I remember our first kiss like it was yesterday. He walked me to the porch and said, 'May I kiss you goodnight?' I got my eyes closed and face up ready for a kiss and he kissed me on the forehead. Boy did that get me. That just doesn't happen today!" squeals Norma.

4. Keep Each Other Healthy
"I cook so he stays healthy. I"m keeping him alive!" says Norma. "She sure is!" agrees Les.

5. Treat Each Day Like Valentine's Day
"We hope everyone is as happy as we are. Every single day is a blessing together," says Norma.  senior citizens, senior couple, 

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